Faces from Kherson

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Goldie and Samuel were born and married in Elisabethgrad. They emigrated to England c. 1885 with their oldest children. After the birth of another child, they continued to the US . Goldie's picture was taken in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1897. They settled in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Samuel Torgan died in 1919, in Providence, Rhode Island.     Photo courtesy of Sydney Herbert.

Goldie Dubin Torgan

Samuel Torghin / Torgan

Born Gelde DUBINSKY to Yankle and Leya DUBINSKY in 1858 
Samuel TORGHIN (later TORGAN)
Born Henkel Leib Torchan to Henkel and Schindla Torchin in 1850

The Torgan family

Goldie and Samuel Torgan with their four children
The children Jack Lewis and Ida were both born in Yelizavetgrad, the third was born in England, the fourth in the United States.



by Ray Cannata

Ray Cannata recovered these photos, amongst hundreds, from the ruins of his great-great-grandmother's house, as it was in the process of being demolished. The last family member to live there had not maintained it, and was a hoarder, so the photos were both buried and protected by layers of trash.

With the help of many family members and diligent research, he was able to identify many of the individuals in the photos.

Srul Poberjesky
Srul POBERJESKY was my 3x-great grandfather, born c. 1840s in Elizavetgrad, to Yonia and Mania. The photo is dated 28 Jan. 1913. Photo courtesy of Ray Cannata.


Revel Poberjesky, about 1894
Revel POBERJESKY (1875-1961) and probably a younger brother taken in Elizavetgrad around 1894. Photo courtesy of Ray Cannata.


Meir leib Siebelewsky
Meir Leib SIEBELEWSKY and his 2nd wife on their wedding day in 1883. Photo courtesy of Ray Cannata


The Siebelewsky family
SIEBELEWSKY family 1894.
Alter SIEBELEWSKY (TSIBULEVSKY) 1865-1911, wife Gittel 'Katia' POBERJESKY SIEBELEWSKY 1869-1940, and children Victor, Peter and Ruth SIEBEL. Photo was taken Sept. 27, 1894 in NYC, about three years after they fled Elizavetgrad for political reasons (Katia and Alter were radicals).
Photo courtesy of Ray Cannata.


The BUDNECHANKOs (CHANKOs) immigrated from Elizavetgrad to Philadelphia on Nov. 4, 1904. This photo of Revel POBERESKY (1875-1961) and Louis CHANKO and their first four children was taken about 1906 in NYC, two years after their immigration.
Photo courtesy of Ray Cannata.


Max Gordon
Sara Gordon
Max GORDON, aka Michael Lazar Ilyeshev GORDON;
A photo of a painting. Photo courtesy of Linda Silverman Shefler
Sarah GORDON, A photo of a painting. photo courtesy of Linda Silverman Shefler


Faces from Odessa


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Bety Himelfarb and her children
  Joseph and Betty Himmelfarb
Betty Himmelfarb and her children
Taken in Odessa c. 1905.
Betty 'Beila bat Moshe' (ZIPORKIS) HIMMELFARB (1873 - 1940) with her children:
on floor: Pauline HIMMELFARB (1902 - 1977); Moshe HIMMELFARB (1899 - 1983); upper center, daughter's name and dates unknown.
Joseph HIMMELFARB, Beila's husband, emigrated to Canada in 1905.  Photo courtesy of Barbara Stephenson.
Joseph and Betty (nee ZIPORKIS) HIMMELFARB
Taken in Odessa c. 1898 (probably around their wedding date.)  Photo courtesy of Barbara Stephenson.