All Deceased beginning with letters 'NI'

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All names beginning NI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NICHOLLS EmmanuelE1748416 Aug 197261RM31 35
NICHOLLS MaryE1748510 Nov 199180RG09 10
NICK VeraE1748612 May 197990RI39 7
NIDDITCH AnnieE1748731 Jan 196371RE38 4
NIDELBERG JosephE1748821 Jan 196867RH52 10
NIDELBERG LenaE1748905 May 198385RH52 11
NIEBERG IsaacE1749028 Nov 199397RO22 4
NIEBERG YettaE1749121 Nov 199991RO36 69
NIEMAN AbrahamE1749208 Sep 194029RA20 22
NIEMAN LouisE1749306 Jan 197466RM35 21
NIEMAN RachelE1749419 Apr 198089RO25 46
NIEMAND ChaimE1749508 Feb 195985RC02 5
NIEMAND MosesE1749619 Jan 198982RC02 4
NIEMAND PepiE1749701 Aug 197067RC04 7
NIEMANDE RachelE1749807 Jun 196284RC02 6
NIEMARK Henry HarryE1749901 Sep 197074RD34 29
NIFELD CissieE1750018 Nov 199890RM32 3
NIFIELD FrancesE1750126 Dec 195011RB52 15
NIFIELD Israel IsaacE1750218 Mar 198873RM32 4
NIGHTINGALE JeanE1750328 Jun 200177RE09 1
NIGHTINGALE JosephE1750413 Mar 193955RA13 28
NIGHTINGALE LilyE1750530 Jan 198083RO13 19
NIGHTINGALE LouisE1750624 Dec 197781RL27 33
NIGHTINGALE SamuelE1750729 Jul 195254RD46 6
NIRENSTEIN IsidorE1750816 Mar 195071RA53 18
NIRENSTEIN LazarusE1750903 Jul 196376RC04 5
NIRENSTEIN MinaE1751028 Feb 196780RC04 6
NISSENBAUM BarnetE1751110 Jun 197472RG24 22
NISSENBAUM MaryE1751204 Nov 197868RG24 23
NISSIM EddieE1751312 Mar 2018RD06 8
NISSIM EliasE1751409 Dec 196441RD06 9
NITKA JosephE1751519 Feb 196680RA05 9
NITKA SarahE1751628 Nov 196175RA05 10
NITKEWITCH SophieE1751710 Nov 195250RD41 20
NITKEWITZ Isaac RudolphE1751804 Jan 197189RC08 22
NITKEWITZ ReshaE1751908 Jul 195677RC08 23

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