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1900s Name: Ostrog
1900s District: Ostrog
1900s Province: Volhynia
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Ostroh, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Острог  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Острог  listen town name in russian

1930s: Ostrog, Zdołbunów, Wołyń, Poland
1950s: Ostrog, Soviet Union

Other names: Ostroh [Ukr], Ostrog [Rus, Yid], Ostrog [Pol], Ostra, Ostraha, Ostre

50°20'N 26°31'E Mapquest Google Maps


Project Short DescriptionStatusView
Liquidation of OZPP in Wolyn territory, 1934In progress
Coordinator: Ron Doctor
Report related to the liquidation of OZPP in Wolyn territory and searches of the party members homes.  Party members whose homes were searched by the police are listed. Searches were conducted in: Wlodzimierz, Ostrog, Wisniowiec, Dubno, Hoszcza, Tuczyn, Miedzyrzec (Korecki), Rowne, Luck and Luck district, Kowel, Mielnica, Maniewicze, Holoby and Turzysk; 1934; HM 2-9631.19; Polish. Originally from  GAVO - Government Archives of Luck Province, Fond 1, Opis 2, Delo 4452.
Memorials of Jewish communities, Krzemieniec, Kalisz, Ostrog, Wlodzimierz, 1779-1780In progress
Coordinator: Ron Doctor
1. Memorials* (Journals) of the Jewish communities in towns Krzemieniec, Kalisz, Ostrog and Wlodzimierz regarding the extension of the loans repayment.  2. Testimony related to repayment loan by Poznan synagogue.  3. Kazimierz Synagogue Supplication related to the students bad behavior.  4. Complaints by the lessees Berko Wolowicz and Nosen Moszkowicz against the owner Knihininski.; 1779-1780; HM 2-8992.18; Polish; ; Originally from Moscow Archives GADA Fond 1603 Opis 1 delo 102
Fundraising Project, Ostroh (Ostrog) Document Acquisition and Translation ProjectsIn progress
Coordinator: Mel Werbach
A trilingual translator will extract data from the original records, translate them into English, and enter the data into a spreadsheet template provided by JewishGen.  Once those tasks are complete, JewishGen will integrate the new data into the JewishGen Ukraine Database
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Joint Distribution Committee, Ostrog1917-1990
Names and items (artifacts, documents, index cards, lists, prints, and remitters) in the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) Archives that are associated with Kremenets-district and nearby towns, with links to the items.												
Kremenets-district towns found in the materials are Kozin, Kremenets, Lanovtsy, Oleksinets, Pochayev, Podbereztsy, Radzivilov, Shumsk, Vishnevets, Vyshgorodok, and Yampol. Also included are items related to Aleksandriya, Annopol, Antonovka, Baranovka, Berestechko, Boremel, Goshcha, Kilikiev, Kuty, Mezherichi (Ostrog district), Mezhirichi (Rovno district), and Ostrog. [This is a large file.]												
Names and towns are indexed in the searchable  Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names, a master index of all information collected by the Kremenets District Research Group.
CAHJP Catalog Cards, Ostrog
Photos of 121 Ostrog catalog cards from the CAHJP. Russian, Polish. Translations are in progress. Contact 
Janette Silverman for more information.
Mazkeret li-gedole Ostrah', Ostrog1907
This book, by Menahem Mendel Biber, is a seminal text on the history and people of Ostrog. It was published by Bi-defus shel H.Y. Sheptil in Berdichev and is
Written in Hebrew. The Library Of Congress Catalog No. is DS135 R93 O7. It is available by free download from many online websites, including Open Library and Internet Library. Do a Google search on the title to find more download sites.
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