All Deceased beginning with letters 'EV'

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All names beginning EV
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EVALANKA CissieE0617806 Apr 198484RO29 43
EVANGELOS FrancesE0617924 Aug 198769RO38 50
EVANKOVSKY EvaE0618012 Mar 195773RE10 34
EVANKOVSKY MorrisE0618122 Jan 195877RE10 35
EVANS DavidE0618213 Feb 201578RI34 1
EVANS EmanuelE0618317 Dec 197282RJ05 3
EVANS EvaE0618417 Apr 194127RB23 13
EVANS FayE0618502 Apr 199595RE03 28
EVANS HarryE0618614 Jun 198276RE03 29
EVANS LornaE0618719 Nov 200043RF01 2
EVANS MarianE0618806 Jan 201781RA38 36
EVANS MiriamE0618926 Jun 199389RF33 28
EVANS RebeccaE0619012 Oct 198484RJ05 4
EVANS ReubenE0619110 Sep 196263RF33 29
EVANS Saul HayimE0619214 Aug 199062RN29 33
EVANS TikvahE0619306 Dec 197952RN29 32
EVANSKY JackE0619430 Apr 199681RD09 34
EVANSKY Rose BessieE0619515 Mar 198873RK24 2
EVEN ShariE0619627 Oct 198413RO22 57
EVEREST RebeccaE0619719 May 200692RO06 34

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