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Fundamentals II: Planning Research for Success

Do you ever find yourself wandering aimlessly in your genealogy research? Find yourself looking at the same records over and over, wasting time and energy? Learn the tools and strategies to create a focused plan and system for tracking the records you've already searched. Make it a gift to your genealogical research.

This course is designed for researchers at any level who are familiar with basic resources from which to search for records, but are ready to learn how to organize their research, in order to save themselves time and frustration.

This is course is the second in the Fundamentals Series.

Time commitment: The course will be presented in three, one-hour Zoom sessions over three weeks. Between each class, homework will be assigned in order to facilitate learning, which will include; (1) picking one ancestor to work on, (2) developing your BIG GOAL, (3) writing effective research questions, (4) entering record sets to support answering those questions, and (4) using the research plan as your log to document the results of your research. Examples will be included in the weekly sessions, and homework, questions and discussions will be encouraged via the private Electronic Mailing List (EML) created just for students of the course.

This course is entirely focused on developing your own research plans. To best utilize the course, we suggest a minimum of five to eight hours per week to adequately complete the homework and take part in the class email list discussions (EML).

Pre-requisites: (1) Must be familiar with using computers and Electronic Mailing Lists; (2) Must be comfortable with using some of the main resources to search records, such as, but not limited to, JewishGen, Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Tuition for the class is $150.

For questions, please email Margie Geiser.

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