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Rabbi Aviad Tabory

Rabbi A. Tabory was the foundering rabbi of Alei Tzion Synagogue, Hendon, London (2005-2007), being succeeded by his father Bayamin Tavory. (Profile formerly on Koren Publishing website.)

Rabbi Benyamin Tavory

Rabbi B. Tabory served as rabbi of Alei Tzion Synagogue, Hendon, London (2007-2008), succeeding his son Aviad Tabory . (Article formerly on "Something Jewish" website.)

Rabbi Laurence Leonard Tann
(20 Apr. (or Aug.) 1945 - 12 Nov. 2007)

London-born Rabbi Tann, B.A., M.A., D.Litt (Aston University), served as minister of Sutton and District Synagogue, Surrey (1972-1982) and Hale & District Hebrew Congregation, South Manchester (1982-1986) before becoming chief minister of Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, Singers Hill (1986-2007), where he died in office. ("Who's Who" entries, listings and obituary in Jewish Year Books.)

Rabbi M. Taubman

Rabbi Taubman served as minister of Enfield and Winchmore Hill Synagogue, London (c.1999). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Zvi Hersch Telsner
(May 1911 - 18 Jul 1997)

Rabbi Telsner served as rabbi of Finchley Central Synagogue, London (c.1984-2007) and then as senior rabbi of the Melbourne Yeshivah Centre from 2007 until his resignation in 2015, although he continued to be associated with the centre until 2019. (Jewish Year Book listings and press reports.)

Rev. Joseph Benjamin Theomin

See Rev. Joseph Benjamin.

Rev. S. Ticktin

Rev. Ticktin served as minister of Waterford Hebrew Congregation, Ireland (c.1919-c.1927). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. A. Tobias

Rabbi Tobias served as temporary minister of Edgware Synagogue, London presumably during war years (as the incumbent Rev. Amias was serving as an army chaplain) until about 1946. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Shlomo Pesach Toperoff
(14 Dec. 1906 - 6 Jan. 2006)

Rabbi Toperoff was born in Whitechapel in London's East End. He received semicha from Yeshiva Etz Chaim and graduated from Jews' College and the Universitty of London. He served as minister of the Sunderland Hebrew Congregation, Ryhope Road (June 1934-1951) before moving to Newcastle upon Tyne. In Newcastle, in addition to acting as minister of the Newcastle Old Hebrew Congregation (Leazes Park Road Synagogue) (1951-1973), he served as the Newcastle Regional Miinister, from 1951 until about 1955, covering both the Old Hebrew Congregation and Gosforth and Kenton Hebrew Congregation. Later on the merger of the Newcastle Orthodox synagogues, he served briefly as minister of the United Hebrew Congregation (in 1973) before retiring. ("Who's Who" entries and listings in Jewish Year Books; Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History (2011) by W. Rubinstein and M.A. Jolles, p.985.)

Rev. Zev Toren

Rev. Toren served as chazan (cantor) of Edgware United Synagogue, London from about 1979 to about 1983. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

G. Turetsky

Mr. Turetsky served as minister of Watford Affiliated Synagogue (c.1988-c.1990). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Leslie (Eliezer) S. Turetsky
(1919 - 29 Oct. 1949)

Swansea-born Rabbi Turetsky, the son of Rabbi Moshe Shimon Turetsky, served as minister of the St Albans United Synagogue Membership Group, established during World War II primarily by evacuees from heavily populated areas of Central and Eastern London. He later served as minister of Chapeltown Hebrew Congregation, Leeds (c.1947-c.1948) and the Newcastle Old Hebrew Congregation, Leazes Park Road (1948-1949). ("Who's Who" entries and listings in Jewish Year Books; and Geni report.)

Rev. Jonny Turgel

London-born Rev. Turgel holds a BA (hons) from University College London in Hebrew and Jewish Studies and an MSc in Speech and Language Therapy. He served as chazan (cantor) at Mill Hill Synagogue, London (part-time c.2005-c.2007), Edgware United Synagogue, London (c.2007-c.2011) and Stanmore and Canons Park District Synagogue, London (2011 to present - June 2020). (Cantor Turgel's website.)

Rabbi Dovid Tugendhaft

Rabbi Tugendhaft (m. Shoshana) studied under the late Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel at Yeshiva Mir and is one of only two people to have received semicha from the Rosh Yeshiva. He was the founding rabbi of Ohr Yisrael Synagogue, Borehamwood & Elstree, Hertfordshire, where he and Rebbetzen Shashana served as rabbinic couple (1999-2005), subsequently taking up the position of rabbinic couple at Beis Hamedrash Nishmas Yisroel, Hendon, London (2009 to present - June 2020). (For additional background, see Profile on Nishmas Yisroel's website.)

Rev. Salem Turtledove

A Rev. S. Turtledove served as reader, shochet and teacher of Waterford Hebrew Congregation, Ireland (c.1913-c.1914), reader of Lurgan Hebrew Congregation, Northern Ireland (c.1914-c.1918), minister of Aberdare Synagogue (c.1919) and assistant minister (and later reader) of Middlebrough Hebrew Congregation (c.1920-c.1940). All are believed to be the same person. (Jewish Chronicle reports and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. J. Tutelman

Rev. Tutelman was reader of the Richmond Street Synagogue, Edinburgh (c.1908-c.1910) and may be the same person as M. Teitelman who served as minister of the same congregation in about 1904. (Jewish Year Book listings)

Rabbi Dr. Alan Unterman
(b. 1941)

Watford-born Rabbi Dr. A. Unterman, the son of Rabbi Joseph Dov Unterman, taught comparitaive religion at the University of Manchester. He served as minister of Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation, Gatley, Greater Manchester (1981-2003). (Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History (2011) by W. Rubinstein and M.A. Jolles, p.996.)

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Unterman
(1910 - 1997)

Lithuanian-born Rabbi A.Y. Unterman, a son of Rabbi Isser Yehuda Unterman, studied at Slobodka Yeshiva, where he received semicha. He served as minister of Childwall Synagogue, Liverpool (c.1938-c.1958) and Boreham Wood, Elstree & District Affiliated Synagogue, Hertfordshire (c.1963-c.1977), having spent much of the interim period in Israel. (Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History (2011) by W. Rubinstein and M.A. Jolles, p.996.)

Rabbi Dovid Ussiskin

Rabbi Ussiskin served as minister of Bristol Hebrew Congregation (2011-2013). (Information provided by the congregation.)

Dayan Elimelech Vanzetta

Dayan Vanzetta (m. Rochel) learnt at leading Yeshivot in Israel and received rabbinic semicha through the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Israel. He served as Deputy Chief Rabbi and Rosh Beth Din of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Chile (2008-2014) and was secretary general of the Conference of European Rabbis.  In 2016, he was one of the founders of Ahavas Yisrael Synagogue, the second United Synagogue congregation in Edgware, where he served as rabbinic leader from January 2016 until 30 June 2019, and was appointed to the London Beth Din in 2017. (Congregation's website, accessed 2018 and news reports.)

Rabbi Claude Vecht-Wolf

Rabbi Vecht-Wolf (m. Stephnie), an ICT teacher, has served as part-time minister of Staines and District Synagogue from 2018 until present (September 2020). (Information provided by a former member of the Staines community.)

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  1. Additional biographical information may be found in the source or sources shown in parenthesis following each profile. These were also the primary, but not necessarily the sole, source of the data provided in the profile.

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