All Deceased beginning with letters 'YO'

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All names beginning YO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YONISH CharlesE2587829 Jul 196471RE48 12
YONKLER JosephE2587906 Feb 193971RA14 9
YONTEFF HarrisE2588019 Mar 194760RA34 5
YORKE AbrahamE2588127 Nov 199787RO33 44
YORKE Sally SarahE2588218 May 198576RO33 43
YOUDKEVITCH FannyE2588320 Oct 195180RD51 28
YOUNG AnnieE2588410 Jul 195778RE24 7
YOUNG Betty ConstanceE2588527 Oct 199274RJ26 6
YOUNG BettyE2588626 Nov 196050RE40 11
YOUNG CecilE2588713 Feb 199368RO02 46
YOUNG EstherE2588806 Jul 199788RN45 11
YOUNG EvaE2588903 Nov 198076RK15 7
YOUNG FannyE2589025 Dec 197586RC11 21
YOUNG FrancesE2589111 Sep 200376RO02 47
YOUNG HarryE2589207 Jan 197570RE40 12
YOUNG Ian MichaelE2589318 Jan 19684 mthRA59 12
YOUNG IsaacE2589412 Jan 196381RC11 20
YOUNG JackE2589504 Dec 194039RA22 22
YOUNG JackE2589621 Jun 197269RK15 8
YOUNG JosephE2589707 Sep 197473RJ04 21
YOUNG MichaelE2589822 Apr 200793RO36 71
YOUNG PhilipE2589930 Jan 199279RJ26 5
YOUNG RachelE2590006 Feb 198377RO11 47
YOUNG RachelE2590124 Dec 201289RJ36 4
YOUNG RoseE2590219 May 197360RJ04 4
YOUNG RoseE2590301 Aug 199386RJ02 21
YOUNG SidE2590420 Mar 199271RJ36 5
YOUNG SidneyE2590517 Jan 198582RO11 46
YOUNG SidneyE2590626 Dec 201683RK01 35
YOUNG WoolfE2590715 Jun 198578RN45 12
YOUNGER FlorrieE2590824 Aug 196555RH35 14
YOUNGER MauriceE2590925 May 197875RC23 15
YOUNGER SophiaE2591018 Dec 199285RC23 14
YOUNGOWITZ AnnieE2591119 Nov 195057RB48 4

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