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Our Mission

To preserve our Jewish family history and heritage for future generations.

JewishGen serves as the global home for Jewish genealogy. Featuring unparalleled access to millions of records, it offers unique search tools, along with opportunities for researchers to connect with others who share similar interests.

Award-winning resources such as the Discussion Group, Family Finder, and ViewMate, are relied upon by thousands each day. In addition, JewishGen's extensive informational, educational and historical offerings, such as the Jewish Communities Database, Yizkor Book translations, InfoFiles, and KehilaLinks, provide critical insights, first-hand accounts, and context about Jewish communal and familial life throughout the world.

Offered as a free resource, has facilitated thousands of family connections and success stories, and is currently engaged in an intensive expansion effort that will bring many more records, tools, and resources to its collections.

Why We Are Unique
At JewishGen, we look at the past, and try to reclaim the memory of what was. But by itself, memories are not enough. We canít live in the past, and we canít reclaim it. But we can allow the memories of the past to shape us, to shape our sense of identity, and to shape what we will be transmitting to future generations.

This is what JewishGen is about, and why we are unique. Our work transcends the basic definition of genealogy. We are about connecting and linking a glorious and rich past in order for it make an indelible impact upon who we are today, and for it to influence what we will be transmitting to future generations.

But that does not happen by itself. JewishGen has become the world class organization it is, because of the incredible help of nearly 1000 volunteers, who come to us from a variety of different backgrounds, circumstances and experiences Ė but who all believe in our mission, understand the importance of our work, and in the legacy that we are preserving.

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