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Savvy Searcher - Case Study

Work to unravel a mystery. Read about ”A Fateful Day in 1925.” Write a case study. Reason from Evidence: Learn how to construct a family history from the research documents.

The coordinators have compiled a group of records to start us off. In a peer study group, students discuss methods and techniques of logical analyses, presentation of proofs, and case summaries. Students will look at the facts, construct their research question, and then plan and choose from the downloaded records evidence needed to discover what happened on a fateful day in 1925.

Course Outline

One or more puzzles will be presented. Direct and indirect information may need to be compared and analyzed to make decisions. Emphasis is on using original records, taking clues from each record and reasoning from the evidence. Students will write a final summary from their chosen data.

Skills you will learn

A puzzle will be presented. Next will be to decide on a research question., make a plan, keep track and share sound information, draw conclusions and prove your points.


Our study groups are peer-oriented and are led by a coordinator. They are set in a private discussion forum. This online forum is open 24/7, has no scheduled times as our students are international, enabling everyone to read/view/post at leisure. There are Sunday discussions via Zoom.


This is an intermediate/advanced class. Students should enjoy working a mystery, enjoy in databases to find information, rise to the challenge of complicated research puzzles.


Tuition for this course is $150. Class size is limited, and enrollment will close when course is full.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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