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Ramsgate Montefiore Mausoleum
Montefiore Mausoleum, Ramsgate
David Newman 2017

The Town of Ramsgate

Ramsgate (population about 38,000) is a coastal resort on the English Channel in southeast England, which was particularly popular among both Jews and non-Jews in the nineteenth century. It is part of the Isle of Thanet, which, although originally separated from the mainland by the Wantsum Channel, is now practically joined to the mainland as a result of the build up of silt and shingle.  Ramsgate is in the local government district of Thanet in the county of Kent, formed in 1974 by the merger of the municipal borough of Ramsgate with of the municipal borough of Margate and adjoining areas. 

The Ramsgate Jewish Community

The Ramsgate (population about 38,000) is a coastal resort on the English Channel in southeast England, which was particularly popular among both Jews and non-Jews in the nineteenth century. The Jewish community owes its establishment to Sir Moses Montefiore, who in 1822 took up residence there and in 1833 erected the synagogue.

Jewish Congregations

The following are the Jewish congregations that exist or existed in Ramsgate:


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The records in the database associated with Ramsgate include:

1851 Anglo Jewry Database (updated 2016)

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in Ramsgate during the 1790s (3 records), 1800s (1 record), 1810s (1 record); 1820s (1 record), 1830s (13 records), 1840s (20 records), 1850s (35 records), 1860s (15 records), 1870s (16 records), 1880s (19 records), 1890s (9 records), 1900s (9 records) and 1910s (4 records).


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Other Ramsgate Jewish Institutions & Organisations
(that had been formed by 1900*)

Educational & Theological

  • Judith Lady Montefiore's Theological College established and endowed by Sir Moses Montefiore in 1866.

* As listed in the Jewish Directory of 1874


Registration District
(Births, Deaths & Marriages)

  • Kent (since 1 April 2004) -  Register Office email

  • Previous Registration Districts:

    • Thanet with Dover - from 1 April 1998 to 1 April 2004

    • Thanet - from 1 July 1937 to to 1 April 1998

  • All registers would now be held by current office.


Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery Information

Prior to the establishment of a cemetery in 1872, Sephardi Jewish residents of Ramsgate were generally buried in the cemeteries in London End Cemeteries and the Ashkanazi used the cemetery in Canterbury.

The following are the Jewish cemeteries used by the Ramsgate Jewish community:

  • Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery, Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate CT11. Contains some 400 burials. It was opened in 1872 and extended in 1913. The plot was was purchased by Benjamin Norden and presented to the local Jewish community as a burial ground. It has been administered by Spanish & Portugues Jews' Congregation of London since 1887.

  • The Hebrew Section of the Manston Road (St.John's) Cemetery, Margate is used by the Thanet and District Reform Jewish Community (jointly with the Margate Orthodox community).

  • The Montefiore Mausoleum, next to the Montefiore Synagogue, contains the remains of Sir Moses Montefiore and his wife Lady Judith Montefiore,

(See also IAJGS Cemeteries Project - Ramsgate)


Ramsgate Jewish Population Data



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