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During the eighteenth and nineteeth centuries there had been at least two orthodox congregations in Hastings and St. Leonards-on-Sea, at different time.

Data on Earlier Congregation(ii)


Hastings and St Leonards Hebrew Congregation (presumed name)(iii)

Address & Services:

From 1895 services were mainly conducted at the 'Strathclyde' boarding house, 51 Warrior Square, St Leonards by Abraham Abrahams (c.1841-1907).

Services were also led there by guest rabbis.

In 1898, the services were held at Saxon Hall, London Road, St Leonards.

Date Founded:

November 1885

Current Status:

Defunct from sometime after 1904(iv)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Rev. Philipp Bender (also president) - from 1881 until 1895.(vi)



Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) Reserved.

  • (ii) All information about this earlier congregation is derived from National Jewish Heritage Trails website for Hastings (page 2) - jtrails.org.uk, accessed 19 September 2019, for which JCR-UK is grateful.

  • (iii) No specific name is given for the congregation, jtrails merely referring to a Jewish congregation being formed in Hastings and St Leonards.

  • (iv) 1904 was the latest date mentioned in the jtrail article.

  • (v) and (vi) Reserved.

  • (vi) Rev. Bender, founder of the congregation, was also founder and principal of the local Beaufort College, St. John's Road. and also served as president of the congregation. To view a short profile of Rev. Bennder - hold the cursor over his name.

  • (vii) to (x) Reserved.


Data on Later Congregation


Hastings and St Leonards Hebrew Congregation(xi)

Former Name:

Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill Hebrew Congregation(xii)


Services were initially held at Criterion House, 2 Robertson Terrace, Hastings(xiii)

Date Founded:

About 1921(xv)

Current Status:

Defunct from about 1937(xvi)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Believed unaffiliated


Rev. I. Young - from 1921 until about 1927(xx)

Rev. Myer Wolfson - from 1927 until about 1928(xxi)

H. Goldberg - from 1928 until date unknown(xxii)

Lay Officers(xxv):


c.1927-c.1929 - L. Morris

c.1929-c.1930 - H. Goldberg

c.1930-c.1937 - J. Rais

Hon. Secretary

c.1927-c.1929 - I. Michaelson

c.1929-c.1930 - M. Stern, BSc.

c.1930-c.1937 - J. Michaelson


c.1927-c.1929 - S. Teacher

c.1929-c.1930 - M. Schrutski

c.1930-c.1932 - Jules Rundbaken

c.1932-c.1937 - J. Michaelson


c.1927-c.1929 - H. Bielefeld


Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (xi) This was the name under which the congregation was listed during its appearance in Jewish Year Books 1928 through 1937.

  • (xii) A notice was published in 1921 of services to be held under this congregation name - National Jewish Heritage Trails website for Hastings (page 3) - jtrails.org.uk, accessed 19 September 2019.

  • (xiii) Based on the Notice referred to in the previous footnote. This was the home address of a Mrs Kornbloom. There was no address given for thecongregation in its Jewish Year Book listings.

  • (xiv) Reserved.

  • (xv) jtrail article, see note (xii) above.

  • (xvi) Based upon the congregation's last listing, in Jewish Year Book 1937.

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  • (xix) The source of all information regarding these listed ministers is the National Jewish Heritage Trails website for Hastings (page 3) - jtrails.org.uk, accessed 19 September 2019. There was no reference to these ministers in the Jewish Year Book.

  • (xx) Rev. Young had conducted the first service of the congregation in 1921.

  • (xxi) To view a short profile of Rev. Wolson - hold the cursor over his name.

  • (xxii) Rev. Goldberg, the congregation's last minister, was from Liverpool.

  • (xxiii) and (xxiv) Reserved.

  • (xxv) This data here has been extracted from Jewish Year Books 1928 through 1937 and the period of service given here runs from the year prior to first listing of the officer and ends with the year in which the officer was last listed.


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