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Research in Galicia

Did you have ancestors from Galicia? Would you like to understand the resources for researching them both online and onsite?

The course includes the historical background of Galicia, naming conventions, how to use the Polish Archives-what is online and what is not, websites and records (census, military, directories etc.), Holocaust research, languages, hiring a researcher and more!

Course Outline

  • Jewish names
  • Researching your town, maps for your town, resources for information about your town
  • JewishGen's resources for Galician research
  • Jewish History in Galicia
  • Vital Records in Galicia and using the major databases online
  • Historical Geography
  • Archival institutions for Galician Research and how to contact them
  • Military records, War and Holocaust records pertaining to Galicia
  • Census directories, newspapers, secondary records pertaining to Galicia

Skills you will learn

How to use major online databases for Galician records; what records exist for your town and surname; how to Organize and track your Galician research


This is a Personal Research Class with an instructor. It is taught in a private forum. It has downloadable self-paced lessons combined with ZOOM demonstrations and online class forum.

The student will post their research project according to the instructor's directions.


This is an intermediary class that requires a surname and town in Galicia. Application required.


Tuition is $150 for 3 weeks.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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