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Immigration Study Group

Ever thought of joining other researchers in a study group?

Work together to trace your family's journey to America.

Learn how to use powerful mapping tools to reconstruct your family's voyage from their shtetl to the port of departure and onto the ship. Discover the fascinating details of how tickets were purchased and delivered, medical exams, papers, illegal crossings, shipping companies, agents, bribes, and the dangers faced by your ancestors.

Course Outline

  • Leaving the Former Residence
  • Port of Departure
  • Shipping Line
  • Intermediary Ports of Arrival
  • Port of Arrival
  • Manifest and Manifest Details
  • Final Destination

Skills you will learn

The voyage from the immigrants last residence to the final destination. How to use context information as indirect evidence to fill in when you do not have direct evidence. How to write a story based on the most likely evidence.

  • Imagine the immigrant's journey from last residence to final destination
  • Use context information as indirect evidence to fill in when you do not have direct evidence
  • Write an immigration story / narrative based on the most likely evidence.


Our study groups are peer-oriented and are led by a coordinator. They are set in a private discussion forum. This online forum is open 24/7, has no scheduled times as our students are international, enabling everyone to read/view/post at leisure. There are Sunday discussions via Zoom.


Students should feel comfortable with computers.

Choose an immigrant of interest

From the passenger manifest you will need the port of departure and the port of entry.

You will need the town of origin

Students will research online during the three weeks and interact in the discussions, then post their findings online.


Tuition for this course is $150. Class size is limited, and enrollment will close when course is full.

Contact Information

For any questions, email the instructor at

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