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Gallery of Writers

Iogann Altman
Iogann Altman was boor on May 1, 1900 in Orgeyev to Lev Altman. He was a literar... [more]

Moyshe Altman
Moyshe Altman was born on April 26 1890 in Lipcani to Eli Altman. He was a poet ... [more]

Ephraim Auerbach
Ephraim Auerbach (Froim Oyerbakh) was born on October 23, 1892 in Bieltsy to Avr... [more]

Cantor Baltzan
Cantor Baltzan (1885-1941, Transnistria) writer, researcher of Hebrew literature... [more]

Lev Baltzan
Lev (Leonid ) Baltzan was born on January 21, 1948 in Kishinev to Iosif Baltzan.... [more]

Yosif Baltzan
Yosif Baltzan was born on December 25, 1923 in Kishinev to Leyb Baltsan. He was ... [more]

Zeilik Bardichever
Zeilik (Zeilik-Leyb) Bardichever was born on May 6, 1903 in Bieltsy to Aizik-Duv... [more]

Chaim Barkan
Chaim (Herman) Barkan was born in 1896 in Ungheni. He was a Yiddish author and e... [more]

Efrem Baukh
Efrem (Efraim) Baukh was born on January 13, 1934, Bendery to Itsek Bauh (1904—1... [more]
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