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Yizkor Book Translations Projects

Yizkor Books are a great source of Genealogical information. We have more than 70 Yizkor books at JewishGen, for towns in Bessarabia/Moldova. 36 of them are from Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Romania, vol.1 and 2, and all were translated. Some of other books were also translated, and published by JewishGen. Several books are in the process of translation, but many books have only Table of Content available.

The role of our Bessarabia/Moldova community is to change it, and to translate all the available books! There are two ways of translating Yizkor Books. One is to collect funds and hire a professional translator. The second way is to find a person with very good Hebrew and English and ask to translate a chapter or two. We, at JewishGen are using both of these methods.

A lot of original Yizkor Books in Hebrew, Yiddish are available at (at NY Public Library).

Please let our SIG know if you are interested in Yizkor book translation, maybe you can be a project leader for such work, or can translate a chapter or two from such books.

Geographic AreaProject Short DescriptionStatusView
GeneralTranslate Bessarabia towns Yizkor books In progress
Coordinator: Yefim Kogan
Make efforts from the group to translate Bessarabia towns Yizkor books (some are already in progress or translated). Also translate Bessarabia Yizkor books created by different people in 1952, 1959, 1971 and 1973. (Hebrew, Yiddish). We need a project coordinator who first will assess of how many books for Bessarabian towns are available and in what languages and what has already been translated.
Akkerman (Town)Yizkor book translation: Akkerman and the Towns of its District; Memorial BookPartially submitted
Coordinator: Vincent Vagman
Ataki (Town)Yizkor book translation: Memorial for AtakyNot Yet Started
Coordinator:  Volunteer needed  
Need someone to lead this project, translate the chapters
Bendery (Town)Yizkor book translation: Bendery Community Yizkor BookCompleted
Coordinator: Gloria Green
Bendery Yizkor Book was translated by Ala Gamulka, available online, and also the book was published by JewishGen in hard copy.
Dombroveny (Town)Yizkor book translation: Memorial to the first Jewish Agricultural Colony in BessarabiaNot Yet Started
Coordinator: Peter Seltser
Only Table of content and Dombroven Partial Residents" List submitted to JG.

Need Project Coordinator to work on it.
Edintsy (Town)Yizkor book translation: Yad l'Yedinitz; memorial bookPartially submitted
Coordinator: Eric Schwartzman
A number of chapters from the book were translated.
Kapreshty (Town)Yizkor bookTranslation: Kapresht, Our Village; Memorial Book Partially submitted
Coordinator: Patricia Klindienst
JG collects funds for this project.  Many chapters are completed and available at JewishGen.
Bessarabia (Province)Yizkor book translation: The Jews in Bessarabia; Between the World Wars 1914-1940In progress
Coordinator: Yefim Kogan
(January, 2018)  Project started.
Kishinev (Town)Yizkor book translation: The Jews of KishinevCompleted
Coordinator: Yefim Kogan
November, 2017.  The book is almost completed.  there is only one chapter to finish.

December, 2017.  The book is completed.
Markuleshty (Town)Yizkor book translation: Markuleshty; Memorial to a Jewish Colony in BessarabiaPartially submitted
Very little was translated from this book.
Novoselitsa (Town)Yizkor book translation: In Memory of Novoselitsa (Bessarabia); Its Fate During the HolocaustPartially submitted
Several chapters were translated
Rezina (Town)Yizkor book translation: My Memoirs and Thoughts (Rezina)Completed
Coordinator: Anne Barash
Sekareny (Town)Yizkor book translation: Sekiryani, Bessarabia - alive and destroyed Partially submitted
Coordinator: Carla Brauer-Lalezari
November, 2017.  A number of chapters were translated and submitted to JewishGen.
Teleneshty (Town)Yizkor book translation: Yizkor Book of the Jews of Teleneshty of BessarabiaPartially submitted
Translation project started, and only several chapters were completed.

Total: 14 records

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