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Rabbi Zorach Meir Salasnik

London-born Rabbi Salasnik (m. Judy) was awarded a BA in history from Queen Mary College, University of London. He served as minister of Notting Hill Synagogue, London (1970-1974) and Leytonstone & Wanstead Synagogue, London (1974-1979) before being appointed as the first (and long-serving) minister of Bushey United Synagogue, Hertfordshire (1979-2016), receiving his semicha in 1986. He subsequently retired to Israel. (Jewish Year Book listings and profile on Bushey Synagogue website.)

Rev. Isaac Samuel

London-born Rev. Samuels served as minister at Bristol Hebrew Congregation (1859-64). Later he served as first reader of Bayswater Synagogue, London, from 1864 until 1914. From about 1903 until about 1911, both he and person performing the function of second reader were described as "ministers", presumably as the description of the rabbi had been changed from "minister" to "preacher". (The Story of Bayswater Synagogue 1863-1938 by C. Roth and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Y. M. Sandelman

Rabbi Sandelman's term of service as rabbi at the Newcastle Beth Hamedrash began in the 1890s and gradually drew to an end starting in 1916, when the Beth Hamedrash formally merged with the Corporation Street Synagogue, Newcastle, (while still retaining its own administraton and building) and it was not until 1920 that he actually transfered his services to the latter congregation. Four years later, he became minister of Newcastle United Hebrew Congregation and Beth Hamedrash, Ravensworth Terrace, (1924-c.1936), with its new purpose-built synagogue which fully united both congregations in a single location. ("The Jewish Communities of North-East England" by Lewis Olsover (1980) and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. Dr. Louis Morris Sanker

South Shields-born Rev. Sanker, BA, PhD, studied at Sunderland Kollel, Yeshiva Etz Chayim, Jews' College, London and UCL. He served as minister of Becontree & District Associate Synagogue, London (c.1932-c.1935) and Bristol Hebrew Congregation, (1935-1944), then becoming an RAF chaplain. He later served as minister of Leeds United Hebrew Congregation (1947-1951). (The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History, p.861 and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Arnold Saunders
(b. 1958)

Manchester-born Rabbi Saunders, BA (m. Myrella) studied at Gateshead Yeshiva and Jews’ College, London. He served as minister of Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation (c.1982-c.1984), Wanstead & Woodford Affiliated Synagogue, London, and Higher Crumpsall and Higher Broughton Synagogue, Manchester (1990-2005). In 2009, he was appointed as Jewish Civilian Chaplain to the Military and in 2017, in a by-election, he was elected as Conservative councillor for the Kersal ward of Salford. However, in the 2019 General Election, he unsuccessfully stood as Conservative candidate for the Worsley and Eccles South constituancy (On line press reports and Jewish Year Book listings)

Rabbi I. Schaffer

Rabbi Schaffer, BA, served as minister of the Belmont Synagogue, London from about 1988 until about 1991. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Avi Scharf

Rabbi Scharf (m. Devorah) served as rabbi of Alei Tzion Synagogue, Hendon, London (2008-2009), after which he returned to live in Israel. (Jewish Chronicle report.)

Rabbi Dr. Solomon Meyer Schiller-Szenessy

Served both Orthodox and Non-Orthodox congregations. See under Rabbi Dr. S.M. Schiller-Szenessy in Non-Orthodox section.

Rabbi Eliezer Schneelbalg

Rabbi Schneelbalg has served as rabbi of Machzikei Hadass Edgware Beth Hamedrash London, from about 1995 until present - May 2020). (Jewish Year Book listings and Uniquely Edgware website.)

Rabbi Yitzchak Y. Schochet
(b.21 Dec. 1927)

Toronto-born Rabbi Schochet, MA, (m. Chani) received semicha in 1988 and later gained a master’s degree in Jewish Studies from University College London. He served as minister of Richmond Synagogue, London (1991-1993) and Mill Hill Synagogue, London (1993 until present - June 2020). (Jewish Year Book listings and Mill Hill congregation's website.)

Rev. Marcus Schwarz

Rev. Schwarz (or Schwartz) served as reader and shochet of Swansea Beth Hamedrash (c.1932-1945) and as minister of Darlington Hebrew Congregation (1945-c.1946). (Jewish Chronicle press reports.)

Rabbi Moses Hirsch Segal
(23 Sep. 1875 - 11 Jan 1968)

Rabbi Segal, M.A., was born in Maishad, Lithuania (then part of the Russian Empire) and moved to Britain in the 1890s. He studied at the Universities of London and Oxford and gained a B.A. in 1906 and an M.A in 1910. He also received rabbinical semicha and served the Oxford Synagogue and was minister of the Newcastle United Hebrew Congregation (Leazes Park Road Synagogue) (c.1909-c.1918). He became very involved in the Zionist movement and in 1918, went to Palestine for a year at the request of Chaim Weizmann as a member of the Zionist Commission. He returned to England and served as minister of Swansea Hebrew Congregation (c.1921-c.1924) and Bristol Hebrew Congregation (c.1924-c.1925). in 1926, Rabbi Segal made aliya to Palestine, where he adopted the name Moshe Zvi Segal, joining the teaching staff of the Hebrew University of Jerusalemand was appointed Professor of Mishnaic Hebrew in 1929. He was awarded the Bialik Prize in 1936 and the Israel Prize in 1954. He was the father of Prof. Judah Benzion Segal, who became one of the leaders of the Reform Judaism movement, and Lord Samuel Segal, a politician and Jewish communal leader. ("Who's Who" entries and listings in Jewish Year Books and Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History (2011) by W. Rubinstein and M.A. Jolles, pp.888/9.)

Rev. Shachtel

Rev. Shachtel served probably as assistant minister or reader of the South Shields Synagogue from about 1908 for a short period and as minister of Newcastle Beth Hamedrash (c.1919-c.1921) ("The Jewish Communities of North-East England" by Lewis Olsover (1980), pp.256-260 and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Andrew Shaw

Rabbi Shaw (m. Gila) served as community development rabbi at Stanmore and Canons Park District Synagogue, London (2000-2015) and was founder of the United Synagogue TRIBE youth movement. He was subsequently appointed Chief Executive of Misrachi UK (2015 to present - June 2020). (United Synagogue press reports.)

Rev. A. Shechter
(d. c.1958)

Rabbi Shechter served as reader (chazan) of Southend and Westcliff-on-Sea Hebrew Congregation (c.1927-c.1929) and Cricklewood Synagogue, London (1929-c.1958). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Cyril Shine
11 Mar 1921 (or 24 Jan 1923*) - 24 Nov 2006)

London-born Rabbi Shine, BA (m. Marie, 1948) served as minister of Peterborough Hebrew Congregation (1944-1946), Walthamstow and Leyton Synagogue, London (1946-1949), North Finchley and Woodside Park District Synagogue, London (1949-1955) and Central Synagogue, London (1955-c.1988) and was appointed domestic chaplain to the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen (1960-1961). This was the first time a Jewish chaplain had been appointed to London's Lord Mayor. (Jewish Year Book listing and Who's Who entries.)
*The 1921 date of birth is given in The Jewish Chronicle report of his death, dated 2 February 2007, the 1923 date of birth appears in the Jewish Year Book Who's Who entries.

Rev. M. Shoob

Rev. Kertzman served as second reader of Leazes Park Road Synagogue, Newcastle (c.1965 to at least c.1971). ("The Jewish Communities of North-East England" by Lewis Olsover (1980), p.204 and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Shimshon D Silkin

Rabbi Silkin learned in Yeshivas Shaarei Torah (Manchester) and Mir Yeshiva (Jerusalem) and received semicha at Yeshivas Haran in Ramot, Israel (as well as from Dayan Goldberg). He holds a diploma in psychology from the University of London and a degree in Rabbinic Education from the Jerusalem Leadership College. Rabbi Silkin served as rabbi of Aish Communal Synagogue, Hendon, London (c.2008-c.2010), senior interim rabbi of Borehamwood & Elstree Synagogue, Hertfordshire (2011-2013) and rabbi of Beis Yisrael - Ner Yisrael Borehamwood (2011-2013). (Jewish Year Book listings and on-line biography.)

Rabbi Chananya Silverman

Liverpool-born Rev. (later Rabbi) Silverman, who has a BSc in management sciences and MA in educational management, studied at Aish HaTorah Yeshivah in Israel and received semichah from Jews College, London. He served as minister of Enfield and Winchmore Hill Synagogue, London (c.1993-c.1999). (Jewish Year Book listings and on-line profile.)

Rev. Isidore Simon

Rev. Simon served as minister of South Manchester Synagogue (from at least 1896 until about 1921) and frequently acted as visiting minister to Blackpool Hebrew Congregation (mainly 1898-1902) prior to that congregation appointing a minister of its owns) (Jewish Year Book listings and Jewish Chronicle Reports.)

Rev. M. Simon

Rev. Simon served as reader of Mill Hill Synagogue, London (c.1991-c.1994). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. E. Singer

Rev. Singer served as reader (cantor) of the Yeshurun Synagogue, Edgware, London from about 1951 until about 1956. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Yitzak Sliw

Rabbi Sliw served as the first minister of the Radlett Synagogue, Hertfordshire (1995-1997). (Jewish Year Book listing and congregation's website.)

Rev. L. Sober

Rev. Sober served as reader of Barking & Becontree Affiliated Synagogue, London (c.1962-c.1969). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Mark A. Solomon

Served both Orthodox and Non-Orthodox congregations. See under Rabbi Mark A. Solomon in Non-Orthodox section.

Rabbi Zvi Solomons

Rabbi Solomons (m. Shira), who holds a MPhil from University of Reading and an MA in Roman, Saxon and Medieval Archaeology from Selwyn College, Cambridge, received semicha at Jews' College, London in about 2001. He and Rebbetzen Shira served as rabbinic couple at Potters Bar and District Affiliated Synagogue, Hertfordshire (c.2000-c.2005), Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation, Princes Road, Liverpool (c.2005-2008), Reading Hebrew Congregation, Berkshire (2008-2015) and the Jewish Community of Berkshire, a congregation founded by Rabbi Solomons based in Reading (2008 to present - July 2020). (Jewish Year Book listings and news reports.)

Rev. D. Speier

Rev. Speier served as reader of Mill Hill Synagogue, London (c.1978-c.1980). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. B. Steinhaus

Rev. Steinhaus served as reader and secretary of Chesham Hebrew Congregation, Buckinghamshire, during the mid 1940s. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Reuven Stepsky

London-born Rabbi Stepsky (m. Elisheva) served as an assistant rabbi of the New West End Synagogue, London (early 1990s), Assistant Director of the Jewish Learning Exchange (1993-2016); rabbi of Nefesh Hatorah congregation, Edgware, London (2018-2019) and minister of Kehillas Netzach Yisroel, Edgware (May 2019 until present - May 2020). (Uniquely Edgware website and LinkedIn Account.)

Rabbi Leivi Sudak

Rabbi Sudai (m. Feige) was educated at the Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim, Lod, Israel, the Rabbinical College of America, Morristown, New Jersey and Central Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch and Kollel Lubavitch, both in Brooklyn, New York. He is the rabbi and director of Lubavitch of Edgware, London (1986 until present - May 2020). (Lubavitch of Edgware website.)

Rabbi Isaac (Yitzchok) H. Sufrin

Rabbi Sufrin (m. Tzipora) served as minister of Highgate Synagogue, London (1994-2008) and Enfield and Winchmore Hill Synagogue, London (2008 to present - August 2020). (Jewish Year Book listings and press report.)

Rev. Arthur Saul Super

Great Yarmouth-born Rev. Super was editior of Zionist Review and The Zionist Year Book. He served as minister of United Hebrew Congregation, Leeds (1936-47) and Bayswater Synagogue, London (1947-1950). (Whos's Who entries in Jewish Year Books, latest 1952)

Rev. Simon (or Samuel) I. Susman

Rev. Susman (or Sussman) served as minister (or reader) of Darlington Hebrew Congregation (c.1933-1934) and minister of Bristol Hebrew Congregation (1934-1944). (Jewish Chronicle press reports, Jewish Year Book listings and Bristol community.)

Rabbi Gideon Sylvester

Rabbi Sylvester, who grew up in England, studied at Yeshivat Hamivtar, Yeshivat Har Etzion and in the Kolel Dati Leumi in the old city of Safed and holds a BA in History and an MA in Education. He served as minister of Radlett Synagogue, Hertfordshire (1997-2004), then returned to Israel where he was appointed the United Synagogue's Israel Rabbi. (Rabbi Sylvester's profile on United Synagogue website.)

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