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Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire





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Hull Western Synagogue
The former Hull Western Synagogue, 2022
(Courtesy Steven Jaffe)

 Congregation Data


Hull Western Synagogue (or the Western Synagogue, Hull)


Linnaeus Street, Hull HU3 2PD.


At the turn of the twentieth century, as a result of a large increase in Hull's Jewish population, lack in space in the existing synagogue of the Hull Old Hebrew Congregation (then known simply as the Hull Hebrew Congregation) and the attraction of better housing, a movement, inaugurated by Benjamin S. Jacobs and Henry Feldman, was started to secure a suitable site for a new synagogue and Jewish school.

In 1902, the Linnaeus Street site was secured and Mr. Jacobs, an architect, designed and arranged the building of the synagogue and its adjacent school. In September 1902, the foundation stone was laid by Mr. O.E. D'Avigdor Goldsmid). In May 1903, the synagogue was consecrated by the Chief Rabbi Rev. Dr. Adler.(ii)

The synagogue was designated a Grade II Listed Building on 24 January 1989 - number 1283079 (See Historic England listing and description). The synagogue's gates (erected 1926) were separately designated a Grade II Listed Building on 8 May 2008 (most recent amendment 30 June 2010) - number 1392593 (See the gates' Historic England listing and description).

Final Status:

In 1994, the congregation combined with Hull Old Hebrew Congregation to form the new Hull Hebrew Congregation.(iii) The synagogue closed in 1994 and was left abandoned. In 1999 the building, by then in a state of near dereliction, was acquired and refurbished by a missionary church, the Judeo-Christian Study Centre.(iv)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Congregation was unaffiliated but under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.

(To view a short profile of a minister or reader, hold the cursor over his name.)

Rev. Israel Aaron Levy - from about 1903 until 1915(vii)

Rev. Samuel Gross, BA - from 1913 until 1920(viii)

Rabbi L. Miller - from March 1920 until about 1930(ix)

Rev. David Hirsch, BA, JP, HCF - from 1931 until 1950 (x)

Rabbi Eliezer Simcha Rabinowitz, BA - from 1953 until 1956 (xi)

Communal Rabbis of Hull

Rabbi E.S. Rabinowitz (see above) served as the first Communal Rabbi of Hull from 1956 until 1959 - see Jewish Chronicle press report of September 1956 on his appointment)(xii)

Rabbi Dr. Chaim Joshua Cooper, MA, PhD served as the second and last Communal Rabbi of Hull from about 1960 until at least 1977 (xiii)

Rabbi Irvin Broder - from about 1982 until about 1983(xvi)

Rabbi Joseph Lever - from about 1985 until about 1992(xvii)

Readers (Cantors):

(Rev. Abraham Shinerock may have served this congregation sometime in its early years(xix))

Rev. Harris Cohen - from June 1902 until about 1906(xx)

Rev. B.M. Alperovitz - from about 1906 until about 1914(xxi)

Rev. Isaac Aarons - from about 1914 until about 1926(xxii)

Rev. Joshua Freedberg - from July 1928 until 1967, and thereafter emeritus(xxiii)

Rev. Michael A. Binstock - from about 1967 until 1968(xxiv)

Rev. Hyman (Hymie) Davies -  from 1948 until 1985(xxv)

Honorary Officers (to 1980)(xxviii) & Beadles:


1901-1926 - Benjamin Septimus Jacobs(xxix)

1926-1929 - Benn Franks

1929-1941 - Harry Rosenston

1941-1944 - J. Lewenstein(xxx)

1944-1970 - Dr. Solomon Lurie(xxxvi)

1970-1975 - Norman Rosenston

1975-1980 - Conrad Segelman, MSc

Vice Presidents

1901-1915 - Henry Feldman, JP(xxxvii) 

1915-1919 - L.H. Bergman

1919-1921 - Benn Franks

1921-1923 - D. Lipinski(xxx)

1923-1925 - Benn Franks

1925-1929 - M.V. Gosschalk, MA

1929-1930 - J. Aaron

1930-1942 - H.R. Science

1942-1943 - D.L. Jacobs(xxx)

1943-1944 - Dr. Solomon Lurie(xxx)

1944-1955 - J. Lewenstein

1955-1970 - Louis Harris, MBE

1970-1975 - Conrad Segelman, BSc

1975-1976 - R.G. Field, FCA

1976          - W. Sugarman, MC

1976-1980 - E. Marks

Hon. Life President

1926-1931 - Benjamin Septimus Jacobs(xxix)


1901-1909 - Julius Magner

1909-1920 - B.I. Barnard

1920-1926 - N. Goldstone

1928-1929 - Jos. Bush

1929-1930 - I. Bergman

1930-1933 - Jos. Bush

1933-1934 - H. Science(xxxi)

1934-1936 - S. Zimmerman

1936-1942 - S. Goldrein

1942-1955 - S. Zimmerman

1955-1958 - L.A. Abrahams

1958-1962 - H. Cohen

1962-1968 - Norman Rosenston

1968-1970 - Conrad Segelman, MSc

1970-1975 - R.G. Field, FCA

1975-1976 - Mark Field

1976-1980 - J. Lewin



1902-1916 - H. Harris

1916-1919 - J. Brown

1919-1943 - Morris Abrahamson

1944-c.1998 - Harry Westerman

Honorary Secretaries (to 1980):

1901-1915 - L.H. Bergman

1915-1921 - M.V. Gosschalk, MA

1921-1926 - Jos. Bush

1926-1928 - T.G. Vice, ACA(xxx)

1928-1929 - D.L. Jacobs

1929-1937 - E. Levinson

1937-1943 - L. Barnett

1943-1949 - Mark Field

1949-1953 - I.S. Schultz

1953-1955 - H. March

1955-1958 - W. Sugarman, MC

1958-1968 - Conrad Segelman, BSc

1968-1969 - M. Lanch, BA

1969-1970 - M. Koskie(xxx)

1970-1975 - W. Sugarman, MC

1975-1977 - J. Rose

1977-1980 - M. Lanch, BA(xxx)

Membership Data:

Number of Seatholder (as reported by Jewish Year Books)















Reports & Surveys(xxxix)

1977 - 178 male (or household) members and 42 female members

1983 - 300 male (or household) members and 45 female members

1990 (jointly with Hull Old Hebrew Congregation) - 390 members
(comprising 230 households, 35 individual male and 125 individual female members)


The Congregation used the northern section of the Delhi Street Cemetery. For details, see Cemeteries Information on the Hull Jewish Community home page.

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  • (xxix) Mr. B.S. Jacobs (1851-1931) served the congregation as its president for its first 25 years of existence and was then awarded the title of honorary life president, until his death in 1931 (Oppel's History, p11 and Jewish Year Book listings).

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  • (xxxvii) Mr. H. Feldman (died 1915), a well-known woollen merchant, was elected as the first Jewish Mayor and Chief Magistrate of Hull (Oppel's History, p.11).

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  • (xxxix) Reports on synagogue membership in the United Kingdom, published by or on behalf of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and which can be viewed on the website of the Institute of Jewish Policy Research. Click HERE for links to the various reports.


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