the former

Charlotte Square Synagogue

(Newcastle New Hebrew Congregation)

Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear


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Charlotte Street Synagogue, Newcastle
The former Synagogue in Charlotte Square
(Courtesy Peter Gatoff)

Congregation Data


Charlotte Square Synagogue
also known as the Newcastle New Hebrew Congregation(ii)


4 Charlotte Square, Newcastle upon Tyne

The synagogue was opened on 14 April 1867, with the service conducted by Rev. David Shapiro of Edinburgh.(iii) It had capacity for 148 worshippers, 88 man and 60 ladies.(iv)

(Press reports on the formation of the congregation described it as "the Polish Hebrew Congregation situated in Pilgrim Street," which is some distance from Charlotte Square. It is possible that the congregation was temporarily located in a room in Pilgrim Street (which is where the Temple Street congregation started life in the 1830s), before Charlotte Square became available. The congregation was comprised primarily of Polish Jews, with a Polish chazan.)(v)


Formed in 1867, as a breakaway from the Temple Street Synagogue, largely by congregants who were disgruntled at the lack of certain rights denied to them by their fellow worshippers and also as a result of the lack of space at Temple Street.(vi) 

Final Status:

Closed in 1878, reunited with the Temple Street Synagogue to form the Newcastle United Hebrew Congregation at its new Leazes Park Road synagogue.(vii)


Ashkanazi Orthodox


Congregation was unaffiliated but was under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.


(To view a short profile of a minister, hold the cursor over his name.)

Rev. Israel Greenberg - 1870 until 1872(x)

Rev. Elias Pearlson - from 1872(xi)

Lay Officers:


President - Simon Ephraim

Treasurer - L. Goldfinger

Hon. Secretary - Arnold Neuenberg


President - I. de Hart(xvi)

Treasurer - H. Goldberg

Hon. Secretary - Abraham Neuenberg

Beadle - S. Cohen


Levi Goldfinger, Abraham Lewis,
Abraham Mendelson, Arnold Neuenberg
Benjamon Turner


The Congregation would have used the Elswick Jewish Cemetery (for details, see Newcastle Cemetery Information).


Congregational Records


  • Numerous records of the Jewish Communities in Northeast England (only a sample of which are listed below) are deposited with the Tyne and Wear Archives Service (http://www.legacyarchives.org.uk).

  • CLICK HERE to view a full list of these records (correct to December 2005).


  • Brit milah (circumcisions) 1877-1881 - Tyne and Wear Archives Service (see above)

  • Genealogy of Rabbi Elias Pearlson

Registration District (BMD):


Notes & Sources
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