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Town Leader: Richard Baum

JewishGen KehilaLinks: http://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/kyyiv/
KehilaLinks Status: Finished

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1900s Name: Kiev
1900s District: Kiev
1900s Province: Kiev
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Kyyiv, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Київ  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Киев  listen town name in russian

1930s: Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union
1950s: Kiev, Soviet Union

Other names: Kyyiv [Ukr], Kiev [Rus, Yid], Kijow [Pol], Kijew [Ger], Kyïv, Kief, Kiyev, Kiew, Kyiv

50°26'N 30°31'E Mapquest Google Maps


Cemeteries: Documentation for JOWBR, Kiev, Canadian landsmanshaftn Not assignedOngoing
Photograph, Translate and index cemetery gravestones for 3 Kiev landsmanshaftn cemeteries in Canada.
On the transfer of the supervisor of the top-ranked Berdichev Jewish state school to Not assignedNot Yet Started
On the transfer of the supervisor of the top-ranked Berdichev Jewish state school to Kamenets-Podolskiy, and of a teacher of this school to the Mogilev-Podolskiy Jewish state school, as supervisor, 1859-1862, Russian, HM2/9686.18.

Office of the Kiev school districtTSGIAU, Kiev, Fond 707, Opis 25 Delo 54
Minutes of the Presidium on issues of aid to local departments and other Jewish organ Not assignedNot Yet Started
Minutes of the Presidium on issues of aid to local departments and other Jewish organizations, including on professional education and the development of argicultural workshops jointly with ORT. Reports: a) the situation in Ukraine (pogroms in Gorodishche, Makarovo; self-defense in Boguslav, Tarashche; on refugees); b) the condition of Jews living in the highlands of Terskaja province (Kizljar, Mozdok, Pjatigorsk, Khasavjurt); the pogrom in Mozyr and aid extended to help Jews in Gomel" and Minsk.  Materials from the Plenum in Kiev (17.01.1921) about the departure (resignation?) of EKOPO, OZE, ORT from the Jewish Community Committee; proposal from D. Gofshtejn and M. Shagal  to publish a collection to benefit victims of pogroms. Horrifying documents, Russian, plus one line of either Hebrew or Yiddish script, 1921, CAHJP HM2/9861.7.

Mozdok (Terskaja Province) Jewish Community Committee (Evobshchestkom) of Kiev (Committee to Aid Victims of Pogroms)
GAKO, Kiev, Fond 3050, Inv. 1, File 82A
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Oster Town 1867-19201867-1920
1 microfilm reels at FHL
"Registers of Jewish births and marriages for the Oster uezd (district), Chernigov, Russia; later split amongst Kozelets, Chernihiv, Ukraine; Brovary, Kiev, Ukraine; and Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine/b>. Text in Russian and Hebrew.
Fond 679, Opis 10, Dela 3591-3595.
Microfilm Nos. 2392160
Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Kiev Town 18501850
1 microfilm for Kiev, Jewish vital records.
Registers of Jewish births for the Kiev district, Kiev, Russia; Text in Russian and Hebrew. 
Fond 1164, Opis 1, Delo 1a
Microfilm No. 2410368 Item 4, 1850 Births.  Transcribed and submitted to JewishGen.
Names List, 1st Guild Merchants, Kiev, 19081908
277 names of 1st Guild Merchants of Kyiv. Some are not Jewish. Some entries give the geographic area the listed person is from. The original list is in Russian. It was created by Natalie and was posted in two parts on the
rusgenealogy.clan.su website. 
Richie Baum, Ukraine SIG"s Town Leader for Kyiv has posted the list, both the Russian original and an English list, on the Kiev KehilaLinks website. However, the English list is a "translation" of the surnames and town names instead of a "transliteration". Use caution when reviewing the English list.
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Master Name Index for Kiev

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Report on trip to Ukraine and Azerbaijan, April 20 - May 2, 2015Travel ReportsRobert J. Berg
Ukraine Journal: A Genealogical Journey to Warsaw and Ukraine (2002)Travel ReportsRon Doctor
Lost Recipes: Pachah (garlic soup)Recipes 
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