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a Virtual Conversation

JewishGen education offers a planning conversation with an expert. This opportunity is provided for the Intermediate/Advanced student who already knows the original name(s), places of residence, and/or birthplaces of an immigrant ancestor.

Ready to research your immigrant ancestor in their original birthplace? Have enough information to move overseas but need help determining what resources to use? Fairly sophisticated as a researcher but at a loss?

The foreign records and foreign archives are not easy to use without a guide. Want to plan your next steps?

Skills Taught

  • A research plan for using JewishGen All Country Databases, JRI-PL, The Litvak SIG, and the Unified
  • How to organize your work when you have more than one surname
  • ractical ways to use the JewishGen indexes to access foreign archives
  • How to interpret an index to move forward
  • How to use guides such as rtrfoundation, the JewishGen Research Divisions, FamilySearch, ancestry and myheritage catalogs
  • The less well-known guides in Israel and the United States for towns of origin


  • One-on-one, 45-minute conversation through Zoom
  • Your application starts with our evaluation of your known facts and knowledge of the best sources to meet your objectives
  • The cost is $36

Next Steps

After reviewing your research request, an expert will confirm your objectives for the virtual conversation. The instructor may have further questions or instructions.

  • We will present you with a calendar to schedule your conversation
  • Your instructor will ask you to register with JewishGen and make the payment
  • You will receive a transaction notification from JewishGen
  • You will receive a welcome letter from the expert with detailed instructions for the virtual conversation

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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