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Gallery of Painters, Sculptors, Architects

Boris Anisfeld
Boris Anisfeld was born on October 2,1878 in Bieltsy to Srul Ruvinovich and Gitl... [more]

Shamuel Aroni
Shamuel Aroni (real name Chervinskiy) was born on May 26, 1927 in Kishinev. He ... [more]

Lev Averbuch
Lev Averbuch was born on September 1, 1913 in Kishinev to Volf. He was a sculpto... [more]

Yakov Averbuch
Yakov Averbuch was born in 1922 in Kishinev to Abram Averbuch. He was a graphic ... [more]

Lev Bakhman
Lev (Leyb) Bakhman was born in 1830, in Kishinev to Lev. He was an architect and... [more]

Syema Baram
Syema Baram was born in 1919 in Kishinev. He was an artist. His individual exhib... [more]

Boris Benderskiy
Boris Benderskiy was born in 1940 in Sukleya (near Tiraspol) to Naum Benderskiy.... [more]

Mark Berber
Mark Berber was born in 1917 in Kishinev to Isaak Berber. He was an engineer who... [more]

Isaak Bilenky
Isaak Bilenky was born on November 18, 1889 in Soroki to Moisey Bilenky He was a... [more]
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