All Deceased beginning with letters 'TA'

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All names beginning TA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TABACK BettyE2408015 Jan 196575RA49 3
TABAK JosephE2408102 Jul 194972RA49 4
TABELIN JacobE2408219 Jun 195472RD28 11
TABELIN SarahE2408322 Feb 196175RD28 10
TABIS YettaE2408416 Jan 200896RG25 2
TABIZEL TchiaE2408527 Oct 200674RD43 1
TABOR AnnieE2408602 May 193946RB14 6
TABOR BarnetE2408727 Jul 194156RB24 17
TABOR HarryE2408818 Apr 199982RF54 35
TABORISKY AnitaE2408914 Oct 199776RN02 35
TACHON HettyE2409004 Jul 198273RO12 42
TAIFELD GoldaE2409120 Apr 197184RK19 35
TALER AlfredE2409216 Aug 199077RO40 61
TALL AdaE2409322 Apr 197077RM22 9
TALL MaryE2409422 Nov 198493RN18 18
TALL MaxE2409507 Feb 197483RM22 10
TAMBORINE IsraelE2409606 Jul 195462RD27 15
TAMBORINE RebeccaE2409714 Oct 197986RD27 14
TANDOFSY RosaE2409828 Feb 199083RM03 34
TANDOSKY BarnetE2409901 Jan 197369RI18 30
TANENBAUM AbrahamE2410015 Dec 196575RB05 25
TANENBAUM AlteE2410120 Dec 197571RO21 20
TANENBAUM NettieE2410228 Jan 198782RJ04 29
TANENBAUM SamuelE2410326 Jul 197251RM32 8
TANENBAUM Sidney GeraldE2410405 Sep 199776RK44 19
TANENBAUM SophiaE2410514 Apr 198775RK44 18
TANKEL BarnetE2410617 Feb 197278RM30 5
TANKEL SarahE2410702 Mar 195668RB29 3
TANKLE HildaE2410820 Jan 198071RM30 6
TANKLE NinaE2410917 Apr 200452RM32 2
TANNEN AnnieE2411001 Dec 196371RH49 34
TANNEN BerthaE2411110 Jul 194145RB17 3
TANNEN HarveyE2411227 Jan 200173RL17 1
TANNEN JaneE2411321 Sep 194069RB14 3
TANNEN MaxE2411415 Oct 195384RB14 2
TANNENBAUM AltorE2411509 Sep 193947RB16 25
TANNENBAUM AnnieE2411620 Jun 197978RO15 16
TANNENBAUM AnnieE2411706 Jan 194582RB34 24
TANNENBAUM HarryE2411818 Nov 198590RJ04 28
TANNENBAUM MillieE2411924 Feb 194845RB43 27
TANNENBAUM MyerE2412010 Apr 197885RN13 14
TANNER AnnieE2412110 Jul 197486RH25 29
TANNER EricE2412228 Oct 199176RE06 6
TANNER HarryE2412307 Aug 200786RK22 44
TANNER IsraelE2412408 Jun 199372RH03 32
TANNER MontagueE2412504 Jan 199275RJ36 23
TANNER rachelE2412608 May 197863RN27 10
TANNER SidneyE2412712 Mar 197578RL23 13
TANNER SylviaE2412820 Jul 199290RL23 14
TANNERHOLTZ CeliaE2412906 May 195483RD35 11
TANSEY LeahE2413003 Apr 196870RH20 31
TANSKI SophiaE2413121 Sep 196787RF14 20
TANZER BenjaminE2413223 Jul 199573RH43 4
TANZER BessieE2413310 May 196470RC05 2
TANZER IsidoreE2413422 Dec 199778RO38 64
TANZER JoyE2413504 Sep 19593RA59 27
TANZER Muriel QueenieE2413615 Aug 200883RO38 65
TANZER PhilipE2413701 Feb 196371RC05 1
TANZER TheodoraE2413828 Jul 200277RH43 3
TAPER MaxE2413923 Apr 195234RD46 30
TAPLINSKY SarahE2414018 Jul 196272RH49 17
TAPPER EstherE2414114 Aug 197267RG05 20
TAPPER FlorenceE2414217 Feb 200089RO09 7
TAPPER JaneE2414316 Oct 195341RD34 23
TAPPER JosephE2414408 Aug 197060RI27 16
TAPPER LeahE2414517 Aug 198582RO34 46
TAPPER MarkE2414629 Aug 196662RG05 19
TAPPER MiriamE2414730 Jun 198482RI27 17
TAPPER PhilipE2414806 Oct 198979RO09 47
TAPPER SamE2414905 Aug 198368RO09 8
TARGOWITZ Morris DavidE2415028 Sep 194857RA43 4
TARLOW AbrahamE2415111 Jun 194059RA17 33
TARLOW LeahE2415230 Apr 196764RC01 7
TARLOW PhillipE2415320 Dec 199091RC01 8
TARNE BrianE2415411 Jan 201066RG49 28
TARNE FrancesE2415510 May 201781RG49 29
TARNE HarryE2415607 Jul 198065RN30 39
TARNE YettaE2415724 Jan 198877RN30 38
TARNOFSKY AbrahamE2415823 Nov 198895RO03 3
TARNOFSKY JennyE2415905 Nov 195865RD12 27
TARNOWSKY DavidE2416022 Mar 200599RK31 22
TARNOWSKY PaulaE2416127 Sep 200396RK31 23
TARSHIS ClareE2416206 Sep 198274RD07 20
TARSHIS CyrilE2416329 May 196047RD07 21
TARTAKOFF DavidE2416423 Apr 195476RD29 16
TASH BarnettE2416519 Nov 198877RD09 16
TASH HannahE2416616 May 196249RD09 17
TASH Harry LeonardE2416715 Aug 199376RN07 32
TASH Henry HymanE2416830 Nov 198160RJ09 4
TASH JessicaE2416918 Mar 201090RF34 22
TASH MauriceE2417012 Oct 200779RF34 21
TASH Millicent (Minnie)E2417122 Sep 198783RK44 38
TASH NathanE2417210 Nov 199489RK44 39
TASH SarahE2417330 Mar 198267RN07 31
TAUB AbrahamE2417427 Oct 195269RD42 24
TAUB AbrahamE2417519 Apr 199191RO28 37
TAUB AnnieE2417604 Jun 198267RO28 36
TAUB EstherE2417715 Oct 198971RO33 60
TAUB MaxineE2417818 Feb 199742RD13 2
TAUB MinnieE2417918 Dec 198663RN16 3
TAUB MordecaiE2418022 Jun 197137RM26 27
TAUB NathanE2418131 Dec 201096RD13 4
TAUB NormaE2418210 Apr 199268RD13 3
TAUB RoseE2418306 Oct 195769RD42 25
TAUBE Gitel PollyE2418402 Jan 196865RD20 16
TAUBE HymanE2418509 Feb 195546RD21 19
TAUBER HettieE2418613 Nov 2017101RH44 35
TAUBER LouisE2418701 Feb 200693RH44 34
TAUBER SarahE2418825 Mar 194778RB37 30
TAUSEY BernardE2418902 Jan 195159RA55 29
TAVALOFF DianaE2419014 Jun 196564RG32 6
TAVALOFF NathanE2419108 Apr 197077RG45 22
TAYLOR Abraham JosephE2419216 Oct 197580RO21 11
TAYLOR AbrahamE2419321 Mar 193835RA10 21
TAYLOR AbrahamE2419410 Mar 200288RK23 42
TAYLOR AlexE2419525 Mar 197772RN24 28
TAYLOR AnneE2419608 Jul 197981RO21 12
TAYLOR AnnieE2419708 Aug 195355RD36 31
TAYLOR BerthaE2419829 Nov 199893RO40 26
TAYLOR BessieE2419931 Jan 199599RH25 9
TAYLOR Conrad HymanE2420029 Jun 197872RO17 12
TAYLOR David HenryE2420127 Jul 198686RI19 22
TAYLOR David NormanE2420218 Sep 198355RO12 40
TAYLOR EdithE2420310 Mar 199277RI36 4
TAYLOR EleanorE2420412 Dec 201173RI44 1
TAYLOR Ellen MiriamE2420504 May 201792RM09 1
TAYLOR EmanuelE2420606 Jun 196167RD19 1
TAYLOR EstherE2420715 Apr 197071RG45 31
TAYLOR EvaE2420823 May 197365RK25 33
TAYLOR FrancesE2420906 Apr 198971RL14 17
TAYLOR FredaE2421006 Aug 200981RM38 35
TAYLOR FrederickE2421113 Mar 200065RL17 43
TAYLOR GeraldE2421207 Jan 195734RD16 27
TAYLOR GeraldE2421304 Dec 199454RN05 31
TAYLOR GertrudeE2421425 Jul 201595RE48 34
TAYLOR GoldaE2421517 Sep 199185RO17 11
TAYLOR HannahE2421627 Jan 196973RI19 23
TAYLOR HettieE2421722 Jan 197557RL16 12
TAYLOR IsraelE2421805 May 196356RF31 16
TAYLOR JackE2421916 Apr 200673RN40 2
TAYLOR JackE2422004 Jan 197977RL30 32
TAYLOR Jannette HannahE2422120 Nov 197885RD19 2
TAYLOR JohnE2422215 Feb 199174RD03 17
TAYLOR JohnE2422309 Feb 199093RD36 32
TAYLOR LeahE2422431 Aug 196778RH24 15
TAYLOR LilyE2422527 Nov 197165RE12 6
TAYLOR LilyE2422615 May 197672RG26 16
TAYLOR LilyE2422716 Apr 201093RK23 43
TAYLOR MarkE2422812 Mar 197379RH25 8
TAYLOR MaryE2422925 Jun 197571RF31 15
TAYLOR MaryE2423023 Feb 200782RL16 1
TAYLOR MauriceE2423128 Feb 196468RH43 28
TAYLOR MichaelE2423204 Sep 198773RI36 3
TAYLOR PhilipE2423314 Jun 196367RG20 14
TAYLOR RalphE2423409 Oct 198988RO40 25
TAYLOR RaphaelE2423509 Aug 200388RM09 2
TAYLOR Reuben RoystonE2423605 Nov 196552RH33 22
TAYLOR RoseE2423704 Jul 199992RL30 33
TAYLOR RoseE2423823 Nov 201699RE48 35
TAYLOR Sadie RebeccaE2423927 Oct 198278RO11 41
TAYLOR Samuel BenjaminE2424030 Dec 196667RH27 15
TAYLOR SamuelE2424117 Apr 196672RF17 7
TAYLOR SamuelE2424210 Aug 199192RO17 30
TAYLOR SarahE2424304 Sep 197874RO17 29
TAYLOR SarahE2424412 Nov 197676RF17 8
TAYLOR SarahE2424512 Nov 200485RD03 16
TAYLOR Sidney DavidE2424606 Oct 197461RM37 17
TAYLOR SidneyE2424730 Nov 196572RG37 17
TAYLOR SidneyE2424822 Feb 198774RK25 34
TAYLOR SidneyE2424904 Jan 200285RL16 2
TAYLOR SydneyE2425011 Dec 196862RI18 28
TAYLOR Vera ThelmaE2425103 Jul 201588RL17 44

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