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Find a Record
a Virtual Conversation

Been searching and searching, and you just can’t find the record you need?

Sometimes you might need an expert.

Regardless of your research experience, a Virtual Conversation facilitates your record hunt.

A one-record look-up


  • One-on-one, 45-minute conversation through Zoom
  • Include in your application the record you want to find
  • Include in your application where you have already looked
  • Some records cannot be found; others were burned, lost, or damaged. However, some records are hidden because they are not indexed, indexed incorrectly, or not in online databases
  • The cost is $36

Next Steps

After reviewing your research request, an expert will confirm your objectives for the virtual conversation. The instructor may have further questions or instructions.

  • We will present you with a calendar to schedule your conversation
  • Your instructor will ask you to register with JewishGen and make the payment
  • You will receive a transaction notification from JewishGen
  • You will receive a welcome letter with detailed instructions for the virtual conversation from the expert

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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