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56 Manor Street, Waterford (the former address of the
synagogue of the Waterford Hebrew Congregation) in September 2014
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City of Waterford

The city of Waterford (Irish: Port Lairge), in Southeast Ireland, lies a few miles inland from the coast.  Although geographically part of County Waterford, the city of Waterford has a separate administration, and was officially referred to as a “County Borough” until 2001, when the term was formally replace by “City”.  Waterford has a population of about 45,000.

Waterford Jewish Community

Individual Jews are known to have settled in Waterford from as early as 1701. However it was not until towards the end of the nineteenth century that there were sufficient numbers to establish an organised community and synagogue. The community never numbered much in excess of 60, probably reaching its peak just prior to World War I, and went into gradual decline during the interwar years. 

The following is the only Jewish congregation known to have existed in Waterford.

Congregational Data


Waterford Hebrew Congregation


56 Manor Street, Waterford

Date Founded:

1893 - First Jewish wedding performed in 1894

Current Status:



Ashkenazi Orthodox


There was no Jewish cemetery in Waterford


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