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Town Leader: Ron Doctor

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1900s Name: Aleksinets
1900s District: Kremenets
1900s Province: Volhynia
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Novyy Oleksinets, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Новий Олексинець  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Новый Олексинец  listen town name in russian

1930s: Nowy Oleksiniec, Krzemieniec, Wołyń, Poland
1950s: Novyy Oleksinets, Soviet Union

Other names: Novyy Oleksinets [Rus], Nowy Oleksiniec [Pol], Aleksnitz [Yid], Oleksinets Novy, Olekiniec-Nowy, Novyy Aleksinets, Nove-Oleksynec, Novyolekcenez

49°50'N 25°30'E Mapquest Google Maps

Staryy and Novvy Aleksinets: In the 1900s time period, they were two separate, but very closely related, towns according to some documents that Ron Doctor has. At that time, they were not just contiguous neighborhoods. He surmises from the histories he has read that originally the town now known as Staryy Aleksinets was called Aleksinets. At some point people moved to the other side of the river and created a new town which was named Novyy Oleksinets (with an O, not an A). At that point the previous town became known as Staryy Aleksinets. Most, but not all, of the Jews lived in Novyy Oleksinets.

Aleksinets data on Kremenets KehilaLinks website: The Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG) collects documents and datasets for towns of the Kremenets District. Aleksinets is one of those towns. To see what is available for Aleksinets go to the Kremenets KehilaLinks website (http://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/Kremenets/web-pages/about-kremenets.html). On the Research Menu, select Concordance. The Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names is a master index of all information collected by KDRG. Please be sure to read the Introduction and Guide to the Concordance to learn how to interpret the abbreviations in the 'Source' and 'Location in Source' columns. Whenever a KehilaLinks website for Aleksinets is developed, it will include links to the KDRG materials. For more information contact Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com).


Records of marriages of Jews in Oleksiniets, 1878-1885, 1886 … 1913 x 1902Ron DoctorIn progress
Oleksiniets marriages

Oleksiniets Marriages; 1878-1885; 103 pages; Russ + Hebr; Fond 484, Opis 1, Sp 113; File Nos 9312-9414
Oleksiniets Marriages; 1886 … 1913
x 1902; 661 pages; Russ + Hebr; Fond 484, Opis 1, Sp 114; File Nos 1841-2501
Records of deaths of Jews in Oleksiniets, 1881 … 1895 x 1883, 1889, 1908 … 191 x 1909Ron DoctorIn progress
Oleksiniets Deaths

Oleksiniets Deaths; 1881 … 1895
x 1883, 1889; 274 pages; Russ + Hebr; Fond 484, Opis 1, Sp 116; File Nos 1567-1840
Oleksiniets Deaths; 1908 … 191
x 1909; 119 pages; Russ + Hebr; Fond 484, Opis 1, Sp 119; File Nos 1448-1556
Aleksinets EIDB Reindexing of Unindexed FieldsSusan SobelIn progress
EIDB Reindexing of Unindexed Fields for the town of Aleksinets
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Vital Records Translations, Aleksinets Births, 1878-19131878-1913
Translation of 10,924 birth records for Kremenets District towns for the period 1870-1938. The Kremenets town records are on microfilm at the Mormon Family History Library. Records for other towns were obtained from the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (Hebrew University, Jerusalem).

Kremenets (8,727 records from LDS microfilms):
Belozerka (30 records from Central Archives):
  1905 births
Katerinovka (763 records from Central Archives)
  1885, 1887-1895, 1900-1904, 1907-1911, 1913-1916, 1920, 1922-1931, 1937-1938
Oleksinets (240 records from Central Archives)
  1878-1883, 1892, 1896-1898, 1900-1901, 1903-1904, 1906, 1910, 1913
Velikiye Berezhtsy (299 records from Central Archives)
  1878-1887, 1889-1895, 1900-1901, 1904-1905, 1907-1908, 1912-1913
Vyshgorodok (825 records from Central Archives)
  1878-1889. 1895-1900

Birth records for Jews who were registered in each of these towns also appear in the Kremenets Town birth records. So, be sure to re-sort the spreadsheet by town name to see all the records for Jews registered in your town.

To begin your search, check the Kremenets
Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names.
 It is a master index to all the datasets translated by the Kremenets District Research Group. The Concordance will tell you which microfilm(s) have the records you seek and where the records are on the microfilm. The document 
Introduction and Guide to the Concordance tells you how to interpret the "Source" and "Location in Source" information that is in the Concordance.

You also can search the Kremenets vital records on the website of 
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland (JRI-Poland) and in the JewishGen Ukraine Database.
Migration: Passports, Aleksinets1933
Passports for emigration from Novyy Oleksinets to Israel
CAHJP Documents, 1849 Bet-midrash List, Staryy Aleksinets1849
Lists of 1,360 names + text. 55 pp., Russian, handwritten, KDRG Doc 042, CAHJP Catalog No. HM2-9540.1. This document has not yet been translated. 
Title is, “Volhyn Province Schools" Board of Directors. Lists of bet-midrashes in Volhyn Province, lists of Jewish communities" members.” 
Volhyn province bet-midrash registers, Data on number of synagogue communities and rabbi"s names in Zaslav, Ostrog  district and boroughs, Krzemieniec, Belozerka, Berezhy, Vishnevets, Vyshgorodok, Katerburg, Lanovtsy, Staryy Aleksinets, Pochayev, Radzivilov, Shushki, Yampol, also name lists of synagogue  communities of  Dubno, Varkovichi, Rovno, Berezno, Mezhirichi (Rovno district). 
Contact Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com) for more information.
See more Aleksinets collections


Ukraine Journal: A Genealogical Journey to Warsaw and Ukraine (2002)Travel ReportsRon Doctor
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