All Deceased beginning with letters 'ST'

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All names beginning ST
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
STAAR RalphE2340611 Apr 197760RD19 35
STACK EstherE2340704 Jan 197447RB42 1
STAINER JamesE2340816 Apr 196075RE08 17
STAINER JennieE2340909 Apr 196176RE08 18
STAKEL FannyE2341023 Feb 197580RA05 12
STALICK Anne PearlE2341122 Sep 198773RN46 35
STALICK DavidE2341210 Jan 199179RN46 36
STALICK EstherE2341319 Apr 194558RB35 22
STALICK JohnE2341404 Nov 197769RI39 9
STALLICK NathanE2341529 Jul 198878RL11 40
STALLICK RachelE2341625 May 197984RN29 14
STANDER Aaron BenjaminE2341704 Oct 199981RO29 67
STANDER AnnieE2341831 May 195555RD27 29
STANDER EmmanuelE2341923 May 198664RO05 40
STANDER JacobE2342023 Jun 194156RA25 17
STANDER LeahE2342129 Jun 194153RA25 18
STANDER MillieE2342215 Oct 199986RO29 66
STANDER Samson RonaldE2342319 Jan 194621RA39 13
STANFIELD HannahE2342425 Apr 197679RJ29 12
STANFIELD MiriamE2342524 Mar 196370RG18 20
STANFORD Lily LeahE2342618 Apr 196349RH47 12
STANFORD SolleE2342713 Jul 199482RH47 11
STANG RebeccaE2342815 Jan 199593RJ39 18
STANGER IsaacE2342917 Oct 196287RH49 13
STANGER SarahE2343016 Oct 196579RH49 14
STANHILL Marc DavidE2343108 Feb 200621RG42 3
STANLEY ClaraE2343211 Jan 198180RB40 3
STANLEY FrankE2343316 Jan 201591RL18 1
STANLEY Henry SolomonE2343411 Jul 194676RA41 21
STANLEY LeahE2343505 Aug 199085RM16 22
STANLEY MaryE2343615 Dec 199982RL18 2
STANLEY PhilipE2343721 Dec 197469RM16 23
STANLEY SidneyE2343819 Oct 195863RB40 2
STANNARD ElaineE2343901 Jun 200966RG43 33
STANSFIELD BlancheE2344024 Dec 198778RF06 8
STANSFIELD LouisE2344121 Mar 197473RH13 10
STANSFIELD MichaelE2344220 Feb 197479RJ29 11
STANTON AlfredE2344307 Sep 199268RO02 34
STANTON BarnetE2344423 Jun 198165RN33 31
STANTON EstherE2344510 Feb 200676RJ38 5
STANTON EstherE2344619 Jun 198782RM34 12
STANTON HettyE2344721 Nov 198367RN33 30
STANTON JeffreyE2344813 Jan 201777RG50 9
STANTON JohnnyE2344919 Feb 196748RI09 31
STANTON LionelE2345025 Dec 200783RG21 1
STANTON LouisE2345107 Nov 196775RI12 18
STANTON MarkE2345226 Dec 198060RJ20 24
STANTON MichaelE2345306 Jun 197362RM34 11
STAR FlorenceE2345402 Dec 197376RI25 26
STAR JackE2345531 Dec 196969RI25 27
STARASHINSKY RoseE2345612 Jun 197492RH28 30
STARK Fanny EvaE2345708 Sep 200593RK05 44
STARKEY Alfred LouisE2345805 Apr 198585RK40 21
STARKEY MaryE2345926 May 200097RK40 22
STARKIN AnnieE2346021 Mar 193852RB10 12
STARKIN SolomonE2346125 Sep 194058RB20 12
STARKMAN CharlesE2346216 Jun 196587RF20 28
STARKMAN Rachel LeahE2346324 Feb 199089RF22 28
STARLING AnitaE2346426 May 201386RD54 16
STARLING CharlesE2346513 Nov 199478RD54 15
STARMINSKY BetsyE2346625 Nov 196586RH32 27
STARMINSKY ColemanE2346705 Jul 196585RD19 33
STARR AbrahamE2346807 Sep 196785RI11 21
STARR CeliaE2346922 Nov 199178RJ17 8
STARR DavidE2347002 May 200583RN36 49
STARR Eva SarahE2347131 Oct 197287RI11 22
STARR IreneE2347215 Aug 200585RD19 34
STARR JosephE2347310 Apr 195539RD19 31
STARR MatildaE2347409 Dec 198776RG04 22
STARR Nathan HarryE2347516 Aug 196854RJ17 7
STARR SimmieE2347630 Jan 199278RD19 32
STARR Sydney MorrisE2347727 Nov 198780RG04 21
STARR ZenaE2347804 Aug 201390RN36 48
STATE JeffreyE2347925 Sep 200168RL02 1
STATINSKY JaneE2348030 May 195677RE14 20
STECKER BessieE2348103 Dec 197478RD42 5
STECKER HettieE2348219 Nov 200791RH11 34
STECKER SidneyE2348323 May 199474RH11 35
STEEL o/w STAAL WalterE2348410 Jul 195678RE15 14
STEELE David HaroldE2348529 Sep 196251RH49 27
STEELE DavidE2348613 Sep 197269RM31 39
STEELE LilyE2348707 Aug 196958RH49 26
STEELE Maude LilianE2348830 Oct 197267RM32 37
STEEN Jane RoseE2348930 May 198891RH03 29
STEIGMAN IvorE2349018 Jul 200554RO20 30
STEIGMAN MorrisE2349107 Nov 195083RA54 27
STEIGMAN MyerE2349227 Sep 197565RO20 31
STEIGMAN NellieE2349309 Nov 194363RB27 28
STEIGMAN SolomonE2349424 Feb 196249RH51 23
STEIN AbrahamE2349514 Mar 197178RL19 18
STEIN Alec michaelE2349605 Apr 195859RF51 16
STEIN Annie KateE2349730 May 198487RJ07 12
STEIN AnnieE2349821 May 198692RC20 19
STEIN AnnieE2349917 May 200199RL19 31
STEIN ArnostE2350017 Jan 197069RI25 24
STEIN BarnetE2350120 Jan 196269RF43 3
STEIN BenjaminE2350201 Feb 200681RE42 3
STEIN BettyE2350328 Apr 199575RK05 29
STEIN CharlesE2350422 Jan 200081RK05 28
STEIN ClaraE2350512 Feb 200782RH54 5
STEIN Cyril IsaacE2350612 Sep 198854RH25 32
STEIN EstherE2350715 Nov 195770RE28 15
STEIN EttieE2350830 Nov 197387RL19 19
STEIN FannyE2350930 Oct 197257RM32 36
STEIN FannyE2351005 Aug 197477RH25 26
STEIN FannyE2351110 Jul 198883RH32 5
STEIN HarryE2351217 Dec 197764RK32 18
STEIN HarryE2351320 Nov 198774RL06 7
STEIN HymanE2351411 Jul 194655RA41 14
STEIN IsraelE2351523 Apr 197169RL19 30
STEIN Jack EllisE2351607 May 200284RL40 32
STEIN Jacob JosephE2351722 Apr 197282RI33 29
STEIN JessieE2351811 Nov 197263RC06 28
STEIN JosephE2351930 Oct 196164RG11 5
STEIN JosephE2352022 Jan 196571RJ07 11
STEIN KarelE2352108 Jan 194449RA32 29
STEIN KasrielE2352219 Jun 196152RC06 29
STEIN LenaE2352320 Oct 197075RG46 26
STEIN LewisE2352429 Dec 196284RA04 28
STEIN LilyE2352508 Jul 201688RF45 9
STEIN MorrisE2352624 Jan 197482RC20 18
STEIN PearlE2352715 Nov 200679RM23 43
STEIN RachelE2352818 Aug 196572RF43 4
STEIN SadieE2352921 Jul 199778RK32 17
STEIN YettaE2353007 Jan 194465RB29 10
STEINBACH JosephE2353115 Jun 199283RK45 29
STEINBACH MiriamE2353215 Sep 198783RK45 30
STEINBERG AlfredE2353315 Feb 197968RN28 20
STEINBERG Beatrice RebeccaE2353406 Mar 198993RO40 22
STEINBERG BenjaminE2353531 May 196887RF17 12
STEINBERG DavidE2353631 Mar 195964RE35 27
STEINBERG EvaE2353701 Mar 194475RA10 28
STEINBERG FayE2353828 Mar 198873RN44 45
STEINBERG GeraldE2353906 Jan 199878RD54 25
STEINBERG GertrudeE2354027 Dec 200187RJ06 37
STEINBERG HarryE2354103 Jun 200078RN09 1
STEINBERG Jack JohnE2354208 Dec 198288RO29 39
STEINBERG JoeE2354326 Feb 194833RA46 13
STEINBERG JosephE2354423 Aug 196068RE39 29
STEINBERG LazarusE2354522 May 193861RA10 27
STEINBERG LewisE2354606 Mar 194082RA18 5
STEINBERG MarkE2354703 Sep 195757RD16 9
STEINBERG MiriamE2354811 May 197859RN23 26
STEINBERG MorrisE2354908 Sep 197670RN23 27
STEINBERG Pauline Sarah PearlE2355009 Mar 197177RL19 14
STEINBERG PollyE2355118 Feb 196679RF17 11
STEINBERG RachelE2355213 Oct 198574RO19 59
STEINBERG RachelE2355314 Dec 195483RA08 27
STEINBERG RebeccaE2355426 Dec 194058RB21 23
STEINBERG RoseE2355513 Jun 197776RI39 23
STEINBERG SadieE2355620 Oct 200891RN28 21
STEINBERG SamuelE2355717 Nov 197059RJ06 38
STEINBERG SarahE2355828 Jan 197383RM17 7
STEINBERG SidneyE2355918 Jan 200087RN44 46
STEINBERG SimonE2356024 Jan 193956RA14 10
STEINBERG ThelmaE2356123 Mar 201390RN09 2
STEINERT FannyE2356227 Jan 198988RA06 16
STEINERT GodfreyE2356307 Apr 196269RA04 15
STEINERT Leiba HavivaE2356411 Dec 198983RL17 41
STEINERT LeslieE2356514 Jun 201559RK38 44
STEINERT NathanE2356627 Jan 199784RK38 41
STEINERT SadieE2356722 Feb 200592RK38 40
STEINERT SamuelE2356810 Apr 196070RA06 15
STEINFEST EstherE2356925 Jul 195662RE15 25
STEINFIELD WilliamE2357030 Aug 196240RF36 30
STEINGOLD AnnieE2357118 Dec 200193RE04 3
STEINGOLD Ellen LevyE2357218 Apr 197081RM22 8
STEINGOLD HarryE2357309 May 199389RE04 4
STEINGOLD JeanE2357425 Apr 201781RG01 4
STEINGOLD MaryE2357512 May 194766RB42 17
STEINGOLD MiriamE2357625 Jun 199682RO40 3
STEINHART AnnieE2357730 Apr 194048RB17 5
STEINHART Julia LilyE2357807 Aug 200186RB02 7
STEINHART KurtE2357911 Feb 199889RB02 8
STEINHART MichaelE2358013 Apr 200563RC28 1
STEINKALER AnnieE2358127 Apr 194463RB32 16
STEMPEL DavidE2358218 Oct 196385RG22 17
STENCIL AbrahamE2358324 Jan 198386RK35 29
STEPHAM JosephE2358414 Feb 197675RM33 6
STEPHAN Ada AideE2358513 Nov 197265RM33 5
STEPHANI o/w FORMOSA Sylvia TillieE2358606 May 195744RA34 35
STEPNITSKY EstherE2358711 Feb 196671RH31 10
STEPNITSKY RoseE2358825 Feb 198583RH31 14
STEPNITSKY SarahE2358922 Aug 197980RH31 9
STERKE MillyE2359002 Sep 197575RE09 25
STERLING Anna BelleE2359116 Dec 199374RO05 48
STERLING Cyril EfraimE2359204 Oct 201488RD55 7
STERLING FlorenceE2359329 Oct 201688RD55 6
STERLING LeslieE2359417 Apr 198766RO05 47
STERN AbrahamE2359531 Jan 197671RK07 1
STERN AdaE2359612 Apr 196882RF13 31
STERN AdaE2359711 Apr 198483RJ09 20
STERN AlfredE2359805 Nov 194033RA21 7
STERN AnnieE2359922 Sep 198677RK07 2
STERN AnnieE2360005 Aug 197879RL09 19
STERN CharlesE2360102 Feb 197782RK08 36
STERN Dr JacobE2360221 Jun 199284RF13 3
STERN FannyE2360327 Sep 195160RD51 17
STERN FannyE2360430 Dec 196286RG16 17
STERN Fay o/w HenrietteE2360517 Feb 200691RO04 12
STERN HarryE2360622 Dec 196558RJ10 17
STERN Herbert IsraelE2360712 Sep 198868RO40 8
STERN JaneE2360822 Sep 199294RK08 37
STERN JosephE2360912 Dec 197153RC09 13
STERN LeahE2361030 Aug 199185RN06 44
STERN Maurice LeonardE2361111 Oct 196764RH23 17
STERN MaxE2361210 Jul 194164RA25 13
STERN MichaelE2361307 Oct 196572RJ09 19
STERN MinnieE2361410 Mar 198871RM06 8
STERN MiriamE2361502 Jan 199385RO39 60
STERN MorrisE2361603 Aug 198679RO04 11
STERN MorrisE2361706 Oct 197991RK10 35
STERN MyerE2361825 Mar 199983RM06 7
STERN NathanE2361916 Dec 197059RM24 35
STERN NoahE2362013 Apr 195273RD46 29
STERN PaulaE2362109 Jan 196170RF37 28
STERN RachelE2362206 Jan 197669RN18 39
STERN RoseE2362317 Jan 200092RH23 16
STERN RoyE2362428 Mar 201392RC27 29
STERN SarahE2362528 Apr 200190RF13 4
STERN Sidney BenjaminE2362617 Jan 198472RN18 40
STERN SolomonE2362727 Aug 199086RO39 61
STERN SylviaE2362810 Apr 201590RC27 30
STERNBERG BettyE2362931 Jan 199077RO39 49
STERNBERG DavidE2363022 Sep 195480RD39 31
STERNBERG DavisE2363110 Jan 196990RF48 33
STERNBERG EvaE2363216 Jul 195274RD43 18
STERNBERG IsaacE2363325 Jun 197087RA26 4
STERNBERG KeevaE2363429 Dec 194124RA26 14
STERNBERG PeterE2363525 Jan 201781RG01 35
STERNBERG Phillip LeslieE2363626 Dec 200889RG46 3
STERNBERG RebeccaE2363706 Jul 196280RF48 32
STERNBERG SallyE2363809 Feb 195373RD39 30
STERNBERG Sarah LilyE2363917 Sep 194352RA26 5
STERNER RebeccaE2364006 May 198670RF21 25
STERNER RoseE2364125 Feb 196573RF21 24
STERNLEIB HettyE2364206 Oct 199086RK14 22
STERNLICHT Sadie SarahE2364330 Dec 197556RO21 27
STERNLIEB MosesE2364413 Oct 197265RK14 21
STERNSON RoseE2364525 Aug 193856RB12 9
STERRY PercyE2364602 Feb 194751RA43 11
STETINSKY AbrahamE2364715 Jan 195884RE14 21
STETINSKY RebeccaE2364804 Jan 197786RL24 27
STEUER EliasE2364927 Oct 196568RC06 22
STEUER RoseE2365020 Oct 197174RC06 21
STEVELMAN SandraE2365122 Aug 200570RH49 3
STEVELMAN SimonE2365219 Nov 199561RH49 4
STEVENS BenjaminE2365310 Dec 197679RL24 7
STEVENS HaroldE2365413 Nov 200782RG18 2
STEVENS JackE2365511 Jun 196966RH14 28
STEVENS KateE2365628 Jan 199589RL24 8
STEVENS WilfredE2365710 Nov 199776RO33 65
STEVENS WoolfE2365817 May 196149RG06 7
STEWARD JohnE2365909 Jul 195529RD19 9
STEWART AsherE2366029 Sep 197783RM15 30
STEWART Denis MichaelE2366115 Oct 198156RN35 26
STEWART HelenE2366202 Jan 198778RI42 28
STEWART JeanE2366322 Feb 200282RE07 1
STEWART MaxE2366403 Feb 200184RE07 2
STIFFELMAN IsraelE2366507 Apr 195341RD40 5
STIFFMAN JackE2366628 Jul 197671RL23 30
STIFMAN BarnetE2366704 May 197778RN25 9
STIFMAN ElsieE2366823 Mar 199589RL23 31
STIFMAN EvaE2366906 Apr 199185RF02 8
STIFMAN LeahE2367014 Oct 198387RN25 10
STIFMAN SollyE2367104 Jan 199282RF02 7
STIFTEL-LIPMAN RoseE2367211 Jan 197471RC20 31
STIGLITZ BunaE2367310 Feb 195686RE11 5
STIGLITZ Isaac o/w MichaelE2367423 Jul 194428RA34 25
STIGLITZ RebeccaE2367525 Mar 197391RA35 35
STILLER AbrahamE2367628 Jul 198575RO20 19
STILLER MarleneE2367701 Oct 201273RI43 34
STILLER PearlE2367822 Nov 197969RO20 18
STILLERMAN CissieE2367923 Oct 197680RD26 35
STILLERMAN HarrisE2368006 May 197080RC17 16
STILLERMAN NathanE2368101 Mar 196369RD26 34
STILLERMAN SophieE2368219 Feb 198292RC17 17
STILLERMAN SylviaE2368308 Aug 195134RB08 16
STILLMAN LeahE2368429 Nov 197986RJ16 23
STILLMAN SolomonE2368518 Jun 196881RJ16 24
STIMPSON CarolineE2368609 Jun 199776RB03 33
STIRLING FredaE2368715 Jun 198686RO36 11
STITCHER MichaelE2368823 Aug 197872RL29 7
STITSHER Sarah o/w SadieE2368922 Sep 197974RL29 8
STOCK AnnieE2369018 Apr 197462RL22 15
STOCK FrancesE2369102 Nov 199296RF32 23
STOCK HelenE2369220 Feb 200999RF37 14
STOCK JackE2369303 Jun 196150RF37 13
STOCK JosephE2369422 Sep 199991RL22 16
STOCK RachelE2369520 Sep 194061RB19 10
STOCK SoniaE2369612 Dec 196170RE13 32
STOCKHILL Rose SarahE2369719 Feb 195084RB49 25
STOCKWELL Janet BessieE2369825 Oct 201365RI46 22
STOKLINSKY DeborahE2369917 Apr 198482RO08 33
STOKLINSKY HettieE2370021 Apr 198883RO08 32
STOLL AbrahamE2370116 Mar 197167RJ03 3
STOLL LilieE2370225 Dec 199184RJ03 4
STOLLER AnnieE2370331 Dec 196175RA44 29
STOLLER DavidE2370410 Jul 197773RN15 26
STOLLER EvaE2370509 Sep 199890RA30 1
STOLLER Ezra IsidoreE2370619 Mar 198176RL36 34
STOLLER GoldaE2370712 Nov 196582RF20 9
STOLLER GoldaE2370808 Jan 199582RN15 27
STOLLER Harry SolomonE2370916 Jun 194336RA30 9
STOLLER Jeffrey MartinE2371022 May 199247RE52 17
STOLLER JuliusE2371112 Mar 196350RE47 18
STOLLER MarthaE2371210 Dec 199486RL36 35
STOLLER MorrisE2371305 Sep 194771RA44 28
STOLLER SidneyE2371404 Dec 198576RK28 38
STOLLER SylviaE2371515 Nov 197458RK28 37
STOLOFSKY BettyE2371607 Mar 196880RJ14 26
STOLOFSKY Hyman LewisE2371701 Nov 197183RJ14 27
STOLTZMAN EstherE2371805 Jun 195661RE14 14
STOMOFF Hilda HannahE2371913 Mar 198181RO27 12
STOMOFF JohnE2372026 Jun 195457RD28 9
STONE AbrahamE2372115 Jan 195570RD41 31
STONE Albert Alfred EdwardE2372206 Jun 198281RI21 21
STONE AlbertE2372314 Sep 200784RI15 2
STONE AlexanderE2372403 Oct 197275RJ26 27
STONE Alfred MontyE2372521 Oct 198157RO12 27
STONE AnitaE2372623 Feb 198780RO11 28
STONE AnnieE2372704 Mar 195370RD39 14
STONE AnthonyE2372808 Mar 196119RC03 31
STONE BarbaraE2372904 Apr 200676RD31 1
STONE BasilE2373024 Apr 200677RD31 2
STONE BellaE2373128 Jan 198171RI08 30
STONE CharlesE2373203 Jun 198068RO14 10
STONE CissieE2373323 Jun 200096RJ11 37
STONE DavidE2373430 Sep 199575RK39 17
STONE DeborahE2373524 Dec 195268RD41 30
STONE Edward (ted)E2373613 Jan 200286RL21 4
STONE Edward PercivalE2373702 Apr 198471RN41 22
STONE EdwinE2373815 Aug 198757RN46 23
STONE EstherE2373917 Sep 196666RI06 17
STONE EveE2374020 Aug 199784RL12 11
STONE Fanny (Fay)E2374124 Feb 201393RI15 1
STONE FoetusE2374211 Jun 2015RA62 37
STONE GoldaE2374318 Jul 196977RJ20 22
STONE GretaE2374422 Sep 197959RO14 9
STONE HannahE2374529 Mar 199378RE26 21
STONE HettyE2374615 May 197474RJ26 28
STONE IsaacE2374727 Jan 193948RA14 11
STONE IsaacE2374813 Jun 195182RA58 21
STONE JosephE2374917 Jul 197766RL12 12
STONE MarieE2375012 Sep 199779RH02 14
STONE MarkE2375112 Oct 197366RJ11 38
STONE MaxE2375227 Jul 194473RA34 8
STONE MinnieE2375307 Jan 19970RL21 3
STONE MorrisE2375423 Jul 194490RA34 9
STONE or STEINBERG LilyE2375518 Jul 197478RA06 32
STONE Philip MorrisE2375628 Dec 199989RI08 31
STONE PhilipE2375724 May 200390RH02 15
STONE ReneeE2375810 Jun 197460RI21 13
STONE ReneeE2375914 Dec 199992RJ12 40
STONE RichardE2376023 Aug 195743RE26 18
STONE SamuelE2376126 Oct 195970RA06 27
STONE SamuelE2376224 Jul 201283RB02 21
STONE SarahE2376330 Jun 197383RJ21 16
STONE SidneyE2376427 Oct 198483RJ12 39
STONE WoolfE2376520 Oct 196990RJ21 15
STOPLER SolomonE2376617 Feb 194486RA33 12
STOPPLER NancyE2376717 Jan 194056RB16 15
STORCH GoldaE2376803 Oct 196865RJ17 9
STORCH LsaacE2376924 Jan 198284RJ17 10
STORMS HarryE2377027 Mar 194521 mthRB28 5
STORMS PhyllisE2377127 Mar 194520RB28 6
STRACHAN AnneE2377205 Jun 198675RN40 16
STRACHAN HarryE2377329 Apr 198779RN40 17
STRACHSTEIN RachelE2377412 May 195565RD19 17
STRACSTONE CarolineE2377512 Dec 195082RB52 19
STRACSTONE Eser HenryE2377606 Jun 195390RB52 20
STRAKER AbrahamE2377720 Feb 199385RD02 11
STRAKER AdaE2377812 Apr 193980RB14 30
STRAKER JohnE2377918 Dec 193982RB15 30
STRAKER JohnE2378027 Jan 196882RJ14 20
STRAKER MarieE2378113 Jan 199877RD02 12
STRAKER MinnieE2378224 Oct 199789RD02 10
STRAKER ReeneE2378314 Aug 195447RB09 31
STRANGER JosephE2378428 Aug 195064RA54 23
STRASBERG JaneE2378508 Feb 197562RM26 40
STRASBERG SamuelE2378619 Jul 197165RM26 39
STRAUSS BarbaraE2378709 Nov 200898RJ26 9
STRAUSS FannyE2378814 Oct 194082RB20 18
STRAUSS JeannetteE2378907 Mar 194075RB17 9
STRAUSS JuliaE2379014 Mar 199393RJ13 5
STRAUSS MarieE2379108 Nov 197766RE28 30
STRAUSS NathanE2379203 Nov 197381RK26 22
STRAUSS SarahE2379318 May 197581RK26 21
STRAUSS SolomonE2379416 Mar 200997RJ26 10
STRAYBURG SarahE2379524 Jun 194559RB36 18
STRELSOFF DorisE2379614 Apr 194464RB32 17
STREUSEL WalterE2379711 Apr 199470RH02 16
STREUSLER Judy IdaE2379820 Mar 201486RH02 17
STRICK AaronE2379917 Nov 201096RK38 42
STRICK BettyE2380004 Dec 200581RK38 43
STRICKER AlexanderE2380131 Jan 197770RO22 34
STRICKER AnneE2380223 Jun 198578RO22 35
STRICKOWSKY FannyE2380308 Sep 197879RL29 33
STRIKOFSKY AdolphE2380411 Jul 196692RB40 28
STRIKOVSKY ErnaE2380527 Jun 197581RG18 9
STRIKOVSKY HelenE2380616 Nov 194667RB40 27
STRIKOVSKY TemmahE2380731 Aug 195369RD34 18
STRINGER RoseE2380827 Jan 195852RE31 23
STROM NathanE2380925 Jan 200886RM01 12
STROM ReneeE2381015 Jan 201487RM01 11
STROM SidneyE2381112 Feb 201387RH06 13
STROWMAN RoseE2381203 Mar 199574RJ38 17
STRUBEL BettyE2381309 Jun 198779RN46 40
STRUBEL MichaelE2381423 Jan 197465RK26 37
STRUMENGHER MorrisE2381516 Feb 194155RA23 9
STRUMHOLT GoldaE2381601 Dec 197498RK13 8
STRUMINGER FriedaE2381721 Oct 199476RL06 23
STRUMINGER OscarE2381812 May 198063RL06 22
STRUMINGER RoseE2381929 Sep 197469RM22 31
STRUMINGER SarahE2382026 May 197077RM22 32
STRUZER AlecE2382104 Jun 198172RO27 31
STRUZER MiriamE2382205 Aug 195546RD27 27
STUART FredaE2382306 Apr 198066RC04 25
STUART MichaelE2382431 Mar 200592RC04 24
STUBER ImreE2382521 May 197770RO22 47
STUBER LidiaE2382607 Nov 198775RO22 46
STUDENT EricE2382711 Apr 197083RM21 34
STUDENT LeslieE2382828 Jan 197760RO18 27
STUDENT RachelE2382905 Apr 197986RM21 35
STURM Selda SophieE2383008 Dec 196575RG37 25
STURMINGER BabyE2383115 Mar 19721 mthRB43 6S
STURT Rachel LeahE2383218 Apr 200383RH32 35
STYLY LilyE2383305 Dec 196449RG32 8

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