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City of Bangor

Bangor is a small cathedral city in north Wales, with a population of about 19,000. It lies at the northern entrance to the Menai Strait from the Irish Sea, opposite the isle of Anglesey, about 70 miles due west of Liverpool.

Until 1974, it formed the municipal borough of Bangor in the county of Caernarvonshire. From 1974 until 1996, it was part of the district of Arfon in the then newly-formed county of Gwynedd. In 1996, the county of Gwynedd was reduced in size and became a unitary authority (and a ceremonial, or preserved, county).

Bangor Jewish Community

There are reports of Jewish residents in Bangor from at least the 1870s until the 1950s, the town's only synagogue having been established in the 1890s.

Congregation Data


Bangor Hebrew Congregation


Arvonia Buildings, High Street, Bangor

Date Founded:


Current Status:

Formal services appeared to have ceased by about 1952. However, the synagogue continued to be used 'for an occasional kaddish’ until at least 1959. (Jewish Chronicle Report, 2 January 1959)
The synagogue at Llandudno (the Llandudno and Conwyn Bay Hebrew Congregation), now serves as the centre for Bangor and the other dwindling Jewish communities of north Wales.


Ashkenazi Orthodox

Congregational Officers, 1896:

Rev. I Rosenzweig - Minister

Mr. L. H. Aronson - President

M. Wartski - Treasurer

I. Wartski - Secretary

Source: Jewish Year Book 1896

Membership Data:

1895  - 12 seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1896/97)

1897  - 18 seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1898/99)

1900  - 20 seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1900/01)

1909  - 20 seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1910)



There were no Jewish cemeteries in north Wales, the closest being in Liverpool and Manchester. However, in 2010, a Jewish cemetery (along Liberal lines) was established in Llanrhos, Llandudno.


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The records in the database associated with Bangor include:

1851 Anglo Jewry Database (updated 2016)

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in Bangor during the 1820s (1 record), 1830s (2 records), 1840s (9 records), 1850s (12 records), 1860s (7 records), 1870s (4 records), 1880s (2 records), 1890s (2 records) and 1900s (2 records).


On-line Articles and Other Materials
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Other Bangor Jewish Institutions

Other Jewish institutions that existed in the Community include the following:

  • Jewish School (which reputedly had up to 30 pupils at beginning of the twentieth century)

  • Jewish Friendly Society

  • Naturalisation Society



Bangor Jewish Population Data



(The Jewish Year Book 1896/7)



(The Jewish Year Book 1900/01)



(The Jewish Year Book 1916)



(The Jewish Year Book 1935)



(The Jewish Year Book 1947)



(The Jewish Year Book 1981)

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