All Deceased beginning with letters 'YO'

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All names beginning YO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YONISH CharlesA0667429 Jul 196471E248 12
YONKLER JosephA0024006 Feb 193971A114 09
YONTEFF HarrisA0191619 Mar 194760A134 05
YORKE AbrahamC0157727 Nov 199787O33 44
YORKE Sally SarahB0666218 May 198576O33 43
YOUDKEVITCH FannyA0288320 Oct 195180D251 28
YOUNG AnnieA0422010 Jul 195778E124 07
YOUNG Betty ConstanceB0993927 Oct 199274J26 06
YOUNG BettyA0512326 Nov 196050E140 11
YOUNG CecilB1006713 Feb 199368O02 46
YOUNG EstherC0142506 Jul 199788N245 11
YOUNG EvaB0442703 Nov 198076K115 07
YOUNG FannyB0194325 Dec 197586C111 21
YOUNG FrancesC0327111 Sep 200376O02 47
YOUNG HarryB0144207 Jan 197570E140 12
YOUNG Ian MichaelA0816018 Jan 19684A259 12
YOUNG IsaacA0599812 Jan 196381C111 20
YOUNG JackA0070304 Dec 194039A122 22
YOUNG JackB0013021 Jun 197269K115 08
YOUNG JosephB0125707 Sep 197473J04 21
YOUNG MichaelC0405622 Apr 200793O36 71
YOUNG PhilipB0965630 Jan 199279J26 05
YOUNG RachelB0554306 Feb 198377O11 47
YOUNG RachelC0501724 Dec 201289J36 04
YOUNG RoseB0061419 May 197360J04 04
YOUNG RoseB1024201 Aug 199386J02 21
YOUNG SidB0971420 Mar 199271J36 05
YOUNG SidneyB0647317 Jan 198582O11 46
YOUNG WoolfB0669415 Jun 198578N245 12
YOUNGER FlorrieA0714924 Aug 196555H135 14
YOUNGER MauriceB0319625 May 197875C123 15
YOUNGER SophiaB0999318 Dec 199285C123 14
YOUNGOWITZ AnnieA0265919 Nov 195057B248 04

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