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Map of Russian Empire's Bessarabia (1910 Marx's Large world table Atlas)
Akkerman Balti Bendery Cahul Hotin Ismail Lapushna Orhei Soroca Transnistria (Tiraspol, Olgopol, Balta)

Welcome to Bessarabia SIG!

We share histories, resources, data, and research tips to help each other research Jewish Genealogy in the region of the Bessarabia gubernia of the former Russian Empire (including parts of today's Moldova and Ukraine) as well as today's Transnistria region with sections of Kherson and Podolia gubernias.

To begin, use the clickable map to get to information about a specific district or town. Or, click 'Get Started' on the top menu bar to learn about the work of the SIG and how our website is organized.

There's a LOT of information here; we hope you'll enjoy browsing and digging. If you have questions, or want to contribute something of your own, contact us.

What's New

 10/02/2019  September 2019
Jewish Cemeteries. Updates: Upgraded the inventory of all cemeteries in Bessarabia/Moldova. See the list from the cemetery section at [More...]
 08/31/2019  July, August 2019
Genealogical Conferences. Updates: Added information about presentations and other activities at Jewish Genealogical conference in Cle [More...]
 07/04/2019  June 2019
Bessarabian Databases. Updates:Revision List set of records were sent to JewishGen in June of 2019. 10,088 records from 2,791 families [More...]

New Partnership with Miriam Weiner & The Routes to Roots Foundation

We are very pleased to announce that Bessarabia SIG completed translating and transcribing part of the Miriam Weiner Archival Material. Read the introduction to the database for more details. You can search the database by Name or by Town.

We are very grateful to receive this unique and historic material and share it with researchers.
Learn more about Miriam and get more details about the entire collection donated by Miriam.

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