All Deceased beginning with letters 'OP'

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All names beginning OP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OPAS FrederickE1772114 Jun 195977RE36 22
OPAS Isadore HarryE1772227 Mar 197886RO23 40
OPAS SadieE1772320 Jan 200398RK32 34
OPAS SamuelE1772422 Dec 197776RK32 35
OPAS VictorE1772501 Apr 194029RA18 19
OPPENHEIM DavidE1772619 Nov 193848RA13 22
OPPENHEIM Ian JosephE1772705 Feb 201086RN43 49
OPPER LionelE1772803 May 195635RE13 28
OPPOS RalphE1772908 Feb 195854RE31 29
OPPOS SoniaE1773005 Jun 199790RE31 30
OPPOSS EvaE1773112 Dec 198776RF06 10
OPPOSS FannyE1773212 Jun 199787RG33 28
OPPOSS IsidoreE1773330 Dec 196457RG33 29
OPPOSS LouisE1773414 Apr 198566RO34 16
OPPOSS MillieE1773511 Jan 197264RE31 28
OPPOSS RoseE1773611 Jan 200895RF07 10
OPPOSS SarahE1773701 Jul 195070RB50 27

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