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Gotlibovich photos courtesy of Florence Nerenburg Elman.

Pesach Gotlibovich
Gitl Gotlibovich (nee ?)

Maternal great-grandfather: Pesach GOTLIBOVICH. (Circa 1849-1918). Photo circa 1907 Cherkassy, Kiev.

The best Greeting Card Ever Sent
Holding a card on which he wrote
'Peace be with you. Regards from the mishpocha; from your father who sends greetings to each seed, seed, seed ... and every one of the children. Pesach Yehudovich Gotlibovich, 17 Tishri 5666'.

My maternal great-grandmother, Gitl [maiden name unknown] GOTLIBOVICH, (circa 1855-1925). Photo circa 1907, Cherkassy, Kiev.

Gotlibovich family in 1910
Yehudah Gotlibovich
Basheva, Esther, Ilya & Yehuda GOTLIBOVICH - c. 1910 in Cherkassy, Kiev. Yehuda GOTLIBOVICH, decades later

Gotlibovich family in 1924 Gotlibovich famikly in 1925
GOTLIBOVICH family in Cherkassy, c.1924
Ovsey Meir (Yehoshua Meir), Yefim (Chaim Gadiel), & Ovsey's wife Geleya Yankeleva (nee Braginskaya)
GOTLIBOVICH family in Cherkassy c.1925
Chaim Gadiel (Yefim), Yehuda, Basya, Esther, Anya & Ilya in Cherkassy.

Khariton family
Max SABBATH nee KHARITON and his parents Leib and Ruth KHARITON, 1884 in Dashev. Photo courtesy of Bonnie Blish, JGen researcher #129405..

This picture, taken in 1884 in Dashev, was a treasured remembrance after Max and his wife and children emigrated in 1906. The name of Max's sister in this picture is not known. She is probably the mother of Nikolai below.
Leib was recorded in the 1906 Kiev Duma Records as Leib Nakhmanovich Khariton, as a property owner with property valued at 150 rubles. LIke Leib, there were two other men with the surname Khariton and the patrynomic Nakhmanovich in that Duma list. They may have been Leib's brothers.

Nikolai from Dashev
Nikolai from Dashev
Nikolai, grandson of Leib KHARITON and family, 1930. Photo courtesy of Bonnie Blish.

Max SABBATH nee KHARITON (1878-1956) was sent these pictures in 1930 by his "nephew" Nicholai, who was still living in Dashev. Nikolai's last name is not known. Presumably he is the son of Max's sister (name unknown)


Moisha Kandel and his family, the Apples
This photo was taken in 1904 in Machnovka, Ukraine. The people in it are: Golda Apple (born about 1898), Moishe Kandel (born about 1820), Harry Apple (born 1890), Sarah Kandel Apple (born about 1860, daughter of Moishe, mother of the children), Dora Apple (born 1901). Shortly after the photo, Sarah and the children left for America, to join her husband Leib and oldest son Sam in Philadelphia.
Photo courtesy of Vivian Singer.

Wolinsky Greenberg family
The older woman in the middle of the front row is Ita Wolinsky Greenberg. She was born in Boguslav, immigrated first to Odessa, then to Alexandria, to Palestine, and finally settled in Melbourne. Photo and notes courtesy of Steve Orlen.
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