We are pleased to present these inspiring stories of determination and success:

For Every Building, a Family: Re-building Jewish Memory in Rohatyn

By Marla Raucher Osborn

“It is sometimes only through these secondary sources that the little details of an individual can be learned.  ‘He had a beautiful singing voice’; ‘she had bright red hair’; ‘he loved animals’; these kinds of details—not present in the ‘hard’ data—humanize our ancestors and breathe life back into what is otherwise merely a name on a record.”

Romance in F-Major: Searching for Rózsi

By Andrew Lenard

From our Archives we re-post this moving story:  “Preceding deportation, ten-thousand people were herded together in terrible conditions of crowding, fear, and filth. I there met Rózsi, who was even then clutching the case of her dear violin.” 

Finding Her Ancestral Town: What are Friends For?

By Carol Clingan

”I was helping a friend … to identify her great-grandfather’s town of origin… The first thing I did was to go to the JewishGen Family Finder, where I promptly found three things:  the correct name, the correct town, and a researcher who turned out to be her third cousin!”

From Our Editorial Staff

We are pleased to present these inspiring success stories, stories that highlight various resources for family history research, reunions with long separated or previously unknown relatives, and the untangling of complex familial relationships. We hope you enjoy and learn from our most recent stories as well as the many stories in our Archives. We wish you success in your own research and encourage you to send us your stories.

Nancy Siegel, Editor / San Francisco, CA

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Photo Credit

Masthead photo provided by Marsha Epstein; photographer Jack (Jacob) Weiland;
“Epstein, Gecht, Weiland Extended Family Gathering; Milwaukee; 1943”