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Barbara Krasner, Noted JewishGenner, offers new class
Crafting Stories from your Family's History

May 1, 8, 15, 22

Online, interactive courses in Jewish genealogy

Workbook Text-based Classes

These Value-Added text-based workbooks are FREE to contributors of $100 to the JewishGen General Fund.

  • Basic 1: Exploring the JewishGen Website

Coming Soon:

  • Basic 5: DNA Research I

Personal Mentoring Program

Expert guided instruction to meet your research goals.

  • Researching Your Roots Using JewishGen
  • Brick Walls or Dead End
  • Independent Study
  • DNA I: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy
  • DNA II: Analyzing your DNA Results-Making Matches
  • Research in Galicia
  • Research in Belarus
  • Writing Short Reports
  • Creative Writing: Four Weeks - Four Stories

Home Study Courses

Work on your Own — our popular courses created to meet specific genealogical objectives.

  • JewishGen Beginner US Research Guide
  • JewishGen Complex US Research Guide

JewishGen Education Offers Special Services

Genealogy is a process that starts with searching for ancestors, making a plan, working with the all country database, and learning from experts.

VIRTUAL CONVERSATION with a project planner: Analyze your Data and Make a Research Plan

BY THE WEEK Private Mentoring with an expert: Set your own date and time to learn by Zoom

Student Reviews!

  • Basic 1: Exploring JewishGen: I like the workbook format … it is a good match with my experiential learning style. It is well organized. The step-by-step exercises are an opportunity apply the process to my own research. Many thanks, Nancy. This has been a valuable learning experience, as always. (Evelyn)

  • Organize Your Data and Research Online: I thought the lessons were straight-forward and clear and you were there when I got stuck, You are teaching us how to use tools to find data that is often incomplete. (Marilyn)

  • Complex Research in the U.S.: Thank you Phyllis for all of your assistance and guidance…I have also learned a lot of new sources and methods for organization and documentation. (Barbara)

  • New York Genealogy: I thought the course was outstanding! This is my first online course and I like the format and the ability to interact with the instructor. Also, the text material is excellent and will be an extremely helpful resource for future research. (Louise)

  • Brick Walls: This class taught me the first steps in organizing my research. Nancy definitely provided resources that enlarged my range of research. It was absolutely a worthwhile experience. (Alyson)

  • Research your Roots Using JewishGen: I can't tell you how much I appreciate your guidance in helping me get the information into this format. It's hard at first but I really like how it forces me to be more diligent, precise and makes me document and organize. (Tracy)

  • Home Study Beginners: This has been most helpful in the organizing my research. (Marjorie)

  • Belarus Research: After running into some beginner's luck (or lack of), what this class left me was tools to research in a more effective way. In doing one of the assignments, I ran into a huge database, previously unknown to me, with which I was able to help over 50 families discover their roots. It was all right there, I just didn't know how to search. Thanks to Nancy we have 50 or so new genealogy enthusiasts. I can't wait to get started on the next course! (Lia)

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