All Deceased beginning with letters 'OP'

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All names beginning OP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OPAS FrederickA0474314 Jun 195977E136 22
OPAS Isadore HarryB0310527 Mar 197886O23 40
OPAS SadieC0309820 Jan 200398K132 34
OPAS SamuelB0296522 Dec 197776K132 35
OPAS VictorA0050001 Apr 194029A118 19
OPPENHEIM DavidA0018319 Nov 193848A113 22
OPPENHEIM Ian JosephC0456905 Feb 201086N243 49
OPPER LionelA0391903 May 195635E113 28
OPPOS RalphA0439208 Feb 195854E131 29
OPPOS SoniaC0140005 Jun 199790E131 30
OPPOSS EvaB0784812 Dec 198776F106 10
OPPOSS FannyC0140912 Jun 199787G133 28
OPPOSS IsidoreA0686730 Dec 196457G133 29
OPPOSS LouisB0661414 Apr 198566O34 16
OPPOSS MillieA1015611 Jan 197264E131 28
OPPOSS RoseC0419111 Jan 200895F107 10
OPPOSS SarahA0258501 Jul 195070B250 27

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