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Fundamentals IV: Prove It!

Show me where you found it. Show me that it is a perfect fit. Genealogists want to see the evidence. How do you prove it! What are the details? A record link can show us where you found it. Better still you could learn how to cite a record so we can find it again. A family story might be true and accurate but where are the records? This class will show you easy ways to show the data without being boring. After all, how many Jacob Cohens lived in New York City between 1888 and 1910? How do you know which is yours? Just because you saw it on someone’s tree, can they prove it?

This is a course taught by request. Contact Nancy Holden at

Course Outline

For efficiency in genealogical research, we follow the Genealogical Proof Standard. Sources and methods will ensure that your facts fit.

  1. What is Data Collection?
  2. What are sources?
  3. What methods are used to analyze data?
  4. When is information evidence?
  5. What is needed to "prove" your case?
  6. The five elements of the Genealogical Proof Standard
  7. How does basic searching match proof standards?

Skills you will learn

Name and describe the Genealogical Proof Standards, write proof summaries, analyze conflicting records for evidence, make proof arguments, write citations correctly.


JewishGen Education will offer this course "By Request" privately. You and your instructor will decide on three consecutive weeks with a scheduled time to meet weekly via Zoom to work on your research.


Done enough research to have a body of work to work with discrepancies, providing the records you quote as proofs.

Students will work with one person or one family of interest only. To get the most out of this course, the student must have enough data to begin to document the proofs. This might include original vital records, such as birth, marriage and/or death certificates.

Optional: family tree or computer file(s) with information on person or family of interest.


Part of the Fundamentals Series. Each class $150 / VAS $132. Any other class after the first class is discounted to $132.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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