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Research in Old Hungary

Today when we research our Hungarian Ancestors we have to think about the history of the Country. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved in 1918 and divided into separate countries related partly to their ethnicity. After World War II, Countries and borders changed yet again.

Did you have ancestors from the area that was once Hungary but now is not in present-day Hungary?

Map of Old Hungary versus contemporary Hungary
Information contained in this image has been created by the staff of the FamilySearch Library.

Would you like to understand the resources available for researching your Hungarian family?

The research is focused on the client's personal goals which can include the historical background, naming conventions, how to use the Archives-what is online and what is not, websites and records (census, newspapers, directories, etc.).

You will gain research strategies to help you search for your Hungarian family. Learn how to use major online databases for Hungarian records. Determine what resources are available for your town and surname.


  • This Country Based Series includes three consecutive weeks of instruction
  • Personal Family Research with a JewishGen instructor guiding you
  • Readings, Assignments, Research Guidance
  • Weekly Zoom session


This is an intermediate level series that requires a surname and town in Hungary. Application required.


Tuition is $150 for 3 weeks.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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