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The Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP) is a project to centralize the collection of Jewish family trees, to provide a powerful resource to connect individuals researching the same Jewish family branches, to reconnect their families, and to increase interest in Jewish genealogy. As of October 2023, we have collected 9,514,589 records from 8,664 family trees!


OPTION #1: FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY HAVE A FAMILY TREE IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT If you have already created a Family Tree using a genealogy sofrware program, you can download your entire tree into a GEDCOM file. You can then easily submit that GEDOM file to JewishGen by clicking the "I ACCEPT and wish to UPLOAD my Gedcom" buttom on the bottom of the screen. That's all there is to it! Once you have submitted your file, a JewishGen volunteer will reach out to confirm that it has been added to the Family Tree of the Jewish People, and that you have become integral part of this project.:

OPTION#2: FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO CREATE A NEW FAMILY TREE: We have partnered with to provide a special facility for Jewish Genners to create their family tree on, or import their GEDCOM there, and automatically share the tree with JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People.  This partnership provides Jewish genealogists with a highly capable family tree system supporting English, Hebrew and 34 additional languages, with photos, Smart Matches and a host of additional features, with the added benefit of synchronization with JewishGen. By participating, you will help grow the Family Tree of the Jewish People, while keeping its contents constantly up-to-date, and you may be rewarded by being discovered and contacted by Jewish genealogists who can add to your family tree. Learn more here.


By submitting your GEDCOM file to this program, you become an integral part of this effort and you acknowledge and agree to the following:

The GEDCOM you are submitting represents your personal research efforts into your own family connections.  If your submission includes data that is the work of another person you must have their permission to put it on line.

You will not submit any information that infringes on the copyright of others, nor is defamatory or profane in any way.

Your submission does not entitle you to any compensation, monetary or other.

You will respond in a timely fashion to any researcher who makes contact with you through the third party e-mail system maintained by JewishGen.

Because of the concerns for privacy of living persons, any data displayed will not contain the date and place of birth for any person for whom a death date is not included, nor will source notes be displayed.

JewishGen copyrights only the compilation of GEDCOMs as the database.  This does not limit you from publishing, selling, giving or otherwise distributing your GEDCOM for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

By searching the JewishGen version of the Family Tree of the Jewish People, you agree to the following:

While you have been granted full and unlimited search rights to GEDCOM files in this online version, it is for your personal research interests only.  Any use of this database for commercial purposes is prohibited.

You will hold JewishGen, Inc. harmless from any wrongdoing or inaccuracies in the compiled data.  Any complaints regarding the content of any data contained in this online version should be directed to the submitter who is the source of the data.

JewishGen's programs are free and provided as a public service worldwide to any one with an interest in their Jewish ancestry.  Please consider making a gift today to JewishGen so that this and all programs we provide will grow and continue to flourish.  Your gift makes it all happen!

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