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A Genealogical Trifecta

By Jerry Touger

On their ship’s manifest, both of them indicated they were going to a Samuel or Salman Gellmann in Passaic. Here already were two perplexing questions. Why Passaic? And who on earth was Samuel Gellmann?

Finding Mr. Katz

By Eli Rabinowitz

I received two emails, totaling 33 pages, of the court proceedings of Rex versus Leo Katz… From the time Morris was picked up until his death was at most 10 minutes; this was the total time that they were together. Such was their fate!

Chasing Portraits: A Great-Granddaughter’s Quest for Her Lost Art Legacy

By Elizabeth Rynecki

Moshe continued to paint after the Nazi invasion, but as conditions for Jews worsened, he became worried about protecting his body of work. At that point my great-grandfather made the fateful decision to divide his paintings and sculptures into bundles and to ask friends and acquaintances to hide them.

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Photo Credit

Above photo provided by Marsha Epstein; photographer Jack (Jacob) Weiland;
“Epstein, Gecht, Weiland Extended Family Gathering; Milwaukee; 1943”