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Fundamentals III: Work Smart

JewishGen Education offers a Three-Step Plan to Sharpen Your Genealogical Skills.

Each week, we will work through the major databases (Ancestry, FamilySearch, JewishGen, My Heritage) to enhance and advance your research skills.

Course Outline

Each week includes tips and tricks.

  • Readings
  • Assignments
  • One Sunday Zoom session

Skills you will learn

How to use the Big Four databases for a family research project (Ancestry, FamilySearch, JewishGen, My Heritage).


To increase your knowledge base; learn to automate and notate; verify and validate.

To FOCUS and FILTER: Use specific filters to funnel your search on the major databases (Ancestry, FamilySearch, JewishGen, My Heritage).

To reach out and use FAN club sourcing and Crowdsourcing.


JewishGen provides a private online forum where you will set goals for your research and collaborate one-on-one with the instructor. Our classes have flexible, hours, allowing you to participate 24/7, regardless of your location or time zone. The instructor may host Zoom meetings to provide guidance on how to use the private forum, help you analyze your data, develop effective search strategies.


No requirements. For all Levels.


Part of the Fundamentals Series. Each class $150 / VAS $132. Any other class after the first class is discounted to $132.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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