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When working with a tutor, you must provide your information so the instructor can prepare for your virtual conversation.

Please answer these questions in your e-mail:

  1. Full Name

  2. JewishGen ID

  3. Class Name

  4. What is your experience doing genealogy research? (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

  5. Please provide details regarding your experience doing genealogy research.

    1. Write a brief description of your project (include background details as you know them, such as names, dates and places).

    2. Broadly identify your research goal.

    3. If you could find three facts or records or items, what would they be?

    4. What records have you explored?

  6. You may include up to two records as attachments to your email. You may provide the hyperlink or attach the record to share a record source.

  7. If you keep a family tree file on your favorite genealogy website or program, ensure it’s up to date with your latest discoveries. Unless your instructor has a subscription to the database, they will not be able to view it. Your instructor may ask you to send an invitation to view your tree.

Please send all the requested information to Once this information is received, we will contact you.

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