All Deceased beginning with letters 'LA'

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All names beginning LA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LABELTER EdaE1327907 Oct 198891RC14 34
LABELTER SamuelE1328010 Nov 195553RC14 35
LABOFSKY (Leigh) BarnetE1328108 Nov 199092RK46 39
LABOFSKY or HARRIS SamuelE1328210 May 195255RD45 27
LABOFSKY SarahE1328309 Aug 196569RH36 13
LABOR AllenE1328418 Oct 201169RG12 35
LABOVITCH EthelE1328527 May 198193RD46 25
LABOVITCH HenryE1328620 Jan 197964RO23 55
LABOVITCH JacobE1328724 Mar 195071RB37 26
LABOVITCH JuliusE1328819 Mar 195267RD46 24
LACHINSKY AdaE1328921 Jun 196356RG20 20
LACHMANN AlbertE1329011 May 196670RH29 29
LACOMBE Angela SusanE1329105 May 19462 mthRB55 22
LACOME HannahE1329218 Apr 200590RO04 52
LADD SadieE1329325 Mar 199678RF12 26
LADD WilliamE1329403 Oct 196852RF12 27
LADDIN Miriam or Winifred AliceE1329518 Oct 196862RH50 30
LADDIN PhilipE1329607 Apr 196266RH50 31
LADENSON BettyE1329729 Aug 201594RE40 34
LADENSON MosesE1329830 Jun 196447RG28 30
LADENSON NathanE1329912 Apr 200287RE40 35
LADENSON RebeccaE1330001 Nov 196580RG28 31
LADERMAN June MarieE1330109 Jun 198453RN13 4
LADERMAN LeslieE1330216 Sep 199776RI33 32
LADERMAN MinnieE1330308 Dec 197084RK21 8
LADERMAN SheilaE1330424 Jun 201689RI33 33
LAIBGLIT HenryE1330513 May 196787RF15 28
LAID GertrudeE1330605 Aug 198981RL04 38
LAID Helen HildaE1330715 Mar 197842RN13 11
LAID IsraelE1330830 Dec 198980RL04 39
LAIKIN AlanE1330921 Mar 201687RM32 43
LAIKIN PaulineE1331009 Dec 200776RM32 42
LAITMAN EstherE1331123 Jan 196364RG05 11
LAITMAN ZeldaE1331211 Feb 196655RG05 12
LAKE JudahE1331322 May 199164RG03 29
LAKETER BernardE1331421 May 199982RH35 7
LAKETER EdithE1331503 Sep 196552RH35 8
LAKIN DavidE1331617 Nov 197970RM12 34
LAKIN FayE1331728 Jun 199480RM12 35
LAKIN HenryE1331816 Mar 199475RK36 3
LAKIN MorrisE1331912 Dec 195139RD50 5
LAKIN NathanE1332005 Mar 195174RA57 21
LAKIN SophieE1332116 Feb 195978RD50 4
LAKIN SylviaE1332203 Nov 199974RK36 4
LAKRIMSKY Ivor LionelE1332322 Mar 194715RA35 5
LAKS DwograE1332410 Jun 196869RC15 14
LAKS Izak BerishE1332501 May 199091RC25 30
LAKUM BenjaminE1332621 Apr 197774RD32 6
LAKUM CherylE1332725 May 19671 mthRB34 17S
LAKUM FannyE1332803 Feb 195449RD32 7
LAKUMSKI Samuel HarrisE1332921 Dec 195761RA34 1
LAKUMSKY EdithE1333030 Jun 196662RI05 16
LAKUMSKY FannyE1333119 Oct 196874RA34 2
LAMB Aaron TudorE1333205 Nov 199389RG31 14
LAMB Angela MarianE1333324 Apr 201279RA30 37
LAMB PollyE1333421 Nov 196460RG31 15
LAMBERT AlecE1333505 Apr 199874RB02 20
LAMBERT CissieE1333616 Feb 197476RM23 19
LAMBERT DavidE1333728 Nov 197778RH05 20
LAMBERT ElizabethE1333803 Aug 196971RJ14 35
LAMBERT FrancesE1333903 Mar 200373RB02 19
LAMBERT HarryE1334020 Apr 198974RF52 24
LAMBERT LeahE1334101 Aug 19440RA16 30
LAMBERT LewisE1334204 Sep 193964RA16 29
LAMBERT MorrisE1334323 Jun 197073RM23 20
LAMBERT RayE1334418 Dec 197775RH05 19
LAMBERT SidneyE1334506 Nov 196772RJ14 36
LAMBIRD AnnieE1334617 Aug 199774RG43 32
LAMENT EmmaE1334720 Sep 199881RG02 8
LAMENT IsidoreE1334802 Jun 199883RG02 7
LAMENT RoseE1334913 Jul 199685RK41 41
LAMONT Norman JoeE1335023 Mar 198478RL10 38
LAMONT TillyE1335118 Nov 199990RL10 39
LAMPERT AlexanderE1335205 Jan 198180RM22 6
LAMPERT GertieE1335321 Aug 197577RD36 10
LAMPERT HarrisE1335415 Jul 195268RD47 6
LAMPERT JosephE1335516 Feb 195365RD39 16
LAMPERT JosephE1335601 Mar 198775RK44 16
LAMPERT LeahE1335721 Dec 196882RD47 5
LAMPERT PaulE1335809 Jan 197780RE35 10
LAMPERT PearlE1335915 Feb 199585RI04 12
LAMPERT RachelE1336001 Apr 195962RE35 11
LAMPERT RachelE1336117 Nov 200993RK44 15
LAMPERT SarahE1336219 Apr 197068RM22 7
LANCER SarahE1336322 Nov 196476RJ06 14
LANCER WoolfE1336413 Jan 197786RJ06 13
LANCET HarryE1336527 Dec 195661RE20 18
LANCOD HarryE1336631 Aug 196554RH36 11
LANCOD MorrisE1336721 Aug 201692RF02 35
LANCOD SylviaE1336820 Oct 201691RF02 34
LANDAU AaronE1336915 Aug 199786RE50 11
LANDAU AnneE1337010 Nov 197068RJ13 13
LANDAU BarnettE1337104 May 200485RO33 1
LANDAU BernardE1337223 Aug 198167RN34 26
LANDAU BlumaE1337321 Jan 200389RN34 25
LANDAU CissieE1337402 Aug 201797RL25 41
LANDAU DavidE1337524 Feb 200187RC01 18
LANDAU EstherE1337626 Feb 200297RI03 8
LANDAU GitaE1337715 Feb 199975RC01 17
LANDAU IdaE1337824 May 193859RB11 26
LANDAU JeanE1337916 Nov 194626RB40 10
LANDAU JeanE1338001 Jul 199279RO33 2
LANDAU MarcusE1338111 Dec 199986RL07 1
LANDAU MarkE1338203 Dec 197074RK21 19
LANDAU Montague HermanE1338302 Mar 198864RL25 40
LANDAU MyersE1338408 Apr 197466RK27 13
LANDAU RebeccaE1338511 Oct 194062RB19 18
LANDAU RebeccaE1338619 Jan 197267RB05 16
LANDAU SarahE1338718 Nov 197078RG46 24
LANDAU SarahE1338818 Mar 200890RL07 2
LANDAU TheodoreE1338901 Dec 199385RI03 9
LANDAU WoolfE1339020 Jan 194162RA23 22
LANDAU YettaE1339109 May 200186RK27 12
LANDAW AnnE1339207 Oct 200891RN05 14
LANDAW Henry HarryE1339329 Mar 198476RN05 13
LANDER IsraelE1339412 Mar 196953RI19 5
LANDER MartinE1339530 Apr 201076RC23 4
LANDESMAN Israel (Gabriel)E1339608 Jun 194774RA44 20
LANDMAN Augusta UmanskiE1339714 Jan 196672RH33 7
LANDMAN HenryE1339824 Mar 197057RM21 30
LANDMAN SamuelE1339917 Apr 196782RH33 6
LANDO MaryE1340020 Aug 197788RD22 13
LANDS MiriamE1340112 Dec 199986RL35 3
LANDSBERG BlumaE1340213 Apr 197874RB03 18
LANDSBERG EvaE1340302 Jan 198882RH03 27
LANDSBERG NathanielE1340417 Mar 194042RB57 21
LANDSBERG RebeccaE1340503 Feb 195757RE21 18
LANDSBURY HenryE1340603 Jun 197666RM15 26
LANDSBURY RoseE1340727 May 199277RM15 27
LANDSMAN AnnieE1340803 Jul 198481RN42 22
LANDSMAN ColemanE1340906 May 198675RO05 24
LANDSMAN Fania FredaE1341001 May 197273RC19 11
LANDSMAN FrankE1341115 Mar 198793RC19 12
LANDSMAN GoldaE1341227 Dec 195176RD49 8
LANDSMAN Hannah FredaE1341302 Feb 199191RL28 24
LANDSMAN HarryE1341425 Apr 197879RL28 23
LANDSMAN LeonardE1341511 Nov 201180RG43 35
LANE BarnettE1341612 Sep 195435RD26 15
LANE HannahE1341726 Jul 199870RO12 46
LANE PearlE1341823 Apr 197973RO25 31
LANE RachelE1341906 Oct 198270RM40 8
LANE Sidney SamuelE1342017 Dec 198257RO12 45
LANG BettyE1342112 Jan 197441RE35 32
LANG IvorE1342217 Sep 199770RE35 34
LANG MarthaE1342305 Jan 199073RM38 22
LANG NathanE1342430 Jun 198381RM38 23
LANGDON BernardE1342522 Feb 196840RI14 24
LANGER BertaE1342620 Aug 198977RL35 16
LANGER Charles EdgarE1342702 Apr 197971RL31 36
LANGER ElkinE1342809 Oct 200394RO23 1
LANGER EstherE1342904 May 199577RJ27 33
LANGER EttieE1343030 Aug 196978RG43 12
LANGER Harold HenryE1343111 Sep 197370RJ27 32
LANGER HarryE1343229 Feb 199672RE08 15
LANGER HarryE1343327 Apr 197475RE10 15
LANGER HarryE1343407 May 199887RJ35 11
LANGER IreneE1343502 Nov 199487RL31 37
LANGER Ivor IsraelE1343613 Jul 198261RI40 15
LANGER JacobE1343721 Apr 195881RF51 8
LANGER JosephE1343829 Mar 196381RD25 8
LANGER LeahE1343927 Dec 195557RE10 16
LANGER LouisE1344026 Apr 199887RJ31 36
LANGER MaryE1344105 Feb 199084RJ31 35
LANGER RebeccaE1344221 Oct 196583RG35 31
LANGER Rose LilyE1344325 Apr 198062RN30 36
LANGER RoseE1344403 Aug 199176RJ35 12
LANGER RoseE1344519 Nov 196784RG40 11
LANGER SamuelE1344609 Apr 196964RE04 28
LANGER Sarah DoraE1344716 Dec 195469RD25 9
LANGER SoniaE1344814 Dec 199790RE04 29
LANGIEWICZ ChaimE1344919 May 198480RM40 18
LANGLEBEN AugustaE1345007 Feb 197681RG20 19
LANGLEBEN ReubenE1345113 Jun 196367RG20 18
LANGLEBEN SamuelE1345212 Dec 198083RN08 18
LANGLEY DavidE1345330 Jul 199375RE33 3
LANGLEY EvaE1345407 Jul 200884RE33 4
LANGLEY HannahE1345519 Feb 201487RM01 7
LANGLEY RonaldE1345616 Aug 200782RM01 8
LANGSMAN JackE1345727 Sep 198870RM05 13
LANGWIECZ GoldaE1345801 Jun 198679RO33 55
LANKIER PollyE1345917 Sep 200296RC04 17
LANKIER RubenE1346019 Jan 198786RC04 16
LANKIN MorrisE1346129 Jul 197377RK12 14
LANKIN RachelE1346211 Nov 195265RD42 13
LANKIN SolomonE1346312 Feb 195548RD21 16
LANNING PhilipE1346411 Jan 198784RL16 27
LANNING PollyE1346516 Mar 197368RL16 26
LANSMAN Anthony CliveE1346619 Sep 19405RB18 30
LANSMAN HenrietteE1346719 Sep 194027RB18 31
LANSMAN Hyman MaxwellE1346819 Sep 194034RB18 32
LANSMAN NanetteE1346919 Sep 19405 mthRB18 29
LANSON SolomonE1347009 Feb 194965RA48 25
LANT IsraelE1347106 Feb 194177RA20 30
LANZMAN AnnieE1347227 Oct 196253RA04 13
LANZMAN LazarusE1347302 Jun 194037RA19 15
LANZMAN PollyE1347419 Sep 197986RL07 32
LAPAT LeslieE1347509 Mar 200988RG32 35
LAPATINSKY AbrahamE1347617 Oct 195440RD26 8
LAPATNICOFF BeckyE1347717 Oct 199985RO24 63
LAPATNICOFF HymanE1347823 Aug 197259RC02 32
LAPATNICOFF LilyE1347927 Jan 200287RC02 33
LAPIDES EstelleE1348014 May 201593RJ20 40
LAPIDES SamuelE1348128 Feb 199281RJ20 39
LAPIDUS KittyE1348209 Oct 195766RE26 31
LAPIDUS LilyE1348309 Feb 199383RE26 34
LAPPERTON EdithE1348409 Jun 199389RH42 3
LAPPERTON MorrisE1348521 Jun 196465RH42 9
LAPSKER MorrisE1348604 Mar 194070RA18 7
LAPSKER ZeldaE1348708 Aug 194979RB47 29
LAPSKY AnneE1348829 Feb 200073RN35 41
LAPSKY DoraE1348901 Oct 198678RN35 40
LAPSKY JohnE1349003 Apr 199976RI32 14
LAPSKY JosephE1349114 Mar 195375RD38 24
LAPSKY LeahE1349227 Aug 198192RN34 36
LAPSKY LewisE1349310 Jul 19940RI32 8
LAPSKY RachelE1349411 Feb 197565RH07 23
LAREN DavidE1349528 Mar 200085RF24 35
LAREN LeilaE1349627 Jan 200586RF24 34
LARHOLT LeahE1349721 May 199487RD02 26
LARHOLT NathanE1349804 May 199386RD02 25
LARNER RachelE1349902 Jan 196372RG16 21
LARZNITSKY AnneE1350021 Apr 197180RD14 34
LARZNITSKY IsraelE1350107 Sep 195764RD14 35
LASCOFSKY JackE1350226 Jan 196175RC17 35
LASCOFSKY RayE1350330 Dec 196267RC17 34
LASEK JosephE1350408 Aug 198270RG26 4
LASHA NathanE1350514 Feb 194250RA23 30
LASHINSKY RachelE1350622 Feb 198281RO11 29
LASK (Fenton) MiriamE1350731 May 199684RO04 44
LASK DavidE1350825 Oct 196459RH40 22
LASK MinnieE1350915 Feb 197362RH40 21
LASKEY Harry IsraelE1351027 Dec 197174RL18 35
LASKEY RebeccaE1351122 Jul 200190RL06 24
LASKY AnnieE1351204 Aug 199083RL05 25
LASKY DeborahE1351308 Aug 199290RL18 36
LASKY HenryE1351413 Jun 198076RL06 25
LASKY HildaE1351522 Oct 195980RA35 2
LASKY JohnE1351619 Jun 194941RA49 29
LASKY JosephE1351712 Nov 198074RL05 24
LASKY LeahE1351831 May 196870RF18 2
LASKY SimonE1351906 Jul 197675RF18 1
LASNICK AdaE1352019 Jan 197080RJ16 33
LASNICK MarksE1352126 Jul 196890RJ16 34
LASSERSON MayE1352210 Sep 197282RL17 19
LASSERSON SolomonE1352312 Dec 194757RA45 9
LASSMAN AnnE1352420 Oct 199290RD10 4
LASSMAN AnnieE1352529 Jan 198780RK43 29
LASSMAN BessieE1352624 Aug 199693RO17 56
LASSMAN EmanuelE1352721 Dec 199085RL03 19
LASSMAN Helen LenaE1352822 Jun 198581RG04 28
LASSMAN MarieE1352920 Nov 195973RE38 12
LASSMAN SolomonE1353022 Oct 196787RF14 24
LASSMAN SolomonE1353106 Jun 199192RE07 3
LASSMAN WoolfE1353230 Apr 197973RO17 55
LASSMAN YettaE1353329 Feb 2000100RE07 4
LAST HildaE1353414 Oct 198463RN22 14
LAST JudithE1353510 Jan 199985RB16 2
LAST LouisE1353614 Sep 198669RO36 29
LAST Victor NathanE1353712 Feb 197654RN22 13
LATCHMAN MaryE1353826 Apr 196072RF40 22
LATEMAN Sima SarahE1353909 Mar 196381RH47 20
LATNER DavidE1354028 Sep 196368RF29 20
LATNER DeborahE1354122 Apr 198484RN42 13
LATNER DollyE1354228 Jun 198083RC04 14
LATNER HarryE1354305 Nov 197189RJ25 7
LATNER Jack JacobE1354422 Feb 197071RC04 15
LATNER KittyE1354517 Apr 195867RF51 11
LATNER LilyE1354621 Jun 197060RG45 14
LATNER MarkE1354706 Oct 196878RJ10 5
LATNER Mary MiriamE1354810 Apr 197890RJ25 8
LATNER RebeccaE1354930 Sep 196069RF40 34
LATNER SarahE1355005 Jun 198085RF29 21
LATNER TheresaE1355113 Aug 196034RF40 33
LATNER YettaE1355213 Aug 197276RJ10 6
LATTE HildaE1355311 Apr 197469RM35 38
LAUFER EvaE1355405 Jan 198484RC20 14
LAUFER GeraldE1355512 Dec 200760RE47 4
LAUFER HarryE1355631 Dec 196156RE44 13
LAUFER MauriceE1355704 Oct 197375RC20 13
LAUFER RoseE1355802 Feb 199786RE46 12
LAURANCE CharlesE1355908 Mar 198381RO30 13
LAURANCE FayE1356028 Aug 200292RO30 14
LAURIER JackE1356102 Jan 196268RE20 33
LAURIER ReneE1356223 Aug 196547RG36 13
LAURIN MaryE1356306 Dec 196969RG30 31
LAUTERSTEIN JacobE1356417 Aug 193958RA15 29
LAUTMAN AnnieE1356517 Oct 195568RD16 34
LAUTMAN AnnieE1356610 Sep 198082RL27 21
LAUTMAN DeborahE1356731 Oct 199085RK36 30
LAUTMAN IsaacE1356824 Oct 199379RO31 64
LAUTMAN JudahE1356916 May 194179RB15 3
LAUTMAN LeahE1357006 Feb 194068RB13 3
LAUTMAN LilyE1357104 Sep 199178RO31 63
LAUTMAN MarkE1357218 Oct 200489RH28 34
LAUTMAN NathanE1357316 Apr 195668RD16 35
LAUTMAN NathanE1357401 Sep 198879RL06 11
LAUTMAN PaulineE1357522 Oct 194438RB34 17
LAUTMAN PhyllisE1357630 May 199579RL06 12
LAUTMAN SamuelE1357708 Oct 198380RK36 31
LAUTMAN SolomonE1357813 Dec 199176RD16 29
LAUTMAN SolomonE1357926 Jan 197878RL27 20
LAUTMAN StellaE1358020 Aug 200982RH28 35
LAVANE JoanE1358101 Feb 198458RK37 12
LAVENDER IrvingE1358220 Mar 195612RE12 8
LAVENDER JackE1358325 Feb 196152RE12 9
LAVENE HymanE1358420 Jul 199574RL11 2
LAVINE EliE1358513 Oct 197785RL12 6
LAVINE RoseE1358610 Sep 197983RL12 5
LAVNER HymanE1358722 Nov 197163RM28 28
LAVOFSKY SamuelE1358821 Dec 197174RK17 37
LAWOVITCH JacobE1358927 Feb 194280RA26 7
LAWRANCE MarkE1359001 Aug 201089RC28 31
LAWRENCE AaronE1359105 Jul 197364RK18 21
LAWRENCE AnnieE1359219 Nov 198184RD23 34
LAWRENCE AsherE1359328 May 198361RK15 1
LAWRENCE BellaE1359421 Apr 197165RK18 20
LAWRENCE Benjamin HarryE1359515 Sep 201286RC24 32
LAWRENCE BettyE1359619 Jul 197460RL22 10
LAWRENCE CeliaE1359720 Apr 200293RK34 26
LAWRENCE ConradE1359825 Feb 195037RA52 22
LAWRENCE DavidE1359919 May 196166RD23 35
LAWRENCE DorisE1360012 Jan 201394RL40 6
LAWRENCE Dr. JackE1360102 Dec 197059RH41 35
LAWRENCE EdnaE1360214 Jun 199785RH41 34
LAWRENCE EmanuelE1360306 Jul 201590RB05 34
LAWRENCE EvaE1360424 Dec 196545RA05 18
LAWRENCE HelenE1360514 Jul 198973RL04 23
LAWRENCE HettieE1360626 May 200486RJ23 42
LAWRENCE JackE1360719 Jun 197466RI16 30
LAWRENCE JackE1360814 Jun 199085RL04 24
LAWRENCE Louis IsaacE1360915 Apr 198968RL40 5
LAWRENCE LouisE1361006 May 198284RK34 25
LAWRENCE MauriceE1361108 Feb 201393RJ23 41
LAWRENCE MayE1361206 Aug 199280RB05 33
LAWRENCE RitaE1361301 Apr 200881RK15 2
LAWRENCE VickyE1361409 Feb 201570RI33 2
LAWSON Annie GertrudeE1361505 Nov 196270RF45 31
LAWSON EmmieE1361602 Dec 197270RJ27 11
LAWSON HarryE1361701 May 196175RD05 28
LAWSON MichaelE1361829 Nov 197980RJ27 12
LAWSON RoseE1361917 Jan 195551RD23 21
LAWTON LouisE1362005 Mar 198063RF07 26
LAWTON Terry TobieE1362101 Feb 201795RF07 25
LAX BarnettE1362203 Jan 196571RJ06 25
LAX MillieE1362302 Jan 198488RJ06 26
LAYTON AsherE1362412 Apr 19520RD45 22
LAYTON CaroleE1362516 Apr 201383RK03 42
LAYTON HarryE1362629 Oct 199672RK03 43
LAZAROFSKY PollyE1362722 Mar 193969RB14 26
LAZARONSKY BarnetE1362802 Dec 194070RB21 26
LAZAROVITCH SophieE1362919 Dec 194367RB29 27
LAZARUS AbrahamE1363020 Jan 197867RN14 19
LAZARUS AbrahamE1363128 Apr 196874RJ16 10
LAZARUS AlecE1363217 Apr 201387RM38 43
LAZARUS AlecE1363328 Oct 197588RN21 26
LAZARUS AlecE1363422 Dec 199198RM19 10
LAZARUS AlfredE1363506 Jul 194433RA09 16
LAZARUS AlfredE1363630 Oct 198994RO13 22
LAZARUS AnneE1363708 May 201395RN14 18
LAZARUS AnnieE1363826 Feb 198693RI40 6
LAZARUS AsherE1363921 Jun 196660RI06 24
LAZARUS BarnetE1364025 Feb 196767RH26 17
LAZARUS BeatriceE1364116 Mar 197983RK27 37
LAZARUS BerthaE1364223 Nov 194548RB34 29
LAZARUS BettyE1364326 Jul 199586RM18 34
LAZARUS DavidE1364406 Jan 199490RD54 5
LAZARUS Dean TimothyE1364502 Aug 19941 mthRB54 13
LAZARUS DeborahE1364626 Dec 199380RI25 12
LAZARUS Ellen RuthE1364712 Sep 197476RE47 6
LAZARUS EmanuelE1364819 Mar 197088RG45 23
LAZARUS EstherE1364904 Aug 193871RB11 7
LAZARUS EstherE1365026 Jul 198389RN38 11
LAZARUS EvaE1365102 Jun 197267RM30 36
LAZARUS EvaE1365215 Nov 197885RJ16 9
LAZARUS FannyE1365319 Apr 194151RB23 24
LAZARUS FannyE1365412 Apr 197768RL25 36
LAZARUS FredaE1365508 Oct 196668RH46 19
LAZARUS Gilla / GiselaE1365621 Feb 201285RM38 42
LAZARUS Gilliard GilbertE1365718 Jul 195462RD28 30
LAZARUS GoldaE1365820 Oct 199384RH37 4
LAZARUS HaroldE1365921 Jan 200980RG33 35
LAZARUS HarryE1366024 Jun 197781RL25 38
LAZARUS HarryE1366123 Mar 198383RK36 13
LAZARUS HarryE1366214 Nov 201385RE51 14
LAZARUS HelenE1366308 Oct 19970RE52 27
LAZARUS HettyE1366418 Dec 194371RB28 27
LAZARUS HettyE1366509 Oct 197074RM19 9
LAZARUS HettyE1366630 Dec 198984RK36 14
LAZARUS HymanE1366720 Jun 194740RA44 13
LAZARUS HymanE1366830 Aug 196974RJ20 36
LAZARUS IsaacE1366928 Feb 201196RH37 3
LAZARUS IsraelE1367007 Dec 197072RM24 32
LAZARUS Jack or JacobE1367124 Nov 196362RH45 9
LAZARUS JackE1367202 Jun 197471RK27 36
LAZARUS JackE1367323 Jan 198683RO20 58
LAZARUS JackE1367406 Jun 200184RO10 2
LAZARUS JacobE1367526 Oct 197475RH28 15
LAZARUS JaneE1367602 Apr 200094RL30 38
LAZARUS JohnE1367709 Nov 194581RA38 22
LAZARUS JuliusE1367828 May 195158RA58 14
LAZARUS LeahE1367925 Jun 194177RB23 27
LAZARUS Lilian BerthaE1368014 May 199280RO40 43
LAZARUS LilyE1368126 Sep 198263RN38 12
LAZARUS LottieE1368228 Feb 197877RO23 38
LAZARUS LouisE1368318 Sep 198274RO29 11
LAZARUS MillicentE1368428 Jun 195858RF49 23
LAZARUS MontyE1368529 Jun 201489RI47 17
LAZARUS MorrisE1368606 Jul 194049RA19 16
LAZARUS MorrisE1368718 Feb 197070RI25 13
LAZARUS MorrisE1368811 Jun 199086RO40 44
LAZARUS MossE1368922 Jul 198982RL25 37
LAZARUS NathanE1369010 Feb 196874RG40 31
LAZARUS NathanielE1369121 Jan 199990RK04 8
LAZARUS NettieE1369227 Apr 200198RD54 6
LAZARUS PhilipE1369327 Jun 197077RF23 15
LAZARUS RachelE1369427 Apr 194449RB32 21
LAZARUS RachelE1369530 Mar 198079RL25 39
LAZARUS RalphE1369615 Dec 197266RM18 33
LAZARUS RayE1369713 Aug 196563RH35 12
LAZARUS ReubenE1369821 Feb 194960RA48 27
LAZARUS RoseE1369915 Jul 198582RO29 12
LAZARUS RoseE1370020 Aug 197885RG40 32
LAZARUS RoseE1370125 Jul 198785RJ20 35
LAZARUS SadieE1370213 Nov 198266RM09 32
LAZARUS Sarah FannyE1370306 Jul 198080RO13 23
LAZARUS SarahE1370429 Jun 193850RB11 15
LAZARUS SarahE1370504 Sep 196465RF23 16
LAZARUS Sidney IsraelE1370604 Jan 199986RM09 33
LAZARUS SimonE1370727 Dec 197777RM14 26
LAZARUS Solomon MarksE1370809 Feb 196363RE46 6
LAZARUS SophieE1370920 Jul 198271RO22 14
LAZARUS SylviaE1371005 Feb 200982RG33 34
LAZARUS TobiasE1371109 May 197669RO22 13
LAZERIS SarahE1371207 Oct 198786RK42 39
LAZEROVITCH LouisE1371313 Aug 196376RB29 33
LAZEROVITCH MillicentE1371423 Feb 200489RI43 29
LAZEROVITCH TillyE1371527 Mar 197677RO22 6

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