UKRAINE RD Town Leaders & Kehilalinks Owners

TownTown LeaderKehilaLinks or Website Owner
Aleksandrovsk (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Aleksinets (Volhynia Province) Ellen Garshick (Contact)  
Ananyev (Kherson Province) Andrea Massion (Contact) Andrea Massion (Contact) 
Andreyevka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Antonovka (Volhynia Province) Sammy Lerner (Contact)  
Balta (Podolia Province)  Sergio G. Rosarios (Contact) 
Bar (Podolia Province) Stefani Twyford (Contact) Stefani Twyford (Contact) 
Baranovka (Volhynia Province) Mary-Jane Roth (Contact)  
Bazaliya (Volhynia Province) Evan Perlman (Contact) Evan Perlman (Contact) 
Belaya Tserkov (Kiev Province) Mark Jacobson (Contact)  
Belilovka (Kiev Province) Mark Fainstein (Contact) Mark Fainstein (Contact) 
Belozirka (Volhynia Province) Sandra Crystall (Contact) Sandra Crystall (Contact) 
Berdichev (Kiev Province) Jorge Spunberg (Contact) Jorge Spunberg (Contact) 
Berdyansk (Taurida Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Berezna (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Berezno (Volhynia Province) Meredith Hoffman (Contact) Meredith Hoffman (Contact) 
Berezovka (Kherson Province) Iris Bellow (Contact) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) 
Bershad (Podolia Province) Paul Finelt (Contact) Paul Finelt (Contact) 
Bielogorodka (Volhynia Province) Kristen Simmons (Contact) Kristen Simmons (Contact) 
Bobrinets (Kherson Province) Joseph Rozhenko (Contact) Joseph Rozhenko (Contact) 
Bobrovy Kut (Kherson Province) Jonathon Podolsky (Contact) Jonathon Podolsky (Contact) 
Bogodarovka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Boguslav (Kiev Province)  This KehilaLinks needs an owner 
Bolshaya Seydeminukha (Kherson Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Bolshoy Tokmak (Taurida Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Borshchagovka (Kiev Province) Ben Zitomer (Contact) Ben Zitomer (Contact) 
Borzna (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) This KehilaLinks needs an owner, Richard Baum (Contact) 
Boyarka (Kiev Province) Jeremy Borovitz (Contact) Jeremy Borovitz (Contact) 
Brailov (Podolia Province) Rochelle Kaplan (Contact)  
Brusilov (Kiev Province) Yael Tavor (Contact) Yael Tavor (Contact) 
Buki (Kiev Province)  David Schreiber (Contact) 
Burty (Kiev Province) Joni Burt-Knapps (Contact) Joni Burt-Knapps (Contact) 
Chartorysk (Volhynia Province) Yehuda Rubin (Contact)  
Chechelnik (Podolia Province) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) 
Cherkassy (Kiev Province) Esther Rechtshafner (Contact) Esther Rechtshafner (Contact) 
Chernigov (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Chernyakhov (Volhynia Province) Arkady Brazin (Contact) Arkady Brazin (Contact) 
Chopovichi (Kiev Province) Dean Echenberg (Contact) Dean Echenberg (Contact) 
Chudnov (Volhynia Province) Ellen Shindelman Kowitt (Contact)  
Dashev (Kiev Province) Bonnie Blish (Contact) Bonnie Blish (Contact), Bonnie Blish (Contact) 
Derazhno (Volhynia Province) Phyllis Grossman (Contact) Phyllis Grossman (Contact) 
Derazhnya (Podolia Province) Gary Pokrassa (Contact)  
Dmitrevka (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Dobryanka (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Domanevka (Kherson Province) Susan MacLaughlin (Contact) Susan MacLaughlin (Contact) 
Dubno (Volhynia Province) Hal Bookbinder (Contact) Hal Bookbinder (Contact) 
Dubossary (Kherson Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Dunayevtsy (Podolia Province) Carol Rombro Rider (Contact) Carol Rombro Rider (Contact) 
Dzygovka (Podolia Province) Michael Maidenberg (Contact) Michael Maidenberg (Contact) 
Dzyunkov (Kiev Province) Asher Samuels (Contact)  
Efingar (Kherson Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Emilchino (Volhynia Province) Bruce Brown (Contact) Bruce Brown (Contact) 
Fastov (Kiev Province) Inna Minuk (Contact) Inna Minuk (Contact) 
Felshtin (Podolia Province) Alan Bernstein (Contact) Alan Bernstein (Contact) 
Gaysin (Podolia Province) Scott Whitman (Contact) Scott Whitman (Contact) 
Glukhov (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Golaya Pristan (Taurida Province) Manuel Meersohn (Contact) Manuel Meersohn (Contact) 
Goloby (Volhynia Province) Rona Katz (Contact)  
Golovanevsk (Podolia Province) Art Hoffman (Contact)  
Golta (Kherson Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  
Gorodishche (Kiev Province) Joseph Bekinschtein (Contact) Joseph Bekinschtein (Contact) 
Gorodok (Podolia Province) Steven Schreiber (Contact), Marc Goldberger (Contact) Marc Goldberger (Contact) 
Goshcha (Volhynia Province) Tania Kac (Contact) Tania Kac (Contact) 
Granov (Podolia Province) Rhoda Miller (Contact)  
Grigoriopol (Kherson Province) Jeff Wexler (Contact), Todd Cohn (Contact) Jeff Wexler (Contact), Todd Cohn (Contact) 
Gulyay Pole (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Horodnia (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Ignatovka (Kiev Province) Les Shipnuck (Contact) Les Shipnuck (Contact) 
Ilintsy (Kiev Province) Richard Kollins (Contact) Rick Kolinsky (Contact) 
Ivanov (Podolia Province) Andy Alpern (Contact)  
Ivnitsa (Volhynia Province) Irina Aksen (Contact)  
Kagarlyk (Kiev Province) Leah Hoffman (Contact)  
Kakhovka (Taurida Province) Chloe Kogan (Contact) Chloe Kogan (Contact) 
Kalinovka (Podolia Province)  Rose Avigael Feldman (Contact) 
Kamen Kashirskiy (Volhynia Province) Mark Heckman (Contact) Mark Heckman (Contact) 
Kamenets Podolskiy (Podolia Province) Sammy Lerner (Contact) Martin Davis (Contact) 
Kamenka (Podolia Province) Marilyn Feingold (Contact) Marilyn Feingold (Contact), Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Kamennyy Brod (Volhynia Province) Allan Dolgow (Contact) This KehilaLinks needs an owner 
Kanev (Kiev Province) Jonathan Rudolph (Contact)  
Kantakuzenka (Kherson Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  
Kerch (Taurida Province) Laurent Bonnet (Contact)  
Khabno (Kiev Province) Beatrice Markel (Contact)  
Khashchevata (Podolia Province) Yael Polat (Contact)  
Kherson (Kherson Province) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) 
Khlebodarovka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Khmelnik (Podolia Province) Alex Feller (Contact)  
Khodorkov (Kiev Province) Jen Mohr (Contact)  
Kiblitch (Podolia Province) Alex Feller (Contact)  
Kiev (Kiev Province) Richard Baum (Contact) Richard Baum (Contact) 
Kilikiev (Volhynia Province) Ivy Dennett-Thorpe (Contact)  
Klintsy (Chernigov Province) Jeff Kaiser (Contact)  
Kniazhe-Timanovka (Podolia Province) Marla Waltman (Contact) Marla Waltman (Contact) 
Kobilne (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Kolki (Volhynia Province) Andrew Blumberg (Contact) Andrew Blumberg (Contact) 
Konotop (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Kopaygorod (Podolia Province) Gregory Willis (Contact) Deborah Friedman (Contact), Gregory Willis (Contact) 
Korets (Volhynia Province) Rachel Goodman (Contact)  
Korsun (Kiev Province)  Michele Palmer (Contact), This KehilaLinks needs an owner 
Koshevata (Kiev Province) Joseph Walder (Contact) Joseph Walder (Contact) 
Kovel (Volhynia Province) Bruce Drake (Contact) Bruce Drake (Contact) 
Kozelets (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Krasilov (Volhynia Province) Barry Chernick (Contact) Barry Chernick (Contact) 
Krasnoselka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Krasnostav (Volhynia Province) Michael Levin (Contact) Michael Levin (Contact) 
Krasnoye (Podolia Province) Lara Diamond (Contact) Lara Diamond (Contact) 
Kremenets (Volhynia Province) Ellen Garshick (Contact) Ellen Garshick (Contact) 
Krolevets (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Kryzhopol (Podolia Province) Marla Waltman (Contact) Marla Waltman (Contact) 
Kulchiny (Volhynia Province)  David Winer (Contact) 
Kunev (Volhynia Province) Alec Berger (Contact) Alec Berger (Contact) 
Kupel (Volhynia Province) Steve Stein  Steve Stein  
Labun (Volhynia Province) Emily Garber (Contact) Emily Garber (Contact) 
Ladyzhin (Podolia Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact) Martin Harris (Contact) 
Lakhovtsy (Volhynia Province)  Miriam Kirshner (Contact) 
Letichev (Podolia Province) Avi Lichtenstein (Contact)  
Lipovets (Kiev Province) Larry Fleishman (Contact)  
Lishniovka (Volhynia Province) Heather Dubnick (Contact) Heather Dubnick (Contact) 
Losevka (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Lubny (Poltava Province) Lara Diamond (Contact) Lara Diamond (Contact) 
Ludvipol (Volhynia Province) Bernie Furshpan (Contact)  
Lutsk (Volhynia Province) Hana Abdul-Haq (Contact) Hana Abdul-Haq (Contact) 
Lvovo (Kherson Province)  Dmitri Abramson (Contact) 
Lyantskorun (Podolia Province) Gus Yusem (Contact)  
Lyubar (Volhynia Province) Ellen Shindelman Kowitt (Contact) Ellen Shindelman Kowitt (Contact) 
Makarov (Kiev Province) Howard Brown (Contact)  
Makhnovka (Kiev Province)  Tom Chatt (Contact) 
Malin (Kiev Province) Anya Givental (Contact) Anya Givental (Contact) 
Manevichi (Volhynia Province) Zvi Resnick (Contact)  
Mariupol (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Matsiov (Volhynia Province) Michael Starobinski (Contact) Michael Starobinski (Contact) 
Medzhibozh (Podolia Province) Renee Carl (Contact) Renee Carl (Contact) 
Melitopol (Taurida Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Mezherich (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Mezhirichi (Volhynia Province) Arkady Brazin (Contact), Ivy Dennett-Thorpe (Contact) Arkady Brazin (Contact), Ivy Dennett-Thorpe (Contact) 
Mikhailovka (Taurida Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Minkovtsy (Podolia Province) Barbara Ellman (Contact) Barbara Ellman (Contact) 
Miropol (Volhynia Province) Arkady Brazin (Contact), Mary-Jane Roth (Contact) Arkady Brazin (Contact) 
Mlinov (Volhynia Province) Howard Schwartz (Contact) Howard Schwartz (Contact) 
Mogilev (Podolia Province) Phyllis Gold Berenson (Contact) Joan Forman (Contact), Phyllis Gold Berenson (Contact), Phyllis Gold Berenson (Contact), Phyllis Gold Berenson (Contact), Phyllis Gold Berenson (Contact) 
Monastyrishche (Kiev Province) Barry Helfand (Contact) Barry Helfand (Contact) 
Moshny (Kiev Province) Karen Steinfeld (Contact) Karen Steinfeld (Contact) 
Murafa (Podolia Province) Zhenya Stekovic (Contact)  
Muravitsa (Volhynia Province) Howard Schwartz (Contact) Howard Schwartz (Contact) 
Myastkovka (Podolia Province) Victor Miller (Contact) Victor Miller (Contact) 
Nadezhnaya (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Nagartava (Kherson Province)  Noam Ben-Zvi (Contact) 
Narodichi (Volhynia Province) Jackye Sullins (Contact), Gil Bardige (Contact)  
Nechayevka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Niezhin (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Nikolayev (Kherson Province) Amira Hemme (Contact) Amira Hemme (Contact) 
Nikolayev (Podolia Province) Ellen Korpi (Contact)  
Nosovka (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Novaya Priluka (Kiev Province) Judith Wagner (Contact) Judith Wagner (Contact) 
Novaya Ushitsa (Podolia Province) Donna Rebecca Parmet (Contact) Janette Silverman (Contact) 
Novgorod Severskiy (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Novo Zlatopol (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Novograd Volynskiy (Volhynia Province) Josh Magid (Contact)  To be defined  
Novo-Konstantinov (Podolia Province) Avi Lichtenstein (Contact)  
Novo-Poltavka (Kherson Province) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) 
Novozybkov (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Obodovka (Podolia Province) Orit Barcay (Contact) Martin Harris (Contact), Orit Barcay (Contact) 
Odessa (Kherson Province) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) 
Olevsk (Volhynia Province) Zack Oryan Oracz (Contact) Zack Oryan Oracz (Contact) 
Olgopol (Podolia Province) Paul Finelt (Contact) Paul Finelt (Contact) 
Olviopol (Kherson Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  
Olyka (Volhynia Province) Toby Brief (Contact) Toby Brief (Contact) 
Orekhov (Taurida Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Osova (Volhynia Province) Phyllis Grossman (Contact) Phyllis Grossman (Contact) 
Oster (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Ostrog (Volhynia Province) Prentiss Smith (Contact) Prentiss Smith (Contact) 
Ostropol (Volhynia Province) Dean Echenberg (Contact) Dean Echenberg (Contact) 
Ovruch (Volhynia Province) Vladimir Talsky (Contact) Vladimir Talsky (Contact) 
Ozeryany (Volhynia Province) Mel Grizer (Contact), Roy Gerber (Contact) Mel Grizer (Contact), Roy Gerber (Contact) 
Pavoloch (Kiev Province)  Cherie Korer (Contact) 
Pereyaslav (Poltava Province) Bob Levy (Contact) Bob Levy (Contact) 
Peschanka (Podolia Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact) Ellen Garshick (Contact) 
Pilyava (Podolia Province) Manuel Meersohn (Contact) Manuel Meersohn (Contact) 
Pliskov (Kiev Province) Jerry Barrish (Contact) Jerry Barrish (Contact) 
Pochaev (Volhynia Province) Lisa Brahin Weinblatt (Contact)  
Pochep (Chernigov Province) Beth Galleto (Contact) Beth Galleto (Contact) 
Pogrebishche (Kiev Province) Joshua Skarf (Contact) Joshua Skarf (Contact) 
Pokotilova (Kiev Province) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) 
Polonnoye (Volhynia Province)  This KehilaLinks needs an owner 
Poninka (Volhynia Province) Linda Cantor (Contact) Linda Cantor (Contact) 
Poritzk (Volhynia Province) Amit Uria (Contact)  
Priluki (Poltava Province) Gregory Meyer (Contact) Gregory Meyer (Contact) 
Priyutnaya (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Proskurov (Podolia Province) David Cherson (Contact) David Cherson (Contact) 
Pyatigory (Kiev Province) Fern Blood (Contact) Fern Blood (Contact) 
Radomysl (Kiev Province) Brenda Freedland Pangborn (Contact) Brenda Freedland Pangborn (Contact) 
Radzivilov (Volhynia Province) Dan Sol (Contact) Dan Sol (Contact) 
Rafalovka (Volhynia Province)  Carol Deckelbaum  
Rashkov (Podolia Province) Igor Tinkelman (Contact)  
Ratno (Volhynia Province) Jodi Varon (Contact) Jodi Varon (Contact) 
Raygorod (Podolia Province) Cal Ennis (Contact) Cal Ennis (Contact) 
Rokitno (Volhynia Province) Ala Gamulka (Contact) Ala Gamulka (Contact) 
Romanovka (Kherson Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Romny (Poltava Province) Moshe Varshavsky (Contact)  
Roskoshnaya (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Rovno (Volhynia Province) Leah Teicher (Contact) Leah Teicher (Contact) 
Rovnopol (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Rozhev (Kiev Province) Beatrice Markel (Contact)  
Rozovka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Ruzhin (Kiev Province) David Gordon (Contact) David Gordon (Contact) 
Samgorodok (Kiev Province) Nathan C. Gabriel (Contact) Nathan C. Gabriel (Contact) 
Satanov (Podolia Province) Ina Tetiyevsky (Contact) Ina Tetiyevsky (Contact) 
Savran (Podolia Province) Shawn Weill (Contact) Shawn Weill (Contact) 
Shargorod (Podolia Province) Phyllis Gold Berenson (Contact)  
Shkarovka (Kiev Province) Joshua Skarf (Contact) Joshua Skarf (Contact) 
Shpikov (Podolia Province) Lara Diamond (Contact) Lara Diamond (Contact) 
Shumsk (Volhynia Province) Howard Freedman (Contact) Howard Freedman (Contact) 
Simferopol (Taurida Province) Esther Rechtshafner (Contact) Esther Rechtshafner (Contact) 
Sinyava Staraya (Podolia Province) Boris Lorberg (Contact) Boris Lorberg (Contact) 
Slavuta (Volhynia Province) Harris Faigel (Contact)  
Smiela (Kiev Province) Steven Rosenberg (Contact)  
Smotrich (Podolia Province) Lawrence Garter (Contact) Lawrence Garter (Contact) 
Snitkov (Podolia Province) Michelle Frager (Contact) Michelle Frager (Contact) 
Snovsk (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Sobolevka (Podolia Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  
Sofievka (Volhynia Province) Phyllis Grossman (Contact) Phyllis Grossman (Contact) 
Sokolovka (Kiev Province) Sarah Greenwald (Contact) Sarah Greenwald (Contact) 
Soroka (Kiev Province) Yael Goldmann (Contact)  
Sosnitsa (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Starodub (Chernigov Province) Tom Erribe (Contact) Tom Erribe (Contact) 
Starokonstantinov (Volhynia Province) Pam Smith (Contact) Pam Smith (Contact) 
Staryy Aleksinets (Volhynia Province) Ellen Garshick (Contact)  
Stavishche (Kiev Province) Lisa Brahin Weinblatt (Contact), Vivian Linderman (Contact) Vivian Linderman (Contact) 
Stepan (Volhynia Province)  Daniel Shimshak (Contact) 
Stepantsy (Kiev Province) Jonathan Rudolph (Contact) Jonathan Rudolph (Contact) 
Tarashcha (Kiev Province) Richard Baum (Contact) Richard Baum (Contact) 
Teofipol (Volhynia Province) Scott A. Becker (Contact) Scott A. Becker (Contact) 
Teplik (Podolia Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  
Terlitsa (Kiev Province) Julia Lombardo (Contact) Julia Lombardo (Contact) 
Ternovka (Podolia Province) Rosemarie Cohen (Contact), Rosemarie Cohen (Contact) Rosemarie Cohen (Contact), Rosemarie Cohen (Contact) 
Tetiev (Kiev Province) Cal Ennis (Contact) Irwin B. Margiloff (Contact) 
Tiraspol (Kherson Province) Jeff Wexler (Contact) Inna Vayner (Contact) 
Trostyanets (Podolia Province) Victor Miller (Contact) Wayne Frankel (Contact) 
Trudoliubovka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Tsarakonstantinovka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Tsibulev (Kiev Province) Jeremiah Cetlin Wilson (Contact)  
Tuchin (Volhynia Province) David Brill (Contact) David Brill (Contact) 
Tulchin (Podolia Province) Pam Pier (Contact) Pam Pier (Contact) 
Ulanov (Podolia Province)  Sharen Rozen (Contact) 
Uman (Kiev Province) Gary Katz (Contact), Gary Katz (Contact) Gary Katz (Contact) 
Ushomir (Volhynia Province) Marsha Bienenstock (Contact) Marsha Bienenstock (Contact) 
Vasilkovka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Verbovets (Podolia Province) Sandy Aaronson (Contact) Sandy Aaronson (Contact) 
Verkhnedneprovsk (Yekaterinoslav Province) Joseph Bekinschtein (Contact) Joseph Bekinschtein (Contact) 
Verkhovka (Podolia Province) Stefani Twyford (Contact) Stefani Twyford (Contact) 
Vesolyia (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Vinograd (Kiev Province) Jack Minzer (Contact)  
Vishnevets (Volhynia Province) Ellen Garshick (Contact) This KehilaLinks needs an owner 
Vladimirets (Volhynia Province) Terryn Barill (Contact) Terryn Barill (Contact) 
Volkovintsy (Podolia Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  
Volochisk (Volhynia Province) Sharon Zane (Contact) Helen May (Contact) 
Voronkov (Poltava Province) Jeff Marx (Contact) Jeff Marx (Contact) 
Voronovitsa (Podolia Province) Assaf Patir (Contact) Assaf Patir (Contact) 
Voznesensk (Kherson Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  
Vyshgorodok (Volhynia Province) Sharon Zane (Contact) Sharon Zane (Contact) 
Vysotsk (Volhynia Province) Judy Begin (Contact) Judy Begin (Contact) 
Yagotin (Poltava Province) Deb Skolnick (Contact) Deb Skolnick (Contact) 
Yampol (Podolia Province) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact) 
Yanushpol (Volhynia Province) Marilyn Ginsburg (Contact)  
Yarmolintsy (Podolia Province) Sammy Lerner (Contact)  
Yaruga (Podolia Province) Marina Nevyarovskiy (Contact) Marina Nevyarovskiy (Contact) 
Yekaterinoslav (Yekaterinoslav Province) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact), Joseph Bekinschtein (Contact) Sylvia Walowitz (Contact), Joseph Bekinschtein (Contact) 
Yelisavetgrad (Kherson Province) Harry Boonin (Contact)  
Yuzovka (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact), Liza Giller (Contact) 
Zaslav (Volhynia Province) Barry Sieger (Contact) Barry Sieger (Contact) 
Zatishye (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Zelenopole (Yekaterinoslav Province)  Chaim Freedman (Contact) 
Zhabokrich (Podolia Province) Marla Waltman (Contact) Marla Waltman (Contact) 
Zhashkov (Kiev Province) Jerome Hoffman (Contact) Jerome Hoffman (Contact) 
Zhitomir (Volhynia Province) Scott Heskes (Contact) Scott Heskes (Contact) 
Zhivotov (Kiev Province) Igor Schein (Contact) Igor Schein (Contact) 
Zhvanets (Podolia Province) Randy Fishbein (Contact) Randy Fishbein (Contact) 
Zinkov (Podolia Province) Linda Shefler (Contact) Linda Shefler (Contact) 
Zinkovtsy (Podolia Province) Sammy Lerner (Contact)  
Zlatopol (Kiev Province) Talia Kogan (Contact) Janette Silverman (Contact) 
Zolotonosha (Poltava Province) Gary Pokrassa (Contact) Gary Pokrassa (Contact) 
Zvenigorodka (Kiev Province) Arlene Goldfus Lutz (Contact) Arlene Goldfus Lutz (Contact) 
Zyatkovets (Podolia Province) Jeremy Kotlyer (Contact)  

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