Rabbinical Profiles(1)

Surnames G

Rabbi J. Galas

Rabbi Galas served as a founder and minister of the Maidenhead Hebrew Congregation from about July 1940 until at least 1941. (Press reports.)

Rev. Yechiel Gallas

Rev. Gallas served as minister of the Bridge Lane Beth Hamedrash (BLBH), Golders Green, London (c.1971-1979). (History on BLBH website.)

Rev. David Garb
(b. c.1910)

Warsaw-born Rev. Garb (formerly Garbarz) studied music in Brussels and at the London College of Music and obtained an ALCM. He served as minister of Lennox Street Synagogue, Dublin (to-c.1934), Darlington Hebrew Congregation (1934-1939), Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation (c.1939-c.1946) and Witbank Hebrew Congregation, Transvaal, South Africa (1949-1956). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Raphy Garson

Manchester-born Rabbi Garson (m. Deborah), who was brought up in Gibraltar, holds a degree in computer science and management from Kings College (University of London) and obtained semicha under the auspices of the former Chief Rabbi of Israel – Harav Mordechai Eliyahu z"l. He and rebbetzen Deborah have served as the rabbinic couple at Ohr Yisrael Synagogue, Borehamwood & Elstree, Hertfordshire (2005 to present - July 2020). (For further background, see The Garsons' profiles on Ohr Yisrael's website.)

Rabbi Ephraim-Levy Gastwirth
(9 Sep 1920 - 4 Sep 2006)

London-born Rabbi Gastwirth was educated at Yeshiva Etz Chaim, Jews' College and the Universities of London and Durham. He lived in Israel from 1945 to 1955. Returning to Britain, he served a minister of Regents Park and Belsize Park Synagogue (now South Hampstead Synagogue), London (1956-1960) and Sunderland Hebrew Congregation (1960-1964). He was then appointed Director of Hebrew at Carmel College (1964-1966) and principal of Judith Lady Montefiore College (1968-1974). He subsequently served as minister of Bayswater and Maida Vale Synagogue, London (1973-1975), Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation (1976-1979) and Sale & District Hebrew Congregation, Greater Manchester (c.1980-c.1983) ("Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History" (2011) by W. Rubinstein and M.A. Jolles, p.314 and Jewish Year Book listings and Who's Who entries.)

Rabbi Alan Garber

Rabbi Gerber (m. Tanya) holds a degree in human geography from Leeds University and received semicha at Gateshead Yeshiva in 2007. He was Jewish university chaplain at Leeds University and served as associate rabbi of The Great Synagogue, Sydney. He and rebbetzen Tanya serve as rabbinic couple at Shenley United Synagogue (2010 to present - July 2020). (For futher background see on-line profile.)

Rabbi Dr. Benjamin J. Gelles
(2 Nov 1916 - Oct 2000)

Rabbi Gelles, was born in Lissa, Posen (now Leszno, Poland), son of Rabbi Siegfried Gelles, rabbi of Lissa and later of Mönchengladbach, Rhineland (m. Annette nee Broza). He came to the UK in 1939 with his family as refugees from Nazi Germany. Educated at Hildesheimer seminary, Germany, he continued yeshiva studies in Liverpool, Manchester and London, obtaining semicha from Rabbi Nachman Greenspan of Etz Chaim Yeshiva, London. He was awarded an MA by Manchester University in 1946 and a Doctorate from University College London in 1974. He served as minister of Manchester Great Synagogue (1944-1946) and Finchley Synagogue, London (1948-1981). Following his retirement from Finchley, he served as rabbi in Cologne, Germany and university lecturer at Heidelberg, before making aliyah in 1990. Died in Jerusalem, Israel. (Jewish Year Book Who's Who, Jewish Chronicle reports and obituary 17 November 2000.)

Rev. M. Gewirtz

Rev. Gewirtz served as a minister of Limerick Synagogue (c.1932-c.1939). (Jewish Year Book listings)

Rev. G. Glausiusz
(1894 - 1967)

Rev. Glausiusz served as minister of Cricklewood Synagogue, London (c.1990-c.2000). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Dr. L. Glinert

Dr. Glinert served as minister of Watford Affiliated Synagogue (c.1980-c.1984). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. N. Gluck

Rev. Gluck served as chazan (cantor) of Golders Green Beth Hamedrash ("Munk's Shul"), London (c.1996-c.2010). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Refoel Godlewsky

Rabbi Godlesky served the rabbi at the Edgware Torah Centre, London from at least 2006 until at least about 2018. (Internet reports.)

Rev. Sidney Gold
(6 Dec 1919 - 2012)

London East End-born Rev. Gold, B.A., was educated at Aria College, Portsea and Jews' College, London, where he was awarded a B.A. in Semitics. He served as minister of Highgate Synagogue, London, Regents Park & Besize Park Synagogue, London, and Bayswater Synagogue, London (c.1951-1960) before being appointed chief minister of Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, Singers' Hill (1960-87). (Obituary in Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 2012)

H. Goldberg

H. Goldberg served as minister of Hastings and St Leonards Hebrew Congregation (from 1928 until date unknown). (National Jewish Heritage Trails website for Hastings.)

Rev. Marcus M. Goldberg

Served both Orthodox and Non-Orthodox congregations. See under Rabbi M.M. Goldberg in Non-Orthodox section.

Rabbi Percy Selvyn Goldberg

Served both Orthodox and Non-Orthodox congregations. See under Rabbi P.S. Goldberg in Non-Orthodox section.

Rev. Wilfred Goldberg
(14 May 1914 - 13 Sep 1970)

Sunderland-born Rev. Goldberg (m. Rose nee Frumkin, 1939) served as joint minister of the Seven Sisters Road Hebrew Congregation, London (often referred to as the "Frumkin Shul") from at least 1945 to about 1948. He was also very active in Cricklewood Synagogue (as a lay officer) and was one of the principal founders of the North West London Jewish Day School. (Jewish Year Book listings and North Wesr Celebrates 60 by Marian Lebor, 2006.)

Rev. M. Goldman

Rev. Goldman served as chazan (reader) of Hackney Synagogue, now Hackney & East London Synagogue, (c.1987-c.1990). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Michael Goldman
(b. 1945)

Welsh-born Rabbi Goldman was educated in Birmingham and obtained semicha from Jews' College in 1971. He was the first minister of Newbury Park Synagogue, London (c.1969-c.1973) and was briefly Jewish chaplain to southern Universities in England. He then served as minister of the Belfast Hebrew Congregation (c.1973-1974). (Research by Steven Jaffe and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. Goldsmidt

Rev. Goldsmidt served as second reader of Leazes Park Road Synagogue, Newcastle form 1899. ("The Jewish Communities of North-East England" by Lewis Olsover (1980), p.204.)

Rev. A. Goldstein

Rev. Goldstein served as reader (chazan) of Bristol Hebrew Congregation (c.1930-c.1932). (Jewish Year Book listings, 1931 and 1932.)

Rev. I.J. Goldston

Rev. Goldston served as minister of the South Shields Synagogue, from about 1923 until about 1933. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Prof. Sir Hermann Gollancz
(30 Nov 1852 - 15 Oct 1930)

Bremen-born Rabbi Gollancz, the son of Rabbi Samuel Marcus Gollancz, was educated at Jews' College, London and University College London. He was awarded semicha in 1897 in Galicia and this led to a long and bitter dispute with Chief Rabbi Adler over use of the title "Rabbi" (at the time the Chief Rabbi refused to sanction anyone other than himself to use such title) and the need to create additional British rabbis. He served as minister/preacher of Bayswater Synagogue, London (1892-1922). From 1902 to 1924, he served as Professor of Hebrew at the University College and was the first Jew to earn a doctorate of literature degree (from the same university, at which he was responsible for establishing the Mocatto Library). In 1923 he became the first rabbi to receive a British knighthoodand. (Jewish Year Book listings and reference to Rabbi Gollancz in "Story of Bayswater Synagogue by C. Roth and "Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History" (2011) by W. Rubinstein and M.A. Jolles, p.348.)

Dayan Rabbi Mark Gollop
(10 Jul 1888 - 4 Aug 1950)

Russian-born Dayan Gollop, M.A., studied at Jews' College and University College London (where he received a B.A.). He was appointed minister of Southend and Westcliff Hebrew Congregation (1913-23) and also served as a Jewish chaplain in the H.M. Forces from 1917. He was awarded semicha in 1923 and served as minister of Bayswater Synagogue, London (1923-1930) and Hampstead Synagogue, London (1930-44). In 1929, he became a dayan of the London Beth Din (1929-1944) and was also appointed senior chaplain of Her Majesty's Forces (1926-42). ("The Hampstead Synagogue 1862-1967" by Raymond Apple, 1967 and "Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History" (2011) by W. Rubinstein and M.A. Jolles, pp.349/350.)

Rev. Maurice Joseph Golomb
(28 Sep 1931 - 27 May 1997)

Brisbane-born Rev. Golomb served as minister of Enfield and Winchmore Hill Synagogue, London (1967-1991) and Hammersmith & West Kensington Synagogue, London (1991-1997). (Jewish Year Book listings Jewish News report.)

Rev. Hyman Goodman

Rev. Goodman was from Portsmouth and was educated at at Aria College, Portsmouth and Jews' College, London. He served as minister of Hanley Synagogue (now Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire Hebrew Congregation) (c.1905-1907) and as minister, teacher and chazan of Bristol Hebrew Congregation (1907-1916). In 1916, he became a Jewish chaplain to British troops in London. (Jews in Bristol by J. Samuel, 1997, p. 97 and Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. C.H. Gordon

Rev. C.H. Gordon served as minister of Leytonstone and Wanstead Synagogue from about 1939 until at least 1940. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. M. Gordon

Rev. M. Gordon served as minister of the South Shields Synagogue, from about 1913 until about 1914. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. Samuel Gordon

Rev. S. Gordon served as reader of the Darlington Hebrew Congregation, from at least 1891 to at least 1892. (Jewish Chronicle press report and 1891 Census.)

Rev. B. Gottlieb

Rev. B. Gottlieb served as first reader of Leazes Park Road Synagogue, Newcastle (1923-c.1931). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. I. Gottlieb

Rev. I. Gottlieb (or Y. Gottlieb) served as the second reader of Leazes Park Road Synagogue, Newcastle (c.1926-c.1929). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Nathan Granevitz
(d. 2000)

Rabbi Granevitz (m. Zipporah) was born in Bnei Brak during the British Mandate of Palestine and obtained semicha at a Bnei Brak Yeshiva in 1957. He also qualified in law at Bar Ilan University and practiced in the Rabbinical courts in Israel, as well as working as a journalist and religious educator.  He moved to Britain and served as rabbi to the Belfast Hebrew Congregation (1983-1988). In 1988 he returned to Israel where he died in Petach Tikvah. (Research by Steven Jaffe.)

Rev. C. Graniewitz

Rev. Graniewitz served as chazan (cantor) at Stanmore and Canons Park District Synagogue, London (c.1973-c.1995). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. J. Grant

Rev. Grant served as reader (cantor) of Kingsbury District Synagogue, London, from about 1953 until about 1973, and thereafter held the title emeritus reader until about 1993. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. Aaron Levy Green
(Aug 1821 - 11 Mar 1883)

Rev. Green (m. Phoebe nee Levy, 1944), who was born in London's East End, was educated in the Talmud Torah section of London's Jews' Free School. He served as minister of Bristol Synagogue (1838-1851) and then as second reader of the Great Synagogue, Dukes Place, London (1851-1854). Following the establishment by the Great Synagogue of a branch synagogue in the London's West End, which became the Central Synagogue, Rev. Green was appointed as its second reader in 1854 and was elected reader and preacher the following year. At the time the principal Jewish spiritual leader of a congregation was generally referred to as a reader rather than a minister, although Rev. Green was later referred to as minister, and was the first minister of the Central Synagogue, serving until his death in 1883. (The Lost Synagogues of London by Peter Renton, pp.73/6.)

Rev. Alan Greenbat
(2 Apr 1929 - 18 Apr 2019)

London-born Rev. Greenbat, who studied for a ministerial diploma at Jews' College, London, held a number of senior positions in Anglo-Jewry. These included warden (director) of the Victoria Boy' & Girls' Club, Stamford Hill, London (mid-1950s to mid-1970s), vice-principal of the Jewish Orphanage at Norwood (1955-1961) and vice-president of the Association for Jewish Youth (1989-1996). He had a close relationship with the Hackney & East London Synagogue as a frequent visiting minister and serving (c.1997-c.1998) as its part-time minister. He was later appointed director of the Office of the Chief Rabbi (1990-1991) and served as its honorary consultant from 1995 to 2012. In 2000, he was awarded the OBE ifor services to interfaith dialogue and to young people. (For further background, see on-line obituary by Geoffrey Alderman.)

Rev. H. Greenberg
(d. 1965)

Rev. Greenberg served as minister of Whitley Bay Synagogue, Northeast England, from about 1960 until 1965. (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Greenberg

Rabbi Greenberg serves as rav of Golders Green Beth Hamedrash ("Munk's Shul"), London (2007 to present - August 2020). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. S. Greenstein

Rev. Greenstein served as minister of Barking & Becontree Hebrew Congregation, London (c.1950-c.1951). (Jewish Year Book listings.)

Rev. Samuel Gross

Rev. Gross, B.A. served as minister of the Hull Western Synagogue from about 1915 until about 1920. (Jewish Year Book listings)

Rabbi B. Grun

Rabbi Grun has served the rabbi at the Tiferes Yisroel minyan, Edgware, London from at least 2015 until present (May 2020). (Uniquely Edgware website.)

Rabbi Joey Grunfeld

Rabbi Grunfeld is the founder and National Director of seed, London (2005 to present - May 2020). (Seed website.)

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