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The discussion about Bessarbian food and recipes began as a simple post on the Bessarabia SIG for some recipes and names of dishes unique to our area. This quickly turned into a passionate discussion about Bessarabian, Moldovan and Romanian food. The discussion brought back many memories for our group of days gone by. Time spent with a grandparent, parent or friend who cooked the most amazing regional dishes that were traditional of our area. Our enthusiastic group shared so many wonderful memories of foods that it was suggested we write them down, collect recipes and share! This is an ongoing project - if you have memories and recipes to share please contact us.


Desiree Gil, Swampscott, MA (Project Leader)

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GeneralAndre Rieu Plays: Recipes 
GeneralApple KnishesRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralBagelsRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralBarry Sisters - Rumania, Rumania Recipes 
  Roumania Roumania 

 Rumania, Rumania, Rumania...
 Once there was a land, sweet and lovely.
 Oh! Rumania, Rumania, Rumania
 Once there was a land, sweet and fine.
 To live there is a pleasure;
 What your heart desires you can get:
 A mamalige, a pastrami, a karnatzl,
 And a glass of wine!
 In Rumania life is so good;
 No one knows of care;
 Everywhere they
GeneralBery Burdin Sanford's story from Izmail and GalatiRecipesBob and Bery Sanford, Boston, MA 
GeneralCheese BagelachRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralChicken Fat & GrievenRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralChicken SoupRecipesDesiree Gil, Swampscott, MA 
GeneralChifteleRecipesBob and Bery Sanford, Boston, MA 
GeneralCucumber pickles, or pickled tomatoesRecipesBob and Bery Sanford, Boston, MA 
GeneralFood MemoirsRecipesYefim Kogan
GeneralFood MemoriesRecipesDesiree Gil, Swampscott, MA 
GeneralGefilte FishRecipesInna Vayner
GeneralGrandma Amalia makes FludnRecipesCassio Tolpolar
GeneralGrandma Makes MamaligaRecipesCassio Tolpolar
GeneralGrandma Makes VarenikesRecipesCassio Tolpolar
GeneralGribenes, Yuch/Yoich with memories of Nathan Wishniewsky HarrisRecipesCraig Harris 
GeneralHamantaschenRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralLatkes from IzmailRecipesDesiree Gil, Swampscott, MA 
GeneralMalai RecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralMititeiRecipesBob and Bery Sanford, Boston, MA 
GeneralMititeiRecipes Paul Fayngersh, Brooklyn, NY 
GeneralMujdei de usturoiRecipesOlivia Jifcovici, Bucharest, Romania 
GeneralPassover BagelRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralPickled HerringRecipesBob and Bery Sanford, Boston, MA 
GeneralPickled WatermelonRecipesBob and Bery Sanford, Boston, MA 
GeneralPotato KnishesRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralRoza from Khotyn makes Kashe VarnichkesRecipesRoza from Khotyn 
GeneralRugelach with sour cherryRecipesInna Vayner
GeneralRugulachRecipesGene Baumwoll 
GeneralSalata de IkreRecipesDesiree Gil, Swampscott, MA 
GeneralSalate a la Russe (Russian Salad)RecipesDesiree Gil, Swampscott, MA 
GeneralSarmaleRecipesOlivia Jifcovici, Bucharest, Romania 
GeneralShepards from Romania and BessarabiaRecipes Caroline Juler, Wales 
GeneralStrudelRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralStrudel DoughRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralTochituraRecipesOlivia Jifcovici, Bucharest, Romania 
GeneralVeranikasRecipesTerry Lasky
GeneralVinite (Chopped eggplant) RecipesTerry Lasky

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