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A photograph of the Synagogue at Carmel College
taken following closure of he College

Basic Information


Carmel College and Synagogue


Mongewell Park, near Wallingford, Oxfordshire (previously Berkshire), OX10 8BT

Former Address:

The college was initially situated at Greenham Common, near Newbury, Berkshire (until 1953)

Date Founded:

The College was founded in 1948 by Rabbi Dr. Kopel Rosen. It was the first and only Jewish Public School in the UK.

Date Closed:

The College closed in 1997

The Synagogue:

The Carmel College Synagogue, designed by Thomas Hancock and dedicated by Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie in the early 1960's, was located in the heart of the campus. The roof was supported by four massive beams of Scandinavian wood, which curved upwards from the entrance of the portico to a concrete wall some fifty feet high. The curtains of the Ark were made of brass chains interspersed with pieces of silver, brass bronze and copper sheeting. The stained glass windows, created in part by the students, were exceptional and close to the entrance was a monument to the victims of the Holocaust.


Rabbi Dr. Kopul Rosen - 1948 to 1962

David Stamler - 1962 t0 1971

(Joshua Gabay - Acting Headmaster during early 1971)

Rabbi Jeremy Rosen (the eldest son of Kopel Rosen) - 1971 to 1984

Philip Skelker - 1984 to 1997

Local Government Districts:

Carmel College was situated in extensive grounds along the river Thames, just to the south of Wallingford.

Wallingford is situated in the District of South Oxfordshire, a local government district (created in 1974) within the County of Oxfordshire.

Prior to 1974, Wallingford was in the Municipal Borough of Wallingford (created in 1834), which was in the County of Berkshire.


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