We are pleased to present these inspiring stories of determination and success:

Seventy-Five Year Search Reunites a Family

By Meyer Denn

Time is running out for parents and children and brothers and sisters who were torn apart by the Holocaust to actually be reunited. This is the story of a little girl who was placed in an orphanage in Russia in 1941, the father who never stopped searching for her, and the cousins who reunited the family.

Family Quest: Searching for My Biological Roots

By Paul Howard

My parents never spoke about where I came from or the circumstances involving my adoption. They had no records pertaining to my birth parents… Then I read that the government in Toronto, Ontario, where I was born and raised, had opened up its adoption record archives allowing adoptees to request copies of original records.

Eva Baruch’s Story: The Story That Just Keeps on Ticking!

By Pete Vanlaw

I received a cryptic email query from someone in Australia looking to make contact with the person who’d put up a family tree on JewishGen’s Family Tree of the Jewish People that included Eva Baruch. Since that person happened to be me, I wrote back, only to learn that the curious sender was none other than Eva’s only son.

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We are pleased to present these inspiring success stories, stories that highlight various resources for family history research, reunions with long separated or previously unknown relatives, and the untangling of complex familial relationships. We hope you enjoy and learn from our most recent stories as well as the many stories in our Archives. We wish you success in your own research and encourage you to send us your stories.

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Photo Credit

Masthead photo provided by Marsha Epstein; photographer Jack (Jacob) Weiland;
“Epstein, Gecht, Weiland Extended Family Gathering; Milwaukee; 1943”