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Private Mentoring

Individualized Instruction by the week with an expert - $50 per week, for up to four weeks. For more information, please send your questions to Nancy Holden, at

  • Are you looking for a coach to help you start a research project - to walk you through the first steps?

  • Have you saturated your tree with Names, Dates and Places, and want to move into a more dynamic way to look at these genealogical facts?

  • Are you stuck at a dead end or brick wall?

  • Do you want to become more sophisticated in searching for information, working with computer software, or finding resources?

Set up your own project, set up your own private schedule, set up your goal and objectives, and hire an expert to meet with you by the week.

Requirements and Application Guidelines

Please write two paragraphs about your project and send it to Nancy Holden, at

Please include the following in your e-mail:

  1. Research Goal
    • Briefly describe the research project you want to pursue.

    • What would you like to accomplish by the end of the project?

    • How many weeks would you like to sign up for?

  2. Ancestors’ Information

    Give enough background information so that the instructor can discuss your research questions. Please include details such Names, Dates and Places; include immigration information, residences and names of other key family members.

  3. Additional notes or comments?

    • If there are documents you would like the researcher to review, please include them in your email. Limit is two documents.

    • If you have a family tree online, please note that in your application and provide a link to the online tree.

Please send all the requested information to Nancy Holden, at

You may also be interested in our Virtual Conversations - 45-Minute Sessions service.

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