All Deceased beginning with letters 'EV'

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All names beginning EV
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EVALANKA CissieB0611306 Apr 198484O29 43
EVANGELOS FrancesB0768724 Aug 198769O38 50
EVANKOVSKY EvaA0413912 Mar 195773E110 34
EVANKOVSKY MorrisA0438222 Jan 195877E110 35
EVANS DavidC0534713 Feb 201578I134 01
EVANS EmanuelB0037917 Dec 197282J05 03
EVANS EvaA0081217 Apr 194127B123 13
EVANS FayC0060702 Apr 199595E103 28
EVANS HarryB0522614 Jun 198276E103 29
EVANS LornaC0251619 Nov 200043F101 02
EVANS MiriamB1020926 Jun 199389F133 28
EVANS RebeccaB0634712 Oct 198484J05 04
EVANS ReubenA0583810 Sep 196263F133 29
EVANS Saul HayimB0906014 Aug 199062N129 33
EVANS TikvahB0399806 Dec 197952N129 32
EVANSKY JackC0099330 Apr 199681D109 34
EVANSKY Rose BessieB0797415 Mar 198873K124 02
EVEN ShariB0636727 Oct 198413O22 57
EVEREST RebeccaC0389319 May 200692O06 34

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