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Historically, Jews came from somewhere else. Jews followed migratory patterns. The diaspora happened more than once.

Waves of Jewish immigrants arrived in America after its discovery, with the Sephardim coming first, followed by German Jews. After 1881, most newcomers were from Poland, Russia, and lands beyond the Pale of Settlement, and they settled primarily in major American cities. Isolated before immigration, Jews who arrived in America were faced with isolation once again. They were separated by language, religion, and for security they settled close to landsmen creating in the big cities, a new ghetto.

Our fourteen PDFs cover the Jewish Immigrant Experience. Emphasis is on what makes Jewish genealogy and searching for Jewish records unique. These lessons contains hundreds of tested links to sources on the Internet; this will jumpstart your research.

Course Outline

  • The Jewish Immigrant Experience
  • Jewish Search Basics
  • Jewish Geography
  • Jewish Records
  • Jewish Identity
  • Jewish Institutions
  • Jewish Links

Skills you will learn

To understand the immigrant experience, the conflicts the immigrant faced and the continued pressure for acculturation.


This is a workbook with 14 lessons. It is in PDF format. It is designed with assignments to illustrate and create hands-on-learning.

Workbooks are downloadable and are self-paced.

There is no one-on-one instruction or feedback.


These lessons are written for all levels of experience. It requires an electronic connection to click on the live internet links. The written material is created as a book that, once downloaded, except for the internet links, does not require a computer.

No requirement for subscription databases.


The price is $50.00. The fee will be discounted to $32.00 if you qualify for JewishGen's Value Added Services, having made a $100 donation to JewishGen’s General Fund within the past 12 months.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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