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Listed below are previous JewishGen Success Stories organized by author’s surname. To read a story click on a story’s title.

AIZIM, Eliana; Clues from a Photo Album: Cousins Reunited after 100 Years; May 2010

BAUM, Richard L.; A Promise Kept May 2021

BAUM, Richard L.; Yad Vashem Page of Testimony: An Opportunity Lost May 2020

BAUM, Richard L.; Zayvel the Butcher January 2020

BAUM, Richard L.; A Wedding List Discovering A Family Branch May 2019

BOBROFF-HAJAL, Anne; Grandfather Boris and Tapestries of Ryazan: Discovering Boris Bobroff in Ryazan and Racine; January 2011

CAHN, Martin; Synagogue in Erhstadt: Finding My Cahn Family Roots; May 2010

CLINGAN, Carol; The Family From Slavuta: Finding Sam Bloom; May 2015

CLINGAN, Carol; Finding Her Ancestral Town: What are Friends For?; February 2018

DENN, Meyer; Seventy-five Year Search Reunites a Family; September 2017

DIAMANT, Michael; Survival in Stanislawow: Searching for Norbert Aleksandrowicz; June 2018

EPSTEIN, Marsha; The Epsteins of Bobroisk: A New Branch on the Family Tree; August 2014

ESSERS, Michelle; Who’s Gulan? Solving a family mystery; September 2009

FEINSTEIN, Jessica; The Nisman Family From Parichi Connecting Through JewishGen’s Family Finder; February 2019

FEINSTEIN, Jessica; Discovering Mindel Gross 1868-1932     March 2022

FLEISHMAN, Roberta; The Raschinsky Diamond: Restoring a Family’’s Name; August 2013

FRANKEL, Jeremy; Doppelgangers, DNA, and Doubts May 2020

GELBER GOLDENBERG, Marilyn; What if it Hadn’t Happened This Way? My Grandmother’s Arrival in America; September 2019

GINZBURG, Shirley; Through a Ukrainian Brick Wall; September 2019

GLASER, Sam; Letters in a Photo Album: Searching for My Mother’s Rabinowitz and Pinsley Cousins; October 2012

GOLDSTEIN, Louise; Finding the Remnants of the Goldshtern Family; July 2023

GRAYSON, Joshua, PhD; A Whole Other Family, BuriedIn Antique Russian Cursive; September 2018

HABENSTREIT, Linda; The Fonds de Moscou: Breaking Through My Steckman Brick Wall April 2021

HALPERN, Todd and GREEN, Harry; The Brantz Family: Together in Romania, Separated by Emigration, Reconnected through JewishGen; October 2012

HALPERN, Lowell N.; The Wertheimer Family of Gemmingen: Connecting With My Cousin via JewishGen; August 2014

HAUSNER, Tony; The Hausners of Kojetin: Success Story Brings New Family Connections; March 2012

HAUSNER, Tony with STEINER, Avraham; The Hausners of Kojetin: A Trip to My Ancestral Home in Moravia; January 2011

HEINSMAN, Reinier; From Cluj to the Rest of the World: The Fate of the Five Jakab Siblings May 2020

HOWARD, Paul; Family Quest: Searching for My Biological Roots Part Two – Final Discovery November 2020

HOWARD, Paul; Family Quest: Searching for my Biological Roots; September 2017

HURWITZ, Aaron; Blissful Reunion: Finding a New Branch of My Blistein Family; May 2013

ISAACS, Geoff and RAPPEPORT, Laurie; The Isaacs Connection: Finding My Jewish Roots; July 2010

ISMAN, Noah; Say, Dad, Grandpa Is not Dead? Reuniting The Family After 68 Years September 2020

JUSTIN, Colin Mathias; A Book Of Names May 2019

KARAN, Allan; My Persky Cousins: A Drive to Reconnect; September 2009

KENVIN, Helene Schwartz; The Genealogical Detective: Separating Fact From Fiction; May 2019

KENVIN, Helene Schwartz; How A Posting On The JewishGen Discussion Group Reunited A Family Separated For Generations; February 2019

KOEPPEL, Gary; Kindertransport to England: Finding Alexandra; June 2018

KOFF, Jacob; Finding Sarah’s Siblings: How Probate Records Helped My Search; June 2012

KROCKER, Linda Ewall;Postcards from Pinsk A Viewmate Success Story; September 2019

LENARD, Andrew; Romance in F-Major: Searching for Rózsi; January 2013

LEV-LESHAM, Rachel; My Great-Grandparents’ Mezuzah; May 2013

LEVY-REINER, Sherry; The Final Journey of Jacob Drapekin: Confirming a Myth with a Missing Matzevah; March 2012

LICHTMAN TAYAR, Barbara; The Hummel Family of Talsi: Cousins Connect From Around the World; March 2014

MARCUS, Ruth; I Went to Look for Lunna Descendants and Found My Own Third Cousins ; January 2013

MILLER, Ronald; How I Got Hooked On Genealogy…While Attempting To Solve A Family Mystery; September 2018

ORYAN (ORACZ), Zach; About Cholent, Cholesterol and an Unknown Father; June 2012

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; Traces: What Remains of a Life; March 2012

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; Brownstein, Sarfas, and Faber: A twisted genealogical knot of inter-generational first-cousin marriages; October 2012

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; Finding My Grandfather David Raucher; January 2013

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; The Blecher Boys of Bessarabia Become Bartbers: From Soroki to Chicago 1909-1914; May 2013

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; Bronia & Lotte – 1920s Best of Friends: 85 Years Later, a Niece and a Great-Grandniece Rediscover That Friendship; August 2013

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; From Rohatyn to Palestine: Following the Aliyah Road of Jüte Horn and Chaim Teichman; March 2014

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; In Israel: Following in the Footsteps of Jüte Horn and Chaim Teichman; August 2014

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; Artwork as Witness to History: Destruction of a Drohobycz Family; February 2016

OSBORN, Marla Raucher; For Every Building, a Family: Re-building Jewish Memory in Rohatyn; February 2018

P, Wayne and Gillian; THE TAUB STORY: Families reunited after 62 years; Before 2009

PALÔT, Iain; Unlocking the Door: I Do Have Living Relatives in the Netherlands; June 2023

PARKS, Edwin; Jacob Aptekman: Warrior of Zion; January 2013

PICKHOLTZ, Israel; Heard on the Lists: Help for a young genealogist; September 2009

PITLER, Marilen; The Chernoff Saga: Stitching Together the Fabric of a Family; June 2012

RABINOWITZ, Eli; A Tragic Romance: From One Photograph to a Journey of Discovery; January 2017

RABINOWITZ, Eli; Finding Mr. Katz; June 2017

RAMBISZEWKSI, Sarah; The Kielce Ghetto Memoir: A Fragment of My Mother’s Life; January 2015

RAPPAPORT, Morton; The Goldstein Chronicles – Immigration to Canada by Orders-in-Council: The Documents That Saved My Family; February 2016

REDLICH, Rita; From a Shtetl Called Michalishuck: Finding my Palestin Family; September 2009

REISMAN, Suzanne; Searching for Julek Sczupak: Photos Reunited With Family; July 2016

RODRIGUEZ, Sylvia; From Vienna and Brody to Buenos Aires: Old Letters Reconnect a Family; July 2016

ROSE, Debbie; Heard on the Lists: Invaluable help from JewishGenners in Israel; May 2010

ROSENZWEIG, Rashi; It Began With A Picture; February 2019

RYNECKI, Elizabeth; Chasing Portraits: A Great-Granddaughter’s Quest for Her Lost Art Legacy; June 2017

SANDERS, Hildagarde; The Envelope: How a Mysterious Postmark Led to a Branch of My Family

SANDERS, Karen; The Kindness of Strangers: Finding my Turmann Family; May 2010

SANDERS, Shelly; Uncovering My Latvian-Jewish Roots January 2020

SAPERSTEIN, Stella; A Hundred Year Journey: Searching the Past, Finding the Future; May 2015

SARBACH, Douglas L.; How I Found My Father’s Roots; September 2018

SCHECHTER, Bill; Together Again: Reuniting the Rapoports of Kholmich; July 2011

SCHWARTZ, Howard I., PhD; New Family Discovered, New Family Lost: The Berger Family of Mlynov, Ukraine; November 2021

SILVER GHENT, Janet; Pieces of a Puzzle: Connecting the Links in a Worldwide Family; May 2013

SIMON, Judy; From Skierniewice to Vermont: An Artist in the Family; March 2014

STONE, April; From Warady to Weinberger: How JewishGen’s Genealogy Class Helped Me Make the Connection; August 2013

STROSCHEIN, Angela; Never Give Up!: Finding Freida Halpern; February 2016

TOBIAS, Michael; Moniek and Moshe: Holocaust Survivors Reunited After 67 Years; July 2010

TOMPA, Martin and GERMAN, Siva; The Schücks from Hlinsko: A Family Reunited; January 2017

TOMPA, Martin; Clues From An 1876 Hungarian Newspaper; February 2019

TOUGER, Jerry; Reconnecting with Kishinev: Pages of Testimony Link Living Cousins; July 2011

TOUGER, Jerry; A Genealogical Trifecta; June 2017

VANLAW, Peter; My Rehfisch Family – PART 1: Who Was Sally Rehfisch?; July 2016

VANLAW, Peter; My Rehfisch Family – PART 2: Margot and Fiep; July 2016

VANLAW, Peter; From Kreuzburg to Hollywood: Finding Walter Wicclair; May 2015

VANLAW, Peter; Eva Baruch’s Story: The Story That Just Keeps on Ticking!; September 2017

WADDELL, Myra; The Manchurian Connection: Discovering My Borkovsky Ancestors In Hailar, China; January 2015

WEITZ KATZ, Beth; Walking My Lineage: A Roots Tour to Lithuania and Poland; August 2013

WEINSTEIN, Jack L.; Finding Uncle Aaron; October 2012

WERNER, Wendy; The Lorig Family: A Mystery Photo Leads to an Amazing Discovery; August 2014

YANNAI, Shaul; A Note With Many Lives January 2020

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