Akkerman and the Towns
of its District; Memorial Book
(Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyy, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Akkerman ve-ayarot ha-mehoz; sefer edut ve-zikaron

Editors: Nisan Amitai Stambul, Society of Emigrants from Akkerman and Vicinity

Published in Tel Aviv, 1983

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This is a translation of: Akkerman ve-ayarot ha-mehoz; sefer edut ve-zikaron (Akkerman and the towns of its district; memorial book),
Editors: Nisan Amitai Stambul et.al., Tel Aviv, Society of Emigrants from Akkerman and Vicinity, 1983 (H, 511 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Akkerman

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Translated by Sara Mages


Prologue   9
The Jewish community in Akkerman from inception to destruction Nisan Amitai (Stambul) 11
The pogrom in Akkerman in 1905 Mendel Kumorowski 60
Memories from the days of the pogrom Yehoshua Harari (Berger) z”l 65
Parties and Movements
The beginning of “Tzeirei Zion” in Akkerman[1] Tzvi Menuali 69
The association “Speak Hebrew!” - of the first youth organizations Nisan Amitai (Stembul) 72
"Maccabi" Federation in Akkerman[2] S. Segal and T. Manueli 75
Gordonia” in Akkerman[3] Sheftel Zukerman 81
The uniqueness of “Gordonia” in our city[3] N. Amitai 84
Gordonia” – the last chapter[3] Chaim Zamir (Fima Chemerinsky) 90
“Hashomer Hatzair” branch in Akkerman[4] Tzvi Giladi (Grisha Misionezhnik) 91
“Betar”[5] in Akkerman Shmuel Gaber 94
Chapters of Memories, Lifestyle and Folklore
In the city that I loved Y. Schildkrauth 100
Bessarabia (poem) Yakov Kushter 101
Akkerman - the City of my Birth Yosef Gur-Arye 106
Big Jabotinsky and “Little Jabotinsky” in our city Yehoshua Harari–Breger z”l 109
My immigration to Israel in the month of Av 5681 Yehoshua Harari z”l 110
The first immigrants Noah Zukerman 112
Chapters of memories from the days of my childhood Binyamin Girshfeld 114
About the landscape and the climate Yehoshua Harari 117
Akkerman - a corridor to the parlor Yakov Zukerman 118
Artists and loyalists S. Yisrael 120
From the bitter and the sweet Y. Schildkrauth 122
The seven daughters of R' Mendel the carpenter Y. Schildkrauth 124
Such a “Krishmelanu” Nisan Amitai (Stambul) 126
Tit-bids from Akkerman (episodes and anecdotes) Nisan Amitai (Stambul) 128
In bygone days Chava Barnea (Dorpman) 130
A family tree (a tree and it's view) Sheftel Zukerman 133
The Rabbi's house Chaim Zukerman 136
“A note” - a memento Yisrael Finkel 139
“I remember the days of old” Efraim Abramowitch 140
Childhood and youth in Shabo and Akkerman Baruch Kamin 142
Names and Nicknames [Y] Z.M – Y.S. 145
Our High-School
A symposium about “Tarbut” High-School A Shapira, S. Naamani, Y. Brodski 155
The Home, the High-School and the Movement Baruch Na'amani 160
A “Foreign” Girl in Akkerman Yehudit Karmi (Frenkel) 164
Artists and Cantors
About the Jewish Theater in our city Yehudah Zigelvaks 175
The drama clubs Frima Fejland 177
About Two Artists in our Town - Yosef Chaplin   179
About Two Artists in our Town (cont'd) - David Malchin   181
Cantors and Cantorial Music   182
The Holocaust
Not forgotten [Y] (poem) S. Yisrolik 190
The destruction of Akkerman Tzvi Manueli 194
Wartime Memories Leyoba Asfis 196
The Prayer of the Saved [Y] (poem) A. Plit 199
On my way home Miriam Zamir 202
Between anxieties and hopes Roza Weitzman 204
In the mission to save the Jews of Romania and Bessarabia Baruch Kamin 207
The Flag Shmuel Miniali 211
A Miracle did not Happen in Karnitchka Berurya Har-Zion 213
A Story of a Name Asher Shwartzman 215
The “flag-Day” ['tag-day'] Beruria Har-Zion 216
The Akkerman Jews during the War and after it Kwitko Michael 217
The Jewish survivors in the 1980s Yakov Zigloks 220
Personalities and Characters of blessed memory
Avraham Rabotzki of blessed memory   229
Our ministers [Y]   231
Yakov Shmuel Halevi Truchtman z"l   233
Sergei Michalowitz (Yisrael) Gutnik   234
My brother Yakov Berger of blessed memory   235
Dov Sharira of blessed memory   238
Professor Yitzchak Strez   239
Moshe Hellman of blessed memory   240
Fava Berkov of blessed memory   241
Our brother Moshe Zukerman of blessed memory   242
Leib Stambul of blessed memory   243
My uncle Yehoshua Harari of blessed memory   244
Dov Harari of blessed memory   245
Yehoshua Drory of blessed memory   248
Zev Kamin of blessed memory   249
The lawyer Yosef Serfer of blessed memory Dr. Shapira of blessed memory   250
Mendel Gellman of blessed memory   251
Characters S. Geber 252
The Society of Emigrants from Akkerman and the Diaspora
The Society of Emigrants from Akkerman in New-York   257
The Society of Emigrants from Akkerman and the vicinity in Israel   259
Sons who fell in the Israeli Wars
Meir Zaltzhendler of blessed memory   265
Avraham Neiman of blessed memory   266
Avraham Feldman of blessed memory   267
Yisrael (Srulik) Frank of blessed memory   268
Avinoam Schechter of blessed memory   269
The town's in the district
Facts and numbers about the Jews of Tarutino Eliyahu Feldman 272
Our Town Tarutino Shmuel Brilliant 273
Notes From A Legacy Dr. Yosef Laron z”l 283
From My Memories Of Tarutino Shmuel Rosenberg 288
During The Days Of The Holocaust Yehuda Bronfman 289
About Beitar[5] In Tarutino Eliezer Shulman 292
Personalities And Charcters In Tarutino Shmuel Brilliant 295
Public Servants and other Active Members of the Jewish Community   296
Eliezer Shulman, The Bible Researcher From Siberia   298
Artsyz Shmuel (Milya) Gurfil 307
Artsyz my Town Arie Kleitman 311
Tatarbunar   321
Tatarbunar and its Jews Binyamin Gieker 322
The Tatarbunar Gordonia[3] Branch Arie Shochat 325
Dr. Solomon Shalem Binyamin Gieker 327
My home in Tatarbunar Riva Zukerman – Silberman 328
The Gordonia[3] Congress   329
The Keepers of the Flame Berurya Har–Zion 331
The Double Miracle Berurya Har–Zion 333
Sarata Zvi Schaechter 337
Sarata I. Ben–Hur (Altman) 341
About the “Betar”[5] chapter in Sarata Tzvi Schechter 344
About “Gordonia[3] in Sarata Elkana Altman 347
The Holocaust Tzvi Schächter 348
Iziya's Story Zvi Schächter 351
My Shtetl Byeramtcha Moshe Shochet 357
My Shtetl Shabo Aharon Kaminker 367
The Village Crochmaz Yosef Koren 374
Former Residents of Akkerman and the Region in Israel The Editorial Board 375
Akkerman émigrés in Israel   377
Tarutino émigrés in Israel   379
Artsyz émigrés in Israel   380
Tatarbunar émigrés in Israel   381
Sarata émigrés in Israel   382
Bairamcea émigrés in Israel   383
Shabo émigrés in Israel   383
Necrology   390

  1. Beit-Hamidrash- the house of learning. Return
  2. Maccabi – a sport's association. Return
  3. Gordonia - Zionist pioneering youth movement. The movement's doctrines were based on the beliefs of Aharon David Gordon. Return
  4. Hashomer Hatzair - The Youth Guard, a Socialist-Zionist youth movement. Return
  5. Betar - the initials of Brit Yosef Trumpeldor- The Covenant of Joseph Trumpeldor, the educational youth movement of the Revisionist Zionist Organization. Return

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