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Research in Belarus

Did you know that donations to a town project means that more and more records are becoming available for research. Take a class to learn all about it. We will find out what records were created, where they reside today and if we can send for them online.

Course Outline

Introduction to sources for Belarus towns in the Vilnius Archives, the Grodno archives and the Minsk archives. What kinds of record were created? What kinds of information do they contain? How to send for them or hire a researcher to obtain them for you.

Skills you will learn

Location of your town; what are the records; where are the records; how to send for extant records. Where to get record translated. How to interpret a record.


This one-on-one personal mentoring class will concentrate on multiple surnames from the same District. Choose your Gubernia and District by checking the Jewish Communities database or Shtetls of Belarus from the Belarus SIG website.

As a courtesy, we provide downloadable lessons on "How to Use the Belarus SIG website" to help you find your way through this complicated website.

This class will include a first look at records to be uploaded to the Belarus website. We will also offer personal contact with Paul Zoglin the Records Access Coordinator of the Belarus SIG.


Application required.

This is an intermediary class that requires a surname and town in Belarus.


The Tuition is $150 for 3 weeks.

Enrollment is limited. Registration will close when the course is full.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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