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Town Leader: Tom Erribe

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1900s Name: Borzna
1900s District: Borzna
1900s Province: Chernigov
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Borzna, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Борзна  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Борзна  listen town name in russian

1930s: Borzna, Chernigov, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union
1950s: Borzna, Soviet Union

Other names: Borzna [Rus, Ukr, Yid, Pol], Borsna [Ger]

51°15'N 32°26'E Mapquest Google Maps

Borzna website is SIG-sponsored.: The Borzna KehilaLinks website was created by Ukraine SIG. It needs an 'Owner'. There is an independent Borzna webpage, not part of JewishGen. It is on the Chernigov province website on Rootsweb.


Fundraising Project, Chernigov Region Cemeteries, BorznaEric FeinsteinIn progress
The JOWBR of JewishGen in coordination with the Ukraine Chernigov Research group of Rootsweb and the Ukraine SIG are working together to photograph and document all the remaining graves and headstones in the Jewish cemeteries found in Chernigov Gubernia or Province in Ukraine. Local photographers will be hired and the photographing will take place according to JOWBR guidelines in order to register all the names and inscription information in the JOWBR database. The towns scheduled to be photographed will be Chernigov, Borzna, Glukhov, Gorodnya, Konotop, Kozelets, Krolevets, Mglin, Nezhin, Novgorod-Seversk, Novozybkov, Oster, Sosnitsa, Starodub, Surazh, and Priluki.
Information about pogroms in the province of Chernigov: Borzha, Korol, Krolevetz, KozJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Information about pogroms in the province of Chernigov: Borzha, Korol, Krolevetz, Kozelets with dead list.
List of dead Rechitsa district; Bobrovitz places and cities, (Polish rabbi"s public data) Ivan-gorod, Kanev, Uman. (data from rabbi of Uman)

Case: statistics of pogroms in Ukraine and Belarus, 1919-1921; Russian, Yiddish; CAHJP HM2/9956.4.

Committee for Assistance to jewish victims of pogromKiev National Historical Archive from Ukraine

Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Family Records, FHL Catalog Entry, Borzna town & district 1882-19101882-1910
6 microfilms, FHL Catalog entry for Oster district
Records of births, marriages, divorces, and deaths from the Jewish community in Cherkassy, Cherkassy, Kiev, Russia; later known as Cherkasy, Cherkasy, Cherkasy, Ukraine. Included are records from Jewish communities in Russkaya Polyana, Lomovatoe, Zmagayovka, Leski, Dakhnovka, and other neighboring towns. Text in Russian and Hebrew.br>
Fond 387; Opis 1; Dela 1-39
Fond 650; Opis 1; Delo 6
Fond 931; Opis 1; Dela 3069a, 3072a, 3074a, 3078a, 3081a, 3089a, 3169a, 3370, 3396-3397, 3519-3520, 3540, 3574, 3576, 3601, 3626a, 3649-3652, 3678-3679, 3683, 3708, 3754-3755, 3776, 3791-3792, 3831-3833, 3860-3861, 3886, 3888, 3907, 3937, 3985, 4019, 4053, 4237, 4270-4271, 4279, 4329, 4368, 4395a-4395b. 
Microfilm Nos. 1222346, 1409779-1409782, 1696867
Military Records, FHL Catalog Entry, Borzna town & district 18451845
1 microfilms, FHL Catalog entry
Military records (recruitment and conscription lists) for Borzna district, Chernigov, Russia; Includes Jewish records. Also includes miscellaneous documents of the city council. Text in Russian.
Fond 819, Opis 1, Delo 114
Microfilm No. 2396611 Item 5
Slownik Geograficzny, Borzna
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Master Name Index for Borzna

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