the former

Bayswater & Maida Vale Synagogue

(formerly Bayswater Synagogue)

London W2 & W9




Bayswater Synagogue, 1938

Congregation Data


Bayswater Synagogue
(known as Bayswater & Maida Vale Synagogue from about 1972(i))


Andover Place / Kilburn Park Road, Maida Vale, London W2, from 1967 to 1984 (when building became Jewish Preparatory School and, later, part of building became the Saatchi Synagogue)

Previous Addresses:

From 1965 to 1967, services were held temporarily at 2 Ashworth Road, London W9;(ii)

From 1863 to 1965, the synagogue was at Chichester Place, Harrow Road, London W2 (the building then being acquired by the Greater London Council and demolished to make way for a motorway development(iii)).

Date Founded:

Formed in 1863, initially (until 1870) as a branch synagogue jointly of the Great Synagogue and the New Synagogue.

The foundation stone was laid 10 July 1862, the building being consecrated on 30 July 1863.(iv)

Current Status:

Closed 1984


Ashkenazi Orthodox


One of the original five synagogues that formed the United Synagogue in 1870, of which it remained a constituent member until its closure.

Ministers & Officers:

See Lists below

Membership Data:

List of Original Seatholders of the Synagogue (including addresses)(v)

Number of male seat-holders:(vi)























Also see below for seatholder records on All-UK Database.

Local Government District:

Bayswater is an area of central London lying to the north of Hyde Park. All the above addresses for the Bayswater Synagogue are in the current City of Westminster and were (from 1900 to 1965) in the former Metropolitan Borough of Paddington. Prior thereto, Paddington was solely a civil parish.(vii)

Cemetery Information:

For United Synagogue cemeteries, see Cemeteries of the United Synagogue.

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) New name first appeared in Jewish Year Book 1973.

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  • (vi) The United Synagogue 1870-1970 by Aubrey Newman (1977), pages 216/7.

  • (vii) The City of Westminster is an Inner London Borough within the Greater London administrative area and was created on 1 April 1965 upon the merger of the former City of Westminster (a Metropolitan Borough) with the Metropolitan Boroughs of Paddindton and St Marylebone.The metropolitan boroughs were created in 1900 and had been within the former County of London (established in 1899, abolished 1965). Until 1899, Paddington, a civil parish, had been part of the former county of Middlesex.

  • (viii) to (x) Reserved.


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The records in the database specifically associated with the bAYSWATER Synagogue include:

Seatholders Lists

1885 (371 records);
1899 (463 records;
1910 (424 records);
1933 (297 records).

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 Congregational Records

Registration District (BMD):

  • Westminster (since 1 January 1978)- Link to Register Office website

  • Previous Registration Districts:
    Paddington - until 1 January 1978;
    Marylebone - from founding of congregation until 1 January 1885.
    (All records would now be held by current office.)

Marriage Registers:

Marriage Registers (first entry 25 October 1865; last entry 20 May 1984) deposited with Westminster Register Office


Ministers and Officers


Rev. Dr. Hermann Adler - from 1864 until 1891(xii)

Rabbi Prof. Sir Hermann Gollancz - from 1892 until 1922(xiii)

Rabbi Dayan Mark Gollop - from 1923 until 1930(xiv)

Rev. Walter Levin - from 1930 until 1938(xv)

Rev. Isaac Levy - from 1938 until 1946 (with break during war years for army chaplain service)(xvi)

Rev. Arthur Saul Super - from 1947 until 1950(xvii)

Rev. Sidney Gold - from about 1951 until 1960(xviii)

Rabbi Raymond Apple - from about 1962 until about 1965(xix)

Rabbi Ephraim Levy Gastwirth - from about 1974 until about 1975(xx)

Rabbi Eliezer Simcha Rabinowitz - from April to May 1976(xxi)

Rabbi M. Barron - from about 1977 until about 1984(xxii)

Readers/Chazanim (Cantors)(xxiii):

Rev. Raphael Harris - from 1863 until 1910(xiv)

Rev. Isaac Samuel - from 1864 until 1914(xxv)

Rev. David Klein - from 1910 until 1934(xxvi)

Rev. Arthur Barnett (2nd Reader) - from about 1915 to about 1917(xxvii)

Rev. Asher Littenberg (2nd Reader) - from about 1919 to at least 1920(xxviii)

Rev. Leo Bryll - from 1935 until about 1955(xxix)

Rev. M. J. Dubiner - from about 1963 until about 1967(xxx)

Rev. David Katanka - from 1972 until 1975(xxxi)


 See List of Wardens of the Synagogue from 1864 through 1937(xxxii)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (xi) The position of minister of the congregation was shown as vacant in Jewish Year Books 1947, 1948(?), 1961, 1962, 1966 through 1974 and 1977.

  • (xii) British Chief Rabbis 1664-2006 by Derek Taylor pp.311-332. The initial title given to Hanover-born Rev. H. Adler (1839-1911) was the congregation's  "lecturer". In 1891, he succeeded his father, Rabbi Dr. Nathan Marcus Adler, as Chief Rabbi, having served as Delegate Chief Rabbi since 1879 due to his father's failing health.

  • (xiii) Bremen-born Rabbi Gollancz (1852-1930) was the son of Rabbi Samuel Marcus Gollancz of the Hambro' Synagogue. Although he was referred to as minister in Jewish Year Books until the 1902/3 edition, he is thereafter referred to as "preacher", rather than minister. He was the first Jew to earn a doctorate of literature degree from London University. In 1923 he became the first rabbi to receive a British knighthood.

  • (xiv) The Hampstead Synagogue 1862-1967 by Raymond Apple, 1967. Russian-born Dayan Gollop (1888-1950) previously served as minister of Southend and Westcliff Hebrew Congregation (1913-23) and subsequently served as minister of Hampstead Synagogue (1930-44) and was also senior chaplain of Her Majesty's Forces (1926-42).

  • (xv) The Bayswater Synagogue 1863-1938 Origin and History, page 4 (issued by the Congregation (1938), reproduced on JCR-UK). Rev. Levin, who was also listed in Jewish Year Books as secretary of the congregation, was also hon. president of the Becontree & District Associate Synagogue during the 1930s

  • (xvi) Obituary in The Gardian, 18 May 2005. Rev. Dr. Levy previously served as minister of Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue (1936-38) and became an army chaplain during World War II. He was still shown as minister of the congregation in the Jewish Year Book 1946, but not in the subsequent edition.

  • (xvii) "Who's Who" entries in Jewish Year Books (latest 1952). Yarmouth-born Rev. Super (b.1908) was previously senior minister of the United Hebrew Congregation, Leeds (1933-36).

  • (xviii) Obituary in Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 2012. East End born Rev. Gold (1919-2012) was previously minister of Highgate Synagogue and Regents Park & Besize Park Synagogue and subsequently served as minister of the Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, Singers' Hill (1960-87). 

  • (xix) Melbourne-born Rabbi Apple subsequently served as minister of Hampstead Synagogue (to 1972), before returning to Australia to take up the post of senior minister of the Great Synagogue of Sydney (1972-2005) .

  • (xx) Based upon listing in Jewish Year Books 1975 and 1976. Rabbi Gastwirth (d.2006) also served a minister of South Hampstead Synagogue, Sunderland Hebrew Congregation, Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation and Sale & District Hebrew Congregation.

  • (xxi) Rabbi Rabinowitz had already retired from his position as minister of Yeshurum Hebrew Congregation, Gatley, Manchester, when he was begged to accept the post of minister of this congregation, and reluctantly agreed to do so. Shortly after taking the position, He made three suggestions for improving the services, which were all rejected, whereupon he resigned, giving one months notice and returned to Gatley. (Confirmed by family member.) For details of Rabbi Rabinowitz's career, see under Kingsbury Hebrew Congregation.

  • (xxii) Based upon Rabbi Barron's listing in Jewish Year Books 1978 through 1984.

  • (xxiii) The position of "reader" (cantor/chazan) of the congregation was shown as vacant in Jewish Year Books 1935, 1955 through 1963, 1968 through 1971 and from 1976 until closure of congregation.

  • (xxiv) The Bayswater Synagogue 1863-1938 Origin and History, page 4. Rev. Harris, who died in 1911, was also secretary of the congregation. Of the two "readers" in the congregation, he appears to be the more junior. In Jewish Year Books commencing with the 1903/4 edition, both he and Rev. Samuels are described as "minister", presumably as the description of Rabbi Gollancz had been changed to "preacher".

  • (xxv) The Bayswater Synagogue 1863-1938 Origin and History, page 4. Of the two "readers" in the congregation, he appears to be the senior. In Jewish Year Books commencing with the 1903/4 edition, both he and Rev. Harris are described as "minister", presumably as the description of Rabbi Gollancz had been changed to "preacher". London-born Rev. Samuels (1833-1914) was previously minister at Bristol Hebrew Congregation (from 1859-64).

  • (xxvi) The Bayswater Synagogue 1863-1938 Origin and History, page 5. Rev. Klein was also secretary of the congregation (Jewish Year Books).

  • (xxvii) Based upon Rev. Barnett's listing as second reader in Jewish Year Books 1916 (or possibly 1915) through 1918.

  • (xxviii) Based upon Rev. Littenberg's listing as second reader in Jewish Year Books 1920 and 1921 (and possibly later editions).

  • (xxix) Based upon Rev. Bryll's listing in Jewish Year Books 1936 through 1955.

  • (xxx) Based upon Rev. Dubiner's listing as cantor of the congregation in Jewish Year Books 1964 through 1967. Rev. Dubiner is also listed as cantor for the Central Synagogue, London in the Jewish Year Book 1994.

  • (xxxi) Kol Dodi - Selection of articles by Rabbi David Katanka edited by Moshe Borach Katanka. Although Rev. (later Rabbi) Katanka was listed in Jewish Year Books (1972-75) as "reader" (chazan) of the congregation, he was effectively also the congregation's minister. London-born Rabbi Katanka (1951-2014) subsequently served in the following congregational rabbinic posts - South London Synagogue (minister-chazan, 1975-78), United Hebrew Congregation, Leeds (first chazan, 1978-85), United Sheffield Hebrew Congregation (minister, 1985-90), Golders Green Synagogue (minister, rabbi, chazan, 1990-2000), Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation (minister, rabbi, 2002-03), Portsmouth & Southsea Hebrew Congregation (minister, rabbi, 2004-11) and St Anne's Hebrew Congregation (minister, rabbi, 2013-14)

  • (xxxii) The Bayswater Synagogue 1863-1938 Origin and History, page 6.

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