Say, Dad, Grandpa is Not Dead? Reuniting the Family After 68 Years

“Many people gathered at the border-crossing but the Russians did not let them pass. While they were waiting, and before Israel had a chance to find and join his father and brother, a German air raid started and the crowd dispersed, some running into a nearby forest and some exploiting the disorder to cross into the Russian zone. In the commotion David and Henryk lost each other, never to meet again.”

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A Tragic Romance: From One Photograph to a Journey of Discovery

By Eli Rabinowitz

“All I ever knew was that I am named Eli Moshe (Eli Moses, Hebrew name Eliyahu Moshe) after my great-uncle Moshe. Moshe died in a motor accident, six weeks before his planned wedding. The date of his death was unknown, but it was sometime between the late 1920s and early 30s. That was the sum total of my knowledge of Moshe until a photograph given to me in 2011 changed everything.”

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