All Deceased beginning with letters 'NI'

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All names beginning NI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NICHOLLS EmmanuelB0019716 Aug 197261M31 35
NICHOLLS MaryB0954710 Nov 199180G109 10
NICK VeraB0369712 May 197990I139 07
NIDDITCH AnnieA0603331 Jan 196371E138 04
NIDELBERG JosephA0816721 Jan 196867H252 10
NIDELBERG LenaB0568105 May 198385H252 11
NIEBERG IsaacC0010728 Nov 199397O22 04
NIEBERG Yetta21 Nov 199991O36 69
NIEMAN AbrahamA0060008 Sep 194029A120 22
NIEMAN LouisB0091006 Jan 197466M35 21
NIEMAN RachelB0419719 Apr 198089O25 46
NIEMAND ChaimA0465608 Feb 195985C102 05
NIEMAND MosesB0837419 Jan 198982C102 04
NIEMAND PepiA0937801 Aug 197067C104 07
NIEMANDE RachelA0572907 Jun 196284C102 06
NIEMARK Henry HarryA0941601 Sep 197074D134 29
NIFELD CissieC0191418 Nov 199890M32 03
NIFIELD FrancesA0269026 Dec 195011B252 15
NIFIELD Israel IsaacB0798218 Mar 198873M32 04
NIGHTINGALE JeanC0270328 Jun 200177E109 01
NIGHTINGALE JosephA0028313 Mar 193955A113 28
NIGHTINGALE LilyB0408230 Jan 198083O13 19
NIGHTINGALE LouisB0297424 Dec 197781L27 33
NIGHTINGALE SamuelA0306529 Jul 195254D246 06
NIRENSTEIN IsidorA0252516 Mar 195071A253 18
NIRENSTEIN LazarusA0624503 Jul 196376C104 05
NIRENSTEIN MinaA0780828 Feb 196780C104 06
NISSENBAUM BarnetB0115910 Jun 197472G124 22
NISSENBAUM MaryB0341004 Nov 197868G124 23
NISSIM EliasA0683409 Dec 196441D106 09
NITKA JosephA0737919 Feb 196680A105 09
NITKA SarahA0548728 Nov 196175A105 10
NITKEWITCH SophieA0312010 Nov 195250D241 20
NITKEWITZ Isaac RudolphA0961004 Jan 197189C108 22
NITKEWITZ ReshaA0396308 Jul 195677C108 23

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